Mixed random stuffs

Once upon a time there was a girl who could tell right from wrong, and black from white. She had such an idealist perception that only little girls could posses these days, because apparently growing up somehow makes the line blurry, somehow she lost that line, and what's lost can never be found.

She has to make some tough choices, irrational sometimes but they feel good. Is feeling good so unacceptable? She dares to follow through, to be a little more spontaneous, to enjoy life without analyzing it too much. Right or wrong, she's not so sure, and sometimes she just doesn't care.

Obviously people around her are bound to have different opinions. And they're not holding anything back to tell it to her face. And after everything these people have been through with her, she didn't think they would judge. Especially when they were doing the exact same thing, and she has never once muttered a judgmental remark, because people should do what makes them happy and as long as they don't hurt others in the process, than that's golden. She tries not to even silently judge. And it pissed her off when these acclaimed-self-righteous people did.

What's low is that sometimes people have to bring others down just to make themselves feel better. But she tries to be more unaffected, albeit hard as she considers herself to be too emotional. Guess she just has to realize that some people simply don't think. Don't assume all are conscious.

She wishes she can just live her life and not care about what others think. That 'I don't give a rat's ass' attitude. How do we become adults, and how do we make it stop...