Pics from Tompkins show with Morning Glory playing..

Here is a FUCKLOAD of pics I took at the show at Tompkins Square Park was a doozy..young drunk punks everywhere..I stayed out late that night ndt saw a few passed out along 1st avenue and shit at like 3am or something..all that moshing did them in I guess. First we have a pic of me and my pal Cashman. And also the infamous Chickenman! Then we have the artist and cartoonist Fly hanging with Mike Chickenman..who later donned a wig and dress for Morning Glory's set..Then there is Buttcrack guy taking a's tiring when your butt hangs out all day like that. Then some guy fell..

We have a full moon going on..the pie-man was there..a shot of Ezra singing and Popeye had a cameo on one song too..some shots of the mosh pit. I felt so old seeing all those young kids..though I never was one for moshing..I like my teeth too much.

My friend Bill Cashman rode his bike around the pit..He was also wearing a pin that said "Kill Whitey" which I liked.

then Eak the geek ex coney sideshow performer..the Chickenman showing off his postcard looking punks including a girl with a REALLY fucking big mohawk..My friend Porno Dave holding the dog Cha-Cha while some nutter gave her some love..and the pin Cashman had on.

It was fun..saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a while, though I went to the beach today and got a little burn. That's why i'm inside blogging I guess. Usually the nicer the weather gets the less i'm indoors.
Anycooch-that's the news for now. Stay tuned. Had an audition a few days ago but never got called back...sniff...ah well..I want to join the Upright Citizen's Brigade I think after I get back from France.

A few videos from the punk show at Tompkins-Morning Glory

Well, here are two videos I took of Morning Glory-Ezra from lefotver Crack's band at Tompkins yesterday at the first show of this year(I think)..You can spot such wonderful things as Guy with Toilet Paper Stuck on Shoe, Buttcrack Guy(i'm scarred for life!), drunk punks falling..some friends of mine moshing around..I took a ton of pics as well which I will put up next. I wen to a show, to the beach and got sunburned and have been drinking lotsa wine. Yes, spring has sprung and love is in the a lot of sleazy marines and sailors for fleet week. Make them go away! They scare me. The first video has appreances by Fly, Eak the Geek, and Chickenman in drag..and my friend Michael being funny..

Happiness Project - Day 37

Monday's Unblues

1. Meaning, it's actually quite a nice day today, despite it being a Monday. Sure, I struggled a bit upon waking up, but things were busy in the office the time seemed to just pass quickly. Feeling productive!
2. Went back with my dear colleague Sophia and she dropped me home. Too bad 'Eenie Meenie' wasn't playing on the radio!
3. Watched Capitalism with the gang at home and I was really, really impressed. Engaging and funny, and really, really sarcastic.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Ospreys and Oatmeal Cookies - Litchfield Part 3

We actually got to see a pair of ospreys at their nest up in the high tension lines.

Thanks again to all who made this a great ride!

Ospreys and Oatmeal Cookies - Litchfield Part 2

Here are some more photos from the "rolling hills" and other features on the Tour de Litchfield on May 22nd.

Many thanks to George and Chris for the great ride, and the great cookies! (To be continued...)

Ospreys and Oatmeal Cookies - Litchfield Part 1

The KVBC's Tour de Litchfield is a very scenic ride with historic buildings, including the old Litchfield Academy at the ride start, and our host's house, where we were treated to oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. The roads are really nice, passing by well-kept farms, the Litchfield Fairgrounds, and several pretty lakes. What few hills there are, all lead to great vistas and even opportunities to view nesting ospreys. Here are some views from the ride on May 22nd.

(To be continued...)

Happiness Project - Day 36

Chilling Sunday

1. Enjoyed great fried rice with mushroom for lunch while watching Arrested Development. Season three!
2. Received some good news from someone. Will fill you in with the details once everything is confirmed.
3. Paid my phone bills, which is a good thing, right? ;)
4. Today marks the end of the long weekend, it's time to slave away and make some money again!

I am one of those who never knows the direction of my journey until I have almost arrived.

My prayers are with you.

Today I received a bad news about a dear friend of mine. His father just passed away, and I'm not saying I understand fully how he feels, but I can somewhat relate. And I just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness about what he's going through.

As if the death of a loved one is not devastating enough, I remember after it happened, just like a whirlwind, we still have to deal with a lot of administrative stuffs. That was the worst. From the hospital, we went straight to the funeral home and had everything arranged for the wake sessions. We didn't even have time to stop and feel what's just happened.

Anyway, it's not about me. My thoughts are gonna be with my dear friend. I know I'm not the praying type these days, but I am going to pray for you and your family. Please be strong. I guess we can only take comfort in believing that our dad, our mom who passed away, are in better place right now. That's all we have to believe.

Brooklyn Folk Festival at Jalopy

Here are some pics from the Brooklyn Folk Festival that went on last weekend. These are only from Sunday, the last day of the fest. John and I played in a park a few blocks from Jalopy..and they had a HUGE paper mache bust of Thomas Jefferson there like the one on the stage at Jalopy itself! That thing freaks me's always judging me when I'm drunk.

Here's the crowd in the park where we played...lotsa overalls to be seen...and Thomas Jefferson's head. Then me by my favorite place-the porto potty!

John's new custom made Fraulini guitar was a big hit-I think everyone there took a turn playing it outside the theater. Here's the head being brought onstage..the the band The Tillers who are from Ohio and came over to hang out the next day. Nice folks..Then The Dough Rollers, Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrnes who sounded great.

A poster of Dust-to-Digitial releases..John has a 3 CD disc set coming out this year from Dust to Digital called 'Baby How Can It Be?" which is an awesome collection from John's 78's of love songs and bawdy songs from the 20's and 30's. Can't wait!

Then the wonderful Mamie Minch playing and the table of stuff for sale by the front door of Jalopy. I wish I went to see more bands on the other two days of the fest but it just didn't happen. I love Jalopy..Best venue for old time stuff around!
East River will be doing a wednesday roots and ruckus night there soon-ish.

On a sad note, I posted a facebook status saying how the ending of Lost was amazing because it was found out that they had all just been up Gary Colemen's butthole the entire time. AND THEN GARY COLEMEN DIED! WTF? I swear I didn't mean it.
And now Dennis Hopper. I said NOTHING about Hopper's butthole and I loved him and Gary both. Wah!