Blowin' Smoke

The 2010 Northwest Arkansas State Barbecue Championship was held at the Arvest Ballpark this past weekend. From what I hear, Smoke on the Water Productions typically draws a big crowd to these competitions. Springdale managed to draw 27 teams to compete for the $3500 top prize.

This press release and this article give credit for the event to the Springdale Chamber of Commerce.

Here, credit is given to the Advertising and Promotion Commission. This is still Perry Webb in charge, but with a different title.

Perhaps it was an accident or maybe a misguided attempt to drum up business, but word got out to the locals that this was the place to be for some free BBQ! Who could pass that up? Apparently, some hungry folks ended up meandering through the contestants cooking area and just helped themselves to some finger-licking food - straight off the grills. Mmm Mmm.

I won't dwell on the fact that the carnival came to a brief standstill because they ran out of diesel for the rides or that phone calls were made to some local antique car owners who were offered $50 bucks if they would hurry up and get some cars down there.

To be fair, I did hear that the concert was good - if you overlook the fight the broke out in the middle of it.

Maybe next year, if there is a next year, it will be better. I wouldn't call the event an epic failure, but maybe someday the city leaders will figure out what the common denominator is so that this event doesn't suffer the same fate as Featherfest...

Barely Here

I guess this is as good time as any to give you a short update on what I've been doing recently. It can be summarized in one word: work.

Meh. Where has my youth passed? Well, seriously. I know I've had my crazy partying days, but that doesn't mean my time is up and I am no longer allowed a break, does it? Ah I don't know. Maybe I'm just being a whiner like I always am. Work has its ups. Normally this would happen during the start of every month. (read: payday) Ha!

I hardly have time to meet my friends. Thank goodness I have great colleagues whom I can call friends too. But I miss my regular friends. I miss Wazzy whom I haven't seen in forever. I miss Fairuz and Hong and Arnold and Steffy. I miss Manly and Elsa, and the list could go on and on. I really think I need to catch up with them to keep myself sane. If you're reading this, YES! I need to catch up with YOU too! I'm sorry for being a lame-ass.

This month is going to be hectic. We're selling mooncake for the first time, so the management has high expectation. So, come support us if you're interested in trying out our mooncake. (Read: Buy one from me, or else we're no longer friends!) Haha.

(By the end of this post, I will no longer have friends.)

I don't know what else I can write here except for work-stuffs. And as you know, I'm not too comfortable talking about work. So let's change the subject, shall we?

(Awkward silence)

Alright. Seems that I don't have an interesting thing to say. Gosh. I am so freaking out about work. Okay, shut up, woman! I guess I should try being 'creative' another day. This blog is seriously getting super lame and boring. My creative juice has stopped flowing.

Guys, have faith in me, please. ;))

To get away

My travel bug is starting to itch. Real bad!

Trinity College- Dublin

Want to see something really cool?


This is where we are staying when we arrive in Dublin.

Get ready to cozy in at Trinity College


 Oh, is this place impressive!

The school, founded in 1592, has expansive grounds...

and the library is stunning.

If the campus alone isn't exciting enough-
Trinity College is also located
in the middle of Dublin.

Lucky you.

Show at Tompkins..

Well, Here are some pics from today's show at Tompkins..Star Fucking Hipsters played so it was packed but I just kinda hung out and saw people I haven't seen for a while and socialized..
Here are some of my lady pals with their adorable kids..
And ever since I was like 15 I remember this older lady with the orange bangs coming to every single punk show or ANY show in Tompkins and dancing like crazy the whole time. I swear, I feel like I grew up with her though I know nothing about her including her name..I love her! It's just not a show without her..She looks EXACTLY the same as when I was 15!
Then my friend Copper Cowboy dressed up like an open he is with Manny..Then a sign from Mars bar I just thought was funny..And lastly, a video of my friends band Dog That Bites Everyone, which has members of Choking Victim in it..Pezent Shayne and John Dolan..and Brett as a singer..

..Must Come to an End.

You're off the hook. I've never really put much faith in all that "if you love someone, set them free" crap, as evidenced by everything I've done in my life up to this very moment, but I am determined to be happy. Happy in this life. And I love you. I mean, I always-- I have always, always loved you. But our timing has just never been right. And the way I figure it, time is no man's friend. So I have to get right with that and be happy, now. Because this is it. I mean, this is all that we get.

Actually, um, hold on. I'm not done yet. Because I also want for you to be happy. It's really important for me that you be happy. So I want you to be with someone. I want you to be with someone who can be a part of the life that you want for yourself. I want you to be with someone who makes you feel like I feel when I'm with you. So, I guess the point to this long run-on sentence that's been the last 10 years of our lives is just that the simple act of being in love with you is enough for me. So you're off the hook.

You know, for the record, I-- I don't want to be let off the hook. Because everything in my life that I've done has led me here... right now, and the last thing I want, need, or deserve is to be let off somebody's hook.

I love you. You know that. And it's very real. It's so real that it's kept me moving, mostly running from it, never ready for it. I can't be let off the hook because I might just get the notion that it's ok to keep running.

Leee Childers Birthday plus pole cozy.

This first pic is of some drug bags found in's an art piece at a gallery called Conartists I think by Ludlow..I wandered in there a few weeks ago and took some pics to put on here but somehow lost them all except for this one..Well their space was a collective of 15 artists and is in a cellar underground which is, of course, why I wandered in. They did have some cool shit down there..I like the Batman bag the best.
Then here is a pole someone put some knitting beads it says..Knit, Play, Love..perhaps a take-off on that awful looking Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love..I saw them filming that thing in Tompkins last year and thought it was funny how EVERYONE was flipping out that Roberts was in the park, while no one recognized James Franco who is awesome. Think i'll skip THAT particular summer blockbuster though!
Then there is my friends Zach and Tanya who were at Leee Black Childers birthday party at The Delancey with me wednesday..A pic of Leee with his fancy cake and one of Leee and I. Now THAT man has some crazy stories-most sexual in nature I think. It was a fun party..There's a big show at Tompkins tomorrow..I'll be going to that and taking pics most starts at noon.

Doubt About Stout?

Six-term Springdale City Council Alderman, Bobby Stout has announced he will run for re-election this fall.

Stout claims he has done a wonderful job for Springdale over the years. He credits himself with building up the funds the city is surviving on in these lean times. He also claims he has been diligently working on implementing a trail system for the past ten years. Funny, I don't recall him mentioning trails before...

Stout was recently quoted as saying, “We need to work closer with people like the Chamber of Commerce to increase the city’s revenue."

If increasing revenue is his goal, why did he side with Jim Phillips' attorney trying to block Macadoodles from getting a liquor permit transfered to Springdale? Stout was the ONLY councilman to vote against the transfer.

Rick Culver, President of the Rodeo of the Ozarks board of directors is said to be running against Stout.

Roman the Hills

We had a very pleasant ride on Sunday morning in Wings Mills despite the light rain that was supposed to fall in the afternoon, and the hot dogs and hospitality at the Lewis' post-ride spread were absolutely first rate! Many thanks to Ken, who is already thinking of a date for his ride next year. This Saturday our roads lead to Rome with its multiple hills - and an optional long loop around Great Pond. The weather looks like it will be clearing up for this weekend - hope to see you then!

Saturday, August 28th: ROME
"The Seven Hills of Rome" - a roadside tour of the many hillside trails through Rome and Belgrade.
START: 9:00 AM, Rome Town Hall at the corner of Rt. 225 and Mercer Road, about 0.3 mi from the junction of Rt. 27 and Rt. 225.
DISTANCES: 20 - 35 miles.
TERRAIN: Moderate to Hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS: the route passes 5 trailheads, Blueberry Hill and the Kennebec Highlands. There is an optional short hike up French's Mountain to a spectacular scenic vista.
LEADER: Jim Merrick.


Well, I'm not exactly DRUNK blogging but since i'm hungover from last night's wine shenanigans I feel the need to share some of my most prized photos with you all! God, you are the luckiest people I know! You REALLY don't deserve me. Really.
Anyway, I got up early monday with the promise of being a "featured extra" on some film which Spike Lee is one of four executive producers on..Which don't mean shit of course..BUT I need some damn lines. I'm sick of my blurry back of the head being so famous..But they never got around to using me as The Bartender serving the principal some drinks..So I got annoyed and drank a whole bottle of wine I think. Which was awesome of course..Except for feeling like a gigantic pile of turds today that are wrapped in avocado in a delicious organic whole wheat pita. Anycooch-As per usual I blame the New World Order as should you. Goodnight and goodluck.

Quote of the Day

I remember being thirteen years old, sitting in my room all night, listening to the same song over and over. I thought that if I could write something beautiful, something honest, I could make someone love me.

From the heart.

Last night I had a dream about my mom. I haven't dreamed about her for a while and it took me by surprise that she appeared in it yesterday.

It felt so real and the whole dream must have lasted for long because, I don't know. It just wasn't something you forgot straight away when you woke up. Now it's all kinda blurry to me but I could have sworn I could narrate it to you vividly this morning.

She looked happy and healthy, as if she has never been anywhere. For some reason we knew she has been away, so I felt really, really happy that she was suddenly back in my life. I think I couldn't stop hugging her. But she didn't remember about what happened. At one point, I even asked her, "Mom, what date is it today?" and she replied, saying it was sometime in May 2008.

"Mom! It's 2010 now already!" I think I remember myself laughing to her response. She looked a little confused, but it didn't really matter. I thought she could stay now, and I was really happy. It was like, the past two or so years have never happened. It was just a bad dream, but now everything is okay.

The moment I woke up, I stayed there lying in bed and I was just overwhelmed by sadness, confusion, longing, all these feelings mixed together. I dragged myself out of bed for work but my mind wasn't in the right place all morning. I don't know what the dream was trying to tell me, but it was simply too cruel.

The dream just reminds me of what I've lost, of something I would never get back.

I really, really miss you, Mom. Will you please be in my dream again tonight?

I was once asked, "If she suddenly appeared before your eyes, wouldn't you be scared?" I don't know. Somehow I don't think I would. Because it's her, and I know she won't hurt me or scare me away.

My friend told me that this is the 7th lunar month period and in Chinese belief, it's said that this would be the time where our relatives who have passed away would visit us because the gate supposedly is open now between our world and their world. I'm not religious, and I'm even more out of touch with my Chinese root, that I previously didn't even know what 7th lunar month was, or what the tradition was during Chinese New Year.

Who knows? I just know I miss you. We all do.

Extra stuff plus American Apparel-Less Pornographic?

I haven't blogged for a while, huh? I've been busy this past week I guess..Some cousins were in town, I played two gigs..and got a damn Aftra waiver for working on a rave scene and two other scenes on The Good Wife for 15 hours straight..Thank fuck I am now only working union jobs as BG..I actually will get paid decent money for walking back and forth in scenes for hours upon hours! When I checked off the box for 4 meal penalties and smoke pay I nearly cried in joy..Thank you baby jesus!
Here are some pics..Firstly, has American Apparel gone all modest with their ads or is this just for their fall line? See how the first poster is full of slutitude? And the second is downright prudish! Usually the "models" look like they are high on goofballs. I'm so confused!
Then we have a few cell pics from set..I had to get one of me in my "business" attire..We shot a scene in the NY1 office in the Chelsea Market..I got to tell Cheryl Willis how awesome I think she is! I was so excited, I couldn't stop talking about weather on the ones until everyone thought I was nuts.
There's a pic of me and my pal Mike on set-ugly shirts and so much fake blonde-ness! We were so tired and slap happy..everyone was passing out like that young gentlemen from the "rave" scene asleep in his food bowl. Then one of me on the set of my friends film "hulk" a weird indie film shot on real film in black and white! I really wanted to be a part of this film but I was in France when they filmed. But I did do one scene in a tavern where I actually vaguely had a line. It was fun..very hot on set though! Everyone was sweating like mad..
Anyway, there is lots of stuff going on this mics, a show in Tompkins..more extra work for me I think..I'll be blogging a lot more.

Hot Dog!

We had great weather - sunny and cool - for our ride last week in Readfield. Many thanks to Frank for the great route, and the great ride stop at the Kents Hill Orchards - the raspberry turnovers were a real treat. This Sunday Ken is leading us on a ride exploring the other side of the Belgrade Stream in Mount Vernon, followed by a hot dog roast at his house overlooking the water. We have openings in the KVBC ride calendar for leaders in September and October. If you can lead a ride, contact Jim at Fall is coming - more great riding ahead!

Sunday, August 22nd - WING'S MILLS (Mount Vernon)
"Hot Dog! - The Hot Dog Ride" (not because we'll ride like one but because we will want one) - a tour through Mount Vernon, Belgrade, North Augusta, and Manchester
START: 9:00 AM at 49 Marble Point Rd., Mount Vernon
Directions to Start:
From Augusta, take #27 North to Belgrade and turn left onto #135 (Christy's store and blinking light)
Go 3 miles and right onto Wings Mill Rd; go 2.5 miles and right onto Marble Point Rd. which is just after crossing Belgrade Stream; it is a hard pack dirt road and we are the log home on the right)

From Mount Vernon, Readfield: Take North Rd to Wings Mills Rd and go about 3 miles to Marble Point Rd; just after passing Bartlett Rd on the right, turn left onto Marble Point

Delorme Maine Atlas Map 12; A-4. Just west and across the stream from the intersection of Dunn Rd and Wings Mill Rd. (Marble Point is not listed by name on the map).

DISTANCE: 29 miles
TERRAIN: Moderate with some hills
HIGHLIGHTS: Views of Belgrade Stream, Hamilton Pond, Stuart Pond, Messalonskee Lake, Doctor Pond, Silver Lake, Gould Pond, with a Hot Dog cookout lunch following the ride - swimming available also.
LEADER: Ken Louis.

Something that rhymes with schmranting.

What is up with my internet, ey! Speaking of internet, it's funny that last Friday the internet in our office died for a few hours, and it left all crippled! I mean, we couldn't do much of anything without internet. The interesting thing is that last week I was out with a friend of mine wearing a t-shirt with the words "technology ruins romance."

Which is essentially true, you see. These days when you meet someone you like, you stalk 'em on facebook. Which is unromantic, right? Long gone were the days when guys actually worked hard to find out things about girls. Now, everything is out in the open. Chey. Anyway, sorry for getting sidetracked here. Yeah, so while the internet was dead, I randomly thought about how technology doesn't only ruin romance, it also kills our efficiency in working! Well, sort of. I just realized that a few hours of work without internet almost equals to no work at all! It's a little extreme, huh?

So. Anyway. Just wanna give an update! I've been a lazy bum these days when it comes to writing on this blog. Work has been crazy! I'm a little freaked out by the amount of work I need to do. I'm not good in multitasking. You know what I really need? A game plan. Yeah, exactly. I need to work out a proper time line and to-do list and work based on that. I'm an organized freak that way.

However, I'm gonna try to stay positive and not let it get to me too much. Too much, okay! And I'm looking forward to next week! Have lots of things planned out to keep me sane! It's gonna be a fun week. Just wish I'll survive work!

My dad has gone back home, and it's crazy because he's now intending to sell our apartment! He's kicking us out! Which means, we gotta look for a new place. Well, yeah it won't be in such a near future, but my sisters have gone apartment-hunting this afternoon at a condo in the east side. I'm a westener by heart though, so hopefully we can still get a place somewhere in the west, if not central! Hmm. Will see about that.

Well. This has been a total waste of post. Haha! My brain is not operating on Sundays! Sunday night, especially.

Quote of the Day

Loving someone means taking the risk that they might fuck up your nicely ordered little life.


Rumor has it, 
the food is delicious British fare,
and the portions are gigantic. 

{Two big "pluses" in my book...}

Albion also doubles as a grocer.

Which means we can eat there...
and bring it back to the flat!

There's no question about it...
I'm going to check it out.

The only question left is:
Who is coming with me?

*photos were taken by the talented Jillian Leiboff

Readfield Mt. Pisgah

We had splendid weather for the China Lake-Palermo-Vassalboro ride last week, with picture perfect views from Mo's Mountain (which I'm told has a story about it, though I haven't been told what it is yet. Probably something involving cursed chainrings, judging from some technical problems one of our riders had to endure - and I think everyone else had cursed chainring tattoos.) This week's adventure involves Mount Pisgah - and maybe some ice cream and apple turnovers ("turnovahs" for those of you who are natives). What more could you want? See you there!

Sunday, August 15th; READFIELD
"Mount Pisgah Turnovah" - a tour from Readfield to Winthrop to Wayne and back to Readfield.
START: 8:30 AM, at the Readfield Elementary School on South Street, a half-mile from the junction of Rt. 17 and South Street at Readfield Depot. Readfield Depot, where there is a small market and a RR crossing, is about a mile south of Readfield Center.
DISTANCE: approx. 30 miles.
TERRAIN: Rolling with a few hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: Readfield and its surrounding towns are interwoven with fine cycling roads and scenery, and the ride may feature stops at Tubby's Ice Cream in Wayne and the re-opened Apple Shed in Kents Hill, before returning to Readfield where the town's "Heritage Days" events are in full swing.
LEADER: Frank Rosen.

Some random shit that I think is funny and you probably won't.

Well, I drank a lot of vodka last night, had lots of fun, then threw up a lot of vodka this afternoon..Good times! Anycooter, here are some pics i've just had on my desktop forever. A Snuggie™ someone threw away..How could they??!!! It being 90 degrees everyday is no excuse for that kind of shabby treatment. Fuckers. Then a sign at Jalopy a kid made to explain why they wouldn't be sad..and cute!
Then a kinda funny sticker I saw somewhere..also A sign about not killing some flowers that was right above a bunch of dead flowers..Oh-the irony! And a bottle of champagne my friend had called Bubbly Bitch..on the back it just says bubby bitch over and over..Har!
I got a busy week coming up kinda..but i'll try to blog still. If I don't, the world will basically end after all..

The Americans are Coming! The Americans are Coming!

Well, actually, 
history says it went the other way around.

As we all know,
the English attacked the U.S. 
but, for the sake of a dramatic literary entrance...
indulge me.

Our HUE fall faculty, Dr. Organ,
sent out a group email 
announcing that 
our groups leaves 
in. less. than. 5. weeks.


Suddenly a distant semester in London is starting to take shape.

September 15 is changing from a scribble on the calendar to a deadline.

Which leaves us
forging together ahead 
into the unknown.

So even though it's over 100 degrees today,
I'm pulling out my coats
(none that are red, mind you)
to get ready for England.

For our semester-
when we get to write our own pages in London history.

*image source 1, 2,