The Wedding of Rev Jen Jr. and Taco at Lucky Dog!

Here are some fun pics of two chihuahua's getting hitched at Lucky Dog bar in brooklyn..Reverend Jen Jr and Taco, Holly Derito's dog..The wedding was amazing! The bride had a dress with a long train and they had Faceboy perform the vows..after the pups kissed and had a toast with water and ate doggie cupcakes. Everyone was dressed to the nines..AND best of all had a small dog tucked under their fancy arms! Many were rescues from Holly's small dog rescue WAGGYTAIL. No gifts were necessary, people just donated to help the group..two love songs were performed..and happily it was nice enough to sit outside and mingle with people and their pets..

A good time for a great cause! Please donate to waggytail if you have the money..they work so very hard to save these dogs that people abuse and abandon..Here is a rather dark video of the ceremony and some photos..Happy Spring Finger everyone!


What's meant to be will always find a way.

Some funny as shit videos. And doody is REALLY funny!

I have many gross and weird pics on my camera to upload on to here..just been too busy/lazy to do it as of yet! Soon, my pretties..I am ecstatic that it FINALLY feels like spring..I sat in Tompkins for two hours the other day and actually have a tan on my face already. I'll be dark brown with insane freckles in about three beach trips I predict. I love the beach..I am an extra in Men In Black 3 next week so I need to catch up on my bloooogs before I have to stay up for a week shaking a tambourine or something..Then my birthday is May 14th and I will celebrate all week!

But right now I will post some videos that I love from Youtube..some are from The Onion..some weird stuff..some from my favorite comedy shows..I have the acting bug big time now and am determined to drop 10 lbs and get in shape and apply for every damn thing out there. Someone has to like me eventually..Or not!

Spring on the Big Lakes

Well we almost lucked out with the weather last Saturday, but the rains only held off until about a half-hour before the start, and then mixed with sleet. With temperatures dropping, Frank & I decided to postpone the ride till some other day with less hypothermic conditions. Not the way we drew up the start for the season, but we'll just hit the "reset" button and give it another go this Saturday! More showers are on the way this week, but they most likely won't last through all of April, and we'll find out on the last day of the month when Denise takes us on a tour of the big lakes in Winthrop, Monmouth, and Manchester - hopefully on dry pavement! See you then!

Saturday, April 30th - EAST WINTHROP
"The Big Lakes Tour" - a ride along the shorelines of Lakes Maranacook, Annabessacook, and Cobbosseecontee.
START: 9:30 AM at the parking lot of Tom's Bike Boutique, 2208 Rt.202 in East Winthrop, accross from D.R Struck's Nursery.
DISTANCE: 25-30 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate with some hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: Some nice lakeside runs along backroads in Winthrop, Monmouth, and Manchester.
LEADER: Denise Crowell.

The Script!

Oh hello there! I have come back from the cave and I miss you all! (although, since I’m the only one who write and read this anyway, I might as well say that I miss myself, which is pretty self-centred and shameless.)

April is surely an exciting month because I never thought I would go and see The Script Live in concert!

I’ve loved The Script since ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’, which seemed like a long time ago! The band has never made it exceptionally big here like, say, Jason Mraz (whom I also have loved since ‘You and I Both’. But he just made it big since ‘I’m Yours’, and now I have that protective feeling whenever people say they’re big fans of him and all I want to say is “No! I like him first! I’m his bigger fan!”)

I can’t think of a better band to see live though. I have a lot of bands and singers that I liked, and I’m sure plenty of them have had concerts in Singapore in the past, but I wonder why I never truly bothered to watch. When I heard on the radio one morning in early March that The Script is coming for one night concert here, I immediately bought the ticket, just like that, on the same day as soon as I reached office!

Now, that surely means something, right? The fact that I bought it almost two months in advance made the anticipation much more exciting and all the more when I found out a week before the concert that my dear friend was going too!

The D-Day itself couldn’t be more dramatic as my lil sister and I made our way to Fort Canning about 2 hours earlier. We knew it’s a standing concert so of course we didn’t want to be stuck right in the very end of the line. We’re very aware of our limitations when it comes to height, and we’re not planning to stand behind a tall person all throughout the concert!

It started drizzling when we reached and there was already a long line forming. We took our queue and stood there waiting for 2 hours under the rain which just got even heavier as time passed by and the organizer had to give away ponchos.

The demographic of the crowds was pretty obvious. A lot of Caucasians and Malay teenagers screaming and yelling even long before the concert began. At that time when I was squeezed and pushed around by obnoxious, loud Caucasians, I thought, “I never know Caucasians could be THIS annoying!” And maybe I’m just generalizing here, but bear with me, okay? They were really loud and inconsiderate, constantly cutting people’s lines and kept moving around, poking and nudging me every two seconds, never realizing that they were pushing people and pissing us off.

A big person in front of me kept pulling something from her bag, putting it back in, moving around and looking behind, bobbing her head non-stop and consider that we were in such close proximity to each other that even a bob of her head sent her ponytail flying right in my face every time and her pulling things from her bag nudged all parts of my body and my goodness, it was torture.

It must have been a good hour before the concert even started; all of us standing like sardines while the DJ was trying to fill in some time by playing current songs.

At first we were excitedly singing along to Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ and Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’, but after a while, we just wanted The Script to come up on stage!

And once that happened. Wow. That’s all I can say. It was amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The whole concert, it boils down as one of the most memorable experiences I will never, ever forget!

Their energy was infectious and they sang all the songs we wanted them to sing. They started with tunes like ‘If You Come Back’, ‘Science and Faith’, ‘If You See Kay’, and more, before they finished the show with ‘For The First Time’ and ‘Break Even’!

The whole thing was a blur, we were screaming and singing along at the top of our lungs until we no longer felt the rain and the humidity around us.

It truly was amazing! And I realize I probably use the word ‘amazing’ too much here, but there’s no other word to describe the experience.

If I loved The Script before, I am even more obsessed with them now! I kept listening to their songs all over again, reading their interviews about the meanings of each song, watching their live performances on YouTube, oh man, I think I’m borderline stalking ‘em now.

Okay I realize I'm really crappy at taking pictures, because all I have is a lousy phone camera and a semi-decent digital camera that wouldn't zoom as close as I hoped for. But we really were standing pretty close to the stage! I feel like I could almost touch Danny, who is frikkin gorgeous, by the way!

So let me just show you the pictures they took themselves during the concert which they posted on Twitter!

BOOM! Isn't that amazing!

Because I was standing quite in the front, I never knew how big the place really was, and how many people actually filled in the area, and only when I saw this picture, I knew what the band was seeing: a truly massive crowds of fans! It was just amazing!

Ah, now I feel like stalking and watching their videos again! So before I finish this post, let me post another picture of them that they took. Had nothing to do with the concert but man, isn't Danny gorgeous!

♥ ♥

In Pictures

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

Lady Bella's Stuff.. Plus, I bought her stuff,

These amazing necklaces, headpieces, and what not are made by my friend Buttons(Lavender). I included her sign with her contact info because she makes custom necklaces, bracelets, and more if you tell her your price range and what you want on your fancy stuff!

I, of course, bought the cleopatra flapper looking headpiece which I will wear at shows and..well, probably just everyday once it gets too hot for a bowler. I have plenty of hats..I love ones with veils especially..but since it's taking so long for the weather to get nice..I will probably take a break from hats soon to enjoy the sunshine. If it ever comes. I look retarded in these pics..but just check out the greatness of the piece I bought and the other items she made.

Buttons can also be found and contacted if you are on Facebook..She is there under the name Sludge Maiden and has pics of her work up i think! Support your local artists!

Biker Bill at Ray's Candy Store, and... Deep Fried Cookies?

Okay, so I have not written anything for about a week now. Have had some family emergency issues..been busy with gigs..been kinda tired. Plus, lazy. Soon it will be Zombie Jesus Day and those disgusting Peeps® are everywhere. They are so gross. They are like something that sprung from Oprah Winfrey's vagina which she hasn't tended to in a decade. Okay, sorry about that. I am RIDING THE CRIMSON WAVE and if I have to suffer then you will all have to read about Oprah's vagina. This makes sense to me right now. I haven't slept much in the past few days. Thinking about the Peeps and all..

But now I am all backed up with blogs and photos and feces so....Here are a few videos of the infamous biker Billy at Ray's candy store discussing his new Viking name and talking about being a biker. Ray has a new dessert he is selling in his store as well..It scares me! What if I get drunk and eat it?

AnyFlow.Here ya go..

Wake Up The Earth Ride

OK. We've had the late, late Winter snows and enough April showers to fill several flower shows. Enough of that already! Now it's time to Wake Up the Earth! Come on out and join us in Wayne the day after Earth Day, to kick off the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club's 10th season! It looks like we have a great lineup of rides scheduled (and more to come) and we hope to get off to a great start in Wayne on Saturday. If you haven't gotten many miles in yet, no worries - this is a fairly flat route and a great first ride to start the season. All are welcome! And with gas nearing 4 bucks a gallon, never a better time than Earth Day to start traveling as "car-free" as you can. Hope to see everyone this Saturday!

Saturday, April 23rd - WAYNE
"Wake Up the Earth!" - an Earth Day tour of the lakes and waterfalls around Wayne, Leeds, Livermore, and Wayne.
START: 10:00 AM at the Wayne Elementary School, 48 Pond Road, Wayne.
DISTANCE: 25-30 miles.
TERRAIN: moderate, with some surprisingly flat sections.
HIGHLIGHTS: some very nice scenic shore roads, meadows, and waterfalls - and we're back riding again!
LEADER: Frank Rosen.
For more information about the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club contact Jim Merrick at


Sometimes we waste too much time to think about someone who doesn't even think about us for a second.

People change. Feelings change. It doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. It simply just means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

The Notebook.

In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you, and take your grief and make it my own.

When you cry, I cry, and when you hurt, I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods of tears and despair and make it through thee potholed streets of life.

Party at Csquat, Plus Duck Fucking!

I really don't have any photos of duck fucking. I was just sitting here thinking about the phrase "Fuck a Duck!" Is it just fun to say because it rhymes or did someone actually witness this and yell that out? Or were they giving orders to some sicko to DO that to a duck? Yeah, that is what I am thinking about on a Sunday at 2am. Imagine if I smoked weed? I would never sleep again! Or even less than I already do! How much do ducks sleep anyway? God, just shut up already! You tend to go on and now i'm bored.

So I will post these pics from a dance party I went to at Csquat Saturday night. Everyone who comes into the record store I work at was EXTRA crazy last night so I really needed to relax and drink a beer and dance for about 3 hours. Dance to forget that guy who listened to 67 records, ended up buying 2, and wanted a discount on them. And yes, the Cat Stevens Numbers album is STILL there in case you were wondering. It's going in the window next time I work. I think it steals a little bit of my soul every time that i'm there.

AnySmut, here is..well, a lot of folks..Shayne and I, Emily and I, Tanya, Mimi, Hassan, Porno Dave, Matt..A Hooters Frisbee thrown into the mix..and a five dollar bill which I still have that we found on the floor with those enlightening words scrawled all over it. I don't really know where to spend it..Mars Bar I guess. Or a Church donation bucket!