Labradoodly doos!

I have no idea why i am thinking about Labradoodles..I think I am hyper because I had to get surgery on my gums which was fine and I am feeling better already..which is good good as John took this whole week off of work so we can finish our new album..take photos for it..cover will be a mix of funny pics and Crumb artwork and lettering..John works in TV so we borrowed a backdrop, professional lights..the works..thought about hiring someone but Crumb is very specific about what he wants..(shoot LOW emphasis on REAR AND LEGS!) so we are doing it ourselves. John knows what he is doing and I assume this cover will embarrass me to no end but there it is..It's two against one and I am liking this new album the best funny Crumb-esque pics it is!

AnyYOLO, here are some things I have saved on my desktop and i am damn busy so I don't know how old they are but well..Here they are!

Lots of band news and projects coming up that i will be sure to post about!

There is a new podcast with Crumb out now..I will link it this week but it's up on itunes already..John's Old Time Radio Show..but for now..TAPE for her pleasure! Bathroom graffiti, me as the "hurricane" rolled in a few weeks ago..A view of Governor's Island where we played the Jalopy Fest..some unicorn meat..and Steampunk halloween costumes are everywhere!

I don't know much, but I know football....

Back in 2006, the Houston Texans had the overall number one draft pick due to their dismal 2-14 season the year before. They had a new head coach in Gary Kubiak, and the person they chose was an unknown by the name of Mario  Williams. At Six Foot Six Inches and weighing 292 pounds, he was chiseled like a Greek god and was fast, quick, strong and had all the athletic potential to be a beast as a defensive end.

Still, I was skeptical. I did a little research on the guy and quickly decided he was definitely not worth the 40 something million they contracted him for. In fact, as a numero uno overall I hated the pick. At the time, Houston had so many holes to fill on both sides of the ball, especially on offense, it was beyond me why they would take a chance on this guy.

Even the vaunted Houston Texans expert with the Houston Chronicle, John McClain, belittled me on his blog over and over when I would rant about Williams' inconsistencies, his taking plays/quarters/halves and entire games OFF. Others on the blog would rail at me when I would point out that he was constantly injured here and hurt there and had bo-bo's in numerous places every single  year. I was slammed for not knowing what I was talking about and labeled an idiot or worse.

Then, last year, he got hurt again early in the season and was gone for the year. And guess what? The defense melded together and began to play like a unit. JJ Watt and Brooks Reed (two rookies), stepped up and began to make plays, sack the quarterback, punish running backs and break up passes. For the first time in Texans' history they won their division and won a playoff game. Without the great blunderbuss of a bust named Mario Williams.

Suddenly, the Houston coaching staff, management and owner decided they didn't need Mario Williams anymore and let him sign with the Buffalo Bills for 100 million dollars. I laughed out loud when I heard the news. First, I laughed with joy because they finally got rid of the underachieving, lazy no-good. Second, I laughed that Buffalo would be taken in by this dismal failure of a football player.

But, let's back up to the 2011 draft. In the first round the Texans had the 11th pick. They chose JJ Watt out of Wisconsin. He was about the same size as Williams at Six Foot Five and 295 pounds. As before, I hadn't heard of this guy and did a little research. I was immediately impressed. Not only did this guy have a motor, but he had heart. JJ Watt is the kind of player that won't be defeated and has no 'quit'. There is no such mind set in this guy to 'take plays off' because he might be a little tired. I gave the pick a thumbs up.

Now, I don't know what JJ makes, but since he wasn't a numero uno overall pick, I know Houston ain't paying him a hundred million dollars or even forty million dollars. Yet, he's only in his second year and Williams is in his seventh year. Experience should mean that Mario has learned all the tricks of the trade and should be putting up Reggie White, Bruce Smith or Lawrence Taylor numbers. Right? Let's compare the two so far in the first four games of this year.

Mario Williams has registered 7 tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 1.5 sacks and 1 pass defended. In four games, this is what a hundred million dollars has been purchased by the Bills.

JJ Watt, in his second season as a pro, mind you, has registered 15 tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 7.5 sacks and 5 passes defended. Oh, and he's also recovered a fumble.

And, by the way, this year? Mario hurt his wrist before the season even started, so he has an excuse for his poor play...just like he has every single solitary year that he's played. And JJ? He dislocated his elbow before the season started and is wearing a brace since it still isn't 100%.

I don't have to wait until the end of the season to see how all this plays out. I've been watching 'Super' Mario since 2006. The man has no heart. JJ Watt, on the other hand, has the heart of winner that beats so strong that Mario isn't good enough to carry JJ's dirty jock strap. I know how this season is going to end up. JJ will have better stats, better performances, and far more game changing plays than Mario could buy with his hundred million dollars. And how do I know this? Because I don't know much...but I know football. And, the stats don't lie that I was right all along about this one hundred million dollar bust named Mario Williams. He was a dud when he was picked. He's been a dud since being in Houston. And he's a dud now that he's in Buffalo.

And that's just the way it is.

FASTING: Is It Beneficial For The Athlete?

"To Lengthen Thy Life, Lessen Thy Meals."  ~Benjamin Franklin

Often, around the spring and fall, athletes ask me this question:  "Almine, would it be beneficial for me to do a fast?"  Its like, at the crux of those two seasons, people instinctively know that a 'lil "R 'n R," or "deep cleaning" for the body is necessary.

The answer to this question is "Yes."  Fasting is beneficial for not just everyone, but in particular, the athlete.  Why is this?  There are a few simple explanations, but the easiest one I can articulate is that the athlete accumulates a lot of free-radicals in the body, on a constant basis, and that a "deep cleaning" is necessary from time to time, of these inflammation causing intra-toxins.

We all know there are "good stresses" and "bad stresses."  What is a "good stress" for the body?  Building muscle.  You must break muscle down to create stronger muscle (what a great metaphor for life, right?).  This process, however, does cause inflammation.  This inflammation has to go somewhere, and unless its "evacuated" promptly through one of the body's waste removal mechanisms (feces, saliva, urine or sweat) it will accumulate in the muscles and "hang out" there.  This is not what an athlete wants, or needs.  This is called DOMS ("Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness").  DOMS, if exponentially accumulated (workout after workout), without proper "housecleaning" through the body's waste mechanisms, can overwhelm the system.  This can cause nausea, headaches, hormone imbalances, premature greying of hair, dry skin & nails, constipation and/or diarrhea, gastritis, ulcers, poor training performance/recovery, to name a few.

As inflammation compounds, through multiple workouts, without the athlete assisting it to be removed from the body, free-radicals build-up.  Free-radicals are burdensome on the liver (a paramount organ in muscle building, metabolism and blood sugar stability).  Therefore, the athlete must place as much emphasis on free-radical elimination as s/he does to training.

Me, cranking out 100 back-squats for time at "CrossFit"

Hence, my emphasis of certain "power" foods and herbs (see previous blog posts) that aid in recovery, nourish the body, and increase evacuation of free-radicals rapidly.  In addition, I constantly tout the benefits of stretching in the heat (i.e. "Bikram Yoga").  You all must be thinking "Geez, Almine, enough already about the 'Bikram Yoga'."  The reality is, however, saunas & "Bikram Yoga" studios are invaluable in removing waste, rapidly from muscle tissue and fascia.  Stretching in heat (above body temperature) only increases free-radical elimination.  It relaxes muscle fibers enough for them to release inflammation/free-radicals, so that they can be excreted via the pores through sweat.

"Bikram Yoga" can aid elimination of toxins, built up by the body
through training.  This will accentuate your fast.

Want to play hard?  You must "deep clean" your body of the built-up waste that is accumulated from doing so.  Injury is soon to ensue if you don't.  Make stretching in heat a regular part of your training regime.  This should be a non-negotiable for every athlete.

Where does fasting fit into sports nutrition and training regimes for athletes?  When is it appropriate to do a fast?  What type of fast should I do?  Is there a better time of the year to do a fast vs. any random time one feels inclined to do so?  All good questions.  I will lay out a few "bullet points" for fasting that can be understood in a "101" manner:

-Fasting is best done at the crux of the season (spring/fall are the best times of the year) to ensure maximum immunity for the season ahead.  Have spring allergies?  Fasting at the beginning of spring should be a "must" for you.  In other words, if you're going to do a fast, consider doing it at/around the spring/fall equinoxes.

-Fasting is done best in either 1, 3 or 7 day blocks of time.

-Fasting during summer or winter is not recommended.  

-Do NOT exercise during fasting.  What I mean by exercise, in this case, is "cardio.," lifting weights, swimming, anything that requires your muscles to break down & cause inflammation.  "Active recovery" exercise during fasting is okay:  yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong.   As Bikram Choudry says "Yoga is the only exercise that gives the body energy vs. taking away from it.  Its the gas station, where the body fills itself up."

-The 3 best fasts:  air, lemon-water, vegetable broth.  Air fasts (no food or water) is the most powerful & deep-cleansing.  Lemon-water only is 2nd runner up & vegetable broth is 3rd runner up.  If you're choosing to do "Bikram Yoga" during your fast, you will increase the deep-cleansing attributes of the fast, but you will also lose valuable electrolytes.  Then, a lemon-water or vegetable broth fast is recommended to replace those electrolytes lost through sweat.  I would not recommend an air fast if you're choosing to sweat in saunas or at "Bikram Yoga" during your fast.

-The first 24 hrs. in a fast can be mentally challenging.  Your tummy will rumble for a couple of hours, but then it WILL settle down, & the mind will begin to become calm.  My favorite fasting period of time is 3 days.  By day 2, I feel like I can take on the world.  

-Fasting around the full moon is an ancient tradition to remove toxicity from the body.  Why does the full moon matter?  Is it just an "Old Wive's Tale?"  No.  It isn't.  Your body is made up of 70% water.  The moon governs all water on this planet, from the tides of the ocean, to the water in your body.  You are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  Water is a powerful medium used to flush out toxins.  Work with nature's cycles, not against them, & you will find your fasts more powerful and effective.  I would recommend doing a fast the day before/day of/day after the full moon.  When you become experienced at feeling what a fast can do for your body, you will notice the increased benefits, if you do it around the full moon.

The Full Moon Is A Powerful Time For The Water In Your Body 
To Assist In Cleansing Itself

-If you're a woman, do not fast while on your menses.  Your body is already cleansing.  Its too much to do both at the same time.  Also, do not fast while you're pregnant or lactating.

Fasting was a mandatory practice for warriors from the East:  Ninjas, Samurai and Shaolin martial artists.  It enforced discipline of mind, mastery over the body, and increased health benefits.  The first couple of hours of a fast your "monkey mind," as one of my teachers calls it, will go crazy.  "I want food, I want cake, I want broccoli, I want, I want, I want..."  This will settle down.  Your mind will begin to slow, and your breathing will become more calm within several hours.

Japanese Samurai Warrior

My advice is to set aside fasting for some type of retreat atmosphere.  Go to a hot springs, a secluded cabin, etc.  This is a time for rejuvenation and resting of the tissues, so that they may replenish themselves.  I would not recommend a "daily life" regime while fasting (work, picking up kids, training the way you normally do).  This would be retrogressive to the fast. 

There is some type of purification of the body amongst every warrior caste in various cultures.  Take for instance, the sweat lodge amongst the Native Americans.  To sweat, fast and purge the body was an annual ritual 1-2x per year (depending on the tribe).  They knew this enhanced longevity, gave vigor to the body for the coming season ahead, and quieted their minds to re-align themselves with the tribe's needs and goals.

Traditional Native American Sweat Lodge

In addition, there is not one spiritual tradition that I'm aware of that doesn't advocate fasting.  The world's greatest sages, from a variety of traditions, have fasted:  Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, John The Baptist, Ammachi, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mohammed, Anandamayi Ma,  Meera Bai, Lao Tzu, Ramakrishna, Milarepa, Hazrat Babajan, Hildegarde of Bingen, St. Teresa of Avila, Rumi, Joan of Arc, St. Francis of Assisi, Ghandi, Mother Meera, etc.   Each of these great masters have changed our world for the better, dispensed wisdom, and have been a beacon of knowledge to those of their era...and to us today.

~ Sri Anandamayi Ma ~
(This picture was not adulterated in any way.  It was taken of her, while she was fasting for 40 days & 40 nights.  Note the amount of "Chi" generated by her, commonly known in the West as an "aura."  This is often depicted in paintings of Christian saints or icons as well)

If you're new to fasting, and feel that you need some additional support/nutrition/electrolytes for the body, herbal teas can greatly assist.  Here are some herb suggestions for you, during your fast:

  -Amazon warriors fast on a strong concoction of yerba mate tea, 2x per year for 1 wk.

Yerba Mate Farmer, Paraguay

-Alfalfa leaf tea was used by medieval saints in Europe to assist with their fasting.

Ground Alfalfa Leaf Powder

-Tibetan monks fast on nettle tea, during meditation retreats.  In fact, Milarepa, the great Tibetan Buddhist yogi was said to have a "green hue" to his skin from drinking so many nettles.  :-)

Stinging Nettle

-Hindu sages have taken "Triphala" (see "Spring Detoxing:  The Ins & Outs" blog post), while fasting.

"Triphala"  (meaning "3 Berries")

We're at the beginning of fall now, this is a great time for a fast.  Remember to take the time to rest, soak in hot springs and/or do active recovery exercise to enhance your immunity for your coming fall/winter sports.  You do routine maintenance on your car.  Your body is more precious.  Treat it well, and allow it the time to heal itself.


Back from the Bahamas

If you can afford to go to Staniel Cay Yacht Club in the Exumas, DON'T MISS IT!!! We had a wonderful time and every day was an adventure. Swimming Pigs, huge iguanas, underwater caves, snorkeling, boating, swimming with the sharks and relaxing on some of the most pristine beaches to be found anywhere. Wherever you went it was like being in a gigantic swimming pool. The water was so clear and always inviting. The weather was fantastic with almost no rain and the seas were calm during the entire trip.

We were fed like kings and the people who served us were overly friendly. Our cottage was right at the edge of the water and the accommodations were sterling. We made many new friends from all over the U.S. and plan on meeting there again next year if God is willing.

For someone who is fast approaching sixty, seven days was enough. I had to come home to rest. But I will never forget the best vacation I have ever had.

Sibohan Harrity, ‘Love Poem’

In a month’s time I may feel differently,
But at this moment I am prepared to swear
That I would like nothing better than to spend
The rest of my life picking the fallen hairs from your shoulders.
I would grow out my fingernails just for that purpose.
I would give up the ocean for the mud puddles of your eyes.
We could move to South Dakota
And howl among the tornadoes
And stomp across the prairies
And fall asleep in each other’s arms
As sweat pools in the crevices of our elbows
And crop-dusters drone overhead.

UFA's internal debate

United Fishermen of Alaska, the state's top commercial fishing group, has been looking since July for a new executive director.

Naturally, we're all wondering how the search is going.

Deckboss can provide a little insight in the form of a "confidential" email that came his way today. The email is "inside baseball," to some degree, but I expect most readers can follow it. So here it is:

Subject: UFA Exective Director selection process and list of applicants--draft memo
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:39:31 -0800
From: Roland Maw
To: Undisclosed Recipients


UFA Board:

We have received the ED selection process memorandum and the list of candidates and I wish to make a few comments on the process. In particular, one of the candidates and her relationship with some of the EC members who will be involved in making EC recommendations to the full Board. First of all, I would recommend that no less than three candidates names be forwarded to the full Board, and that the final selection require a two thirds majority vote of approval.

In terms of applicants, my particular concern is with Julianne Curry, with whom I have professional experiences and observations at the NPFMC relative to the Salmon FMP issue. It is not about Julianne as a person, and it is not about personal issues, instead, it is about her history with fishery policy agendas, how she has pursued them and her professional relationships with UFA groups. I am concerned only about this matter in regard to what is best for UFA as a professional organization. Questions often arise as to how Julianne, with her narrow focus on fisheries issues, lack of willingness to listen to opposing points of view and unwillingness to compromise, can fairly represent the diverse issues of UFA as a statewide commercial fishery organization.

Concerns occur on a regular basis at the NPFMC Advisory Panel (AP) regarding her involvement with the "Super 8," otherwise known as "the Angry 8," on the AP. This group, comprised of two UFA voting member group reps, PVOA and ALFA, routinely votes as a minority block on the AP and develops lengthy minority opinions, both of which are the subject of controversy. Other notable groups represented in the “Angry 8” are: AMCC, the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition (GOAC3) and the Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Development Association (YRDFA). The “Angry 8” group has been a subject of discussion at the AP of the NPFMC for almost a year, resulting in the Chairman of the NPFMC delivering a warning to the AP, through the Chair of the AP, about this issue. The “Angry 8” group unnecessarily takes on issues outside their respective geographic areas, and, in so doing, they injure other UFA member groups. In the case of Cook Inlet, Julianne spoke in favor of the revision to the Salmon FMP against the interests of UCIDA. In the light of these activities, how can she fairly represent member groups as the ED of UFA?

This issue needs to come to light in this selection process and needs to be known to the full Board. There are numerous salmon-based organizations who are not involved in the Council process and are unaware of this organized political activity at the Council. The subject of the "Angry 8" has also become a subject of interest with at least one member of the press. The voting record of the "Angry 8" is a matter of record in the Council minutes. This issue remains an ongoing subject of discussion within the EC of the NPFMC.

Julianne began telling people at the UFA February 2012 winter Board meeting in Juneau that she was going to apply for the UFA ED position in the fall when it was announced. She also announced that she would be resigning from PVOA. Since then, she has made no effort to communicate with any of the group representatives to discuss her plans and goals, if she is to be selected and to tell us how she can fairly represent our diverse interests.

Does this cover bite?

It seems the September issue of Pacific Fishing magazine, above, put editor Don McManman in the doghouse.

Dozens of readers lodged complaints about the cover photo showing Lucky, a dog, trying to "pick" a salmon from a Bristol Bay setnet.

Bristol Bay fishermen have worked hard to raise the quality of their product in recent years, and the cover casts the bay in a bad light, the readers said. As one reader put it, "this cover photo is just bad for business."

McManman, in the October issue just out, writes that "if you're upset with the cover, I apologize."

OK, Deckboss can certainly understand how Bristol Bay producers might cringe at an image of a dog chomping on what might end up as somebody's dinner. How does that help sell the bay's millions of tasty sockeye?

But from a journalistic standpoint, I like the photo. It makes for a fun, sassy cover.

The critics should remember that Pacific Fishing, and Deckboss, aren't mere marketing tools for industry. If they were, I doubt you'd bother reading them.

So, what's your opinion of the cover?

Full disclosure: I've been a contributing writer for Pacific Fishing magazine for many years.

Quote of the day.

Sometimes, all it takes is someone who believes in you.

Dear Jane

Last month, three independent experts sharply criticized a federal "biological opinion" on the Steller sea lion.

The National Marine Fisheries Service had used the controversial BiOp as the basis for restricting commercial catches in the western and central Aleutians. The intent is to leave more cod and other fish in the water for the endangered Stellers to eat.

The question now is whether the expert reviews will carry any weight in two ongoing forums on the Steller issue.

One forum is the federal courts, where the state and commercial fishing groups are suing in an effort to overturn what they regard as scientifically unsupported fishery restrictions.

The other forum is the federal bureaucracy, as NMFS prepares an environmental impact statement. A judge in January faulted the agency for not doing an EIS prior to imposing the fishing restrictions.

With that as background, here's an interesting letter the Freezer Longline Coalition recently sent to Jane Lubchenco, the Obama administration official who oversees NMFS. The Seattle-based group is among those suing the government, naming Lubchenco herself as a defendant.

In its letter, the group "respectfully" asks Lubchenco to notify the courts of the "new, important, and compelling information" in the expert reviews. It also asks her to "withdraw the BiOp."

Moonlight Maid goes down

We lost a special boat with the sinking of the Moonlight Maid last week south of Resurrection Bay. Fortunately, the Coast Guard rescued all four people aboard. Clayton Paddock, who said he captained the vessel during the salmon season but had been off the boat for about a month, sent these photos. The mermaid was painted on the stack. The 110-foot wood-hulled boat was built in 1942 as a Navy subchaser, and was among a very few still afloat. More details here.

The novel "Drugs" by J.R. Helton.

I Just read the book Drugs by J.R. Helton and I decided to blog about it as I feel like it is a must-read for anyone who has taken drugs, wants to take drugs, or knows people that have taken drugs which is basically EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Including myself. The narrator, Jake, has taken just about every drug that exists in an effort to find himself, feel good, or just feel SOMETHING. He is a part of society, has a good job and functions just fine..all the while constantly searching for the pill or substance that will bring happiness and lasting enlightenment. Sometimes it works out for him..other times it doesn't.

This is a no holds barred realistic view of the "drug world" and though it made me wince and cringe many times..and feel some of the paranoia that Jake himself has felt when high, I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Jerry Stahl(who calls it "truly riveting"), Jonathan Ames, and all the other authors and essayists whose words have an unmistakeable ring of truth to them and brings you effortlessly into their world-like it or not!

Drugs can be found at your local bookstore and also on at Amazon at

Blurbs by Stahl. Harvey Pekar and Robert Crumb who also illustrated the cover.

Bristol Bay — Alaska's salmon MVP

This year's catch of nearly 20.6 million sockeye at Bristol Bay paid fishermen $117.8 million, says this season summary from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Four rescued from raft south of Resurrection Bay

The U.S. Coast Guard says it rescued four men from a life raft Thursday night after they abandoned the fishing vessel Moonlight Maid more than 30 miles south of Resurrection Bay.

"The crew reported that the vessel was sinking and they were donning survival suits and entering their life raft," the Coast Guard said.

Here's the mayday call.

A helicopter out of Kodiak located the raft at 10:51 p.m. and safely hoisted the fishermen and took them to Seward.

Reported weather conditions at the time the vessel sank included winds of 20 to 30 mph and 13-foot seas.

The Coast Guard planned to conduct an overflight to check for debris and pollution.

The state Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission lists the Moonlight Maid as a 110-foot wood-hulled vessel, built in 1942.

Occupy Wall Street turns one.

Went to the OWS anniversary at Zuccotti Park on the 17th..I missed the actions and marches in the morning where I heard over 100 people were arrested..then let out by the afternoon. The park was cleared at about 1am sort of..people were told to leave. Some did and some didn't but it slowly emptied out. It was a pretty big turn out though especially for a monday. Unlike the news would have people believe..people involved with OWS do have jobs and many were tired and had stayed up all night to join in the protests. Here are a mess of videos I took while walking around the park from about 3pm-1am..nothing too exciting..just a few glimpses of what the park was like. I regret missing the marches but there is footage of those and the arrests on the OWS twitter and on youtube as well!

Vacation Time

Flying to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow and then on to the Bahamas Thursday morning. We'll be staying at Staniel Cay, one of the small out islands of the Exumas. If you go to there website you can see the cottage we rented. It's the Lime Green one. It has its own 13ft Boston Whaler we can boat around in when the water's not too rough. The airstrip is almost as big as the island itself. There are only eight bungalows to go with the yacht club and marina.

We're hoping for good weather, a relaxing time, and a little bit of fun. I promised not to take my computer so this will be the last post for several days.

I've been working on my murder mystery and will hate to leave it for so long. I'll have to read what's already been written to catch up on my thought processes for the story line. If we happen to get eaten by sharks, lost at sea, taken captive by pirates, or some other such mishap, it's been fun. Well, not so much...but there have been many good times. LOL.

I'll post some pics when we get back. Bye for now.

No go for Southeast red king crab

After opening in 2011 to end a five-year shutdown, the Southeast Alaska commercial red king crab fishery will remain closed this year due to weak stocks.

State fishery managers say the biomass of mature male crab is at its lowest level in 22 years. Read more here.

Last season, 54 permit holders had a small but lucrative harvest of 176,083 pounds of red king crab. The crab paid $10.64 per pound at the docks, for a total fishery value of $1.87 million.


This year's Alaska Permanent Fund dividend is $878.

That's a big drop from last year's $1,174.

Most dividends will be paid Oct. 4 by direct deposit.

Simply too beautiful.

"Glowing" by The Script.

You knocked me sideways
When you said that you were leaving.
You knocked me over
When you cried and told the truth.
And you left me speechless
The secrets you've been keeping
You're running now, cause someone's chasing you

And you bought a ticket
But you don't know where you're going
And you won't tell me
For fear I'll follow soon
And you're tryin' to save me
From your past bad decisions
But my decision's always gonna be
To follow you (To follow you)

Never gonna stop 'til the clock stops tickin'
Never gonna quit 'til my legs stop kickin'
I will follow you and we'll both go missin' (Yeah)
No I'm never givin' up 'til my heart stops beatin'
Never lettin' go 'til my lungs stops breathing
I will follow you and we'll both go missin' (Yeah)
No I, And we don't even know where we're going
But I'm sitting with you and I'm glowing (Ooh)

I woke up this morning
To a kiss just like a whisper
And empty suitcase
And I knew that you were gone

And you left the motel
When you're headin' off of nowhere
But the lady on the door said
You haven't left that long, long, No...

Never gonna stop 'til the clock stops tickin'
Never gonna quit 'til my legs stop kickin'
I will follow you and we'll both go missin' (Yeah)
No I'm never givin' up 'til my heart stops beatin'
Never lettin' go 'til my lungs stops breathing
I will follow you and we'll both go missin' (Yeah)
No I, And we don't even know where we're going
But I'm sitting with you and I'm glowing (Ooh)

State posts FAQ on Chinook disaster

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game answers questions here regarding poor Chinook salmon returns to certain parts of the state.

The FAQ says the science team looking into the matter will hold a symposium Oct. 22-23 at the Egan Civic and Convention Center in Anchorage.

Off to Industry

Clearwater Pond

We had a nice turn-out under cloudy skies for our ride last Saturday around Lake Cobbossee.  Managed to avoid any serious rain, as we just had to contend with some wet roads for a time (and for one member of our group, a couple of flat tires).  Thanks to Cynthia Snow for volunteering to lead the ride, and showing some of us an unfamiliar route.  Please join us Saturday morning in Farmington for a pretty ride to Clearwater Pond in Allens Mills and some great ridgetop views as we head into the Fall Season.
Saturday, September 22nd:  FARMINGTON
"The Ups and Downs of Industry":  a ride through the picturesque hills and hollows of Farmington, New Sharon, and Industry.
START:  9:00 A.M., at the Hannaford Plaza on Rt. 4 in Farmington, about a mile south from the junction of Rt. 4 and Rt. 27, towards Wilton.  Park near the entrance to the shopping plaza.
DISTANCE:  25-30 miles.
TERRAIN:  rolling to hilly - includes an optional short (1/4 mi.) section of hard-packed dirt road, which can be circumvented by adding a mile to the overall route.
HIGHLIGHTS:  quiet back roads along the Sandy River, spectacular panoramic views from the ridgetops of New Sharon & Industry, Clearwater Pond at Allens Mills.
LEADER:  Larry Childs.

Sunday Musings

Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and looking out the window on a beautiful day. If you woke up alive and are healthy, be thankful for that. A lot of people can't say the same thing.

I am working on a new book and have finished the second chapter. It's a murder mystery set in 1965 and based in Hardin County, Texas. Hardin County is where I spent a good portion of my life and I know the area well. Not only that, I know what the people are like there and I believe this will help me bring a good bit of realism to the characters I create. The towns and geography are factual, and there may be a few characters that have a twinge of real people in them that I have known, but I will keep that a secret.

So glad that football season is finally here. My Texans have started out 1 and 0. They will be in Jacksonville today and hopefully can come out the gate at 2 and 0. However, Gary Kubiak has a history of not being able to get these guys motivated, as was witnessed last week when they went 24 minutes without even sniffing the end zone against Miami. We'll see.

If you haven't seen the British comedy, Hot Fuzz, you've missed some of the best humor the Brits have to offer. Funny, funny movie. I rarely laugh at 'movie' comedies, but this one had me rolling places.

Getting ready to go to the Bahamas this week for the final vacation of the year. We'll be going to the Exumas, which is a group of 360 tiny islands. The one we're going to only has eight bungalows on it and each one comes with its own boat so you can putt putt around to some of the closer islands. One of them is uninhabited except for a bunch of pigs that have become famous in the area for swimming out to meet boaters, begging for food. We definitely plan to go see the 'swimming pigs'. I won't be taking a computer, so I will be incommunicado for over a week.

I've already sold a few copies of Evil Most Holy and The Grove of Akkadia. The radio campaign in Austin is still going strong, promoting my book The Keeper's Dare. Have been seeing some good sales from that. It would be great if one of these were to really take off. Oh well, I guess this kind of thing takes time.

I'll be glad when the Presidential election is over. At this point, I don't care who wins. The country and world is in such a mess there isn't any one person that can turn this thing around. Facebook is a battleground between the Conservs and the Libs, of which I have been a part, but it is growing tiresome. I know I have offended some and for that I am truly sorry. I've decided to trim it back some and mostly sit back and watch.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and get to do whatever makes you happy, as Marvin Zindler used to say. For me, I'm going to enjoy some football, good food, a little writing time and for right now...go get me another cup of coffee. Take care.

Kill the Band and their new album!

This post is about a "mock" rock band who I have been going to see play live around town at clubs and at comedy/music shows I go to and at times play at...A fun, crazy, silly band and hilarious when they play live..which I recommend you do soon! They have just put on an album which is available for download on ITunes, Amazon and can be heard on Pandora (featured on the Comedy Music Station) and Spotify. For more info about Kill the Band you can visit their site at

Their next gigs are playing as the house band at Alter Ego Vaudeville Surreal THIS Sunday(tomorrow)  at Fontanas at 8pm and Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A and east 6th st on Oct. 6th.

Founded in 2009 by front-stunt woman, Killer Killy Dwyer in the underground scene of the Lower East Side of NYC, KILL THE BAND started as a mock band for a performance art piece created for a run in the NYC Frigid Festival. Killy carefully chose talented, like-minded, experimental musicians to fill out her concept comedy band. She brought in artists she could trust creatively and personally with arranging the songs she had been doing as a solo musician for the last year or so and they became KILL THE BAND. As the theater piece, music and relationship between the band developed, so did the band OUTSIDE the world of the theater. KILL THE BAND progressed quickly to playing clubs and festivals yet they kept all the theatrics of the mock band they had so lovingly created in the original festival show. KILL THE BAND is continues to be a NYC based shock-mock-rock and comedy band. Combining satire and slapstick, theatrics, costumes, and music from almost every genre, KTB is accessible avant garde and punk cabaret comedy performance art with soul. KTB played the mainstage 3 times at Figment (The world's largest interactive arts festival) won the Audience Choice Award for their 2010 Frigid Festival show, is the house band for NYC's #1 monthly alternative variety show "Alter Ego - Vaudeville Surreal", Headlined the Happiest Medium NY Anniversary Show, and plays consistently throughout the NYC area at venues like Fontanas, Pianos, Galapagos, The Delancey, National Underground, Bowery Electric. Killy recently was named "Top 10 Women Who Rock Comedy" by and received the award for "Most Magical Moment in the Fest" at the NY Funny Songs Festival.

KILL THE BAND IS: MIKE MILAZZO - Guitar, Mandolin, backups 

JOE YOGA - Bass, Uke, backups

 BLAIR FROWNER - Sax, organ, tambo

 NICK FOX - Human Drum Machine

Reviews: St. Mark's Theater rocked with laughter" New York Press "The spirit is one that celebrates uniqueness and captures the best parts of the New York fringe music and art scene" Broadway World "A tiny blonde powerhouse…had the audience in full-body laughter!" Village Voice "Killy Dwyer (does) an incredible job of balancing smart with funny with catchy" The Happiest Medium "The spirit is one that celebrates uniqueness and captures the best parts of the New York fringe music and art scene" Broadway World "Fun times for all. It has the essence of punk cabaret performance art and it's easy to get into. It's packed with quirky songs and lots of laughs from out of nowhere." "Leading the whole is Killer Killy Dwyer, comedian, performance artist, and all around rock star. If you could tap into a fraction of her energy you could powerVegas for a week." "A fun fringe show with sharp satire and a healthy dose of goofiness." "They're [Kill The Band] like Zappa on acid." Frank Wood "Kill the Band has something that few acts I’ve seen in today’s music or comedy scene possesses: A classic, almost vaudevillian quality which lets you know that after the lights have gone down and the laughs died to chuckles, you’ve seen something special—no kidding.” (The Examiner)

They have tons o' videos online and here are a few samples!

More videos can be found here too!

Do Not Fear

From the late 1970's I started a journey of study. I began to search Biblical scripture concerning latter day prophecy. Now, before you leave the blog expecting this to be a 'preacher' tirade, please give me the benefit of the doubt.

I read all of Hal Lindsey's books. I know that Lindsey has been labeled a Zionist, among other things, but even if you are diametrically opposed to the Bible and conservative interpretation, it might be in your best interests, then, to see what your enemy is saying. Right?

There are many things I gleaned from my studies over the years that I now see playing out on our news programs. It's as if I have been taken back in time where I can see myself sitting at the desk with the dim reading light. Open books surrounded the Bible and I am vigorously taking notes.

For example, back in the '70's the prevailing thought was that America would have to decline economically before the end times could occur. Back then, it was believed this would happen over the course of the next hundred years. After all, America was the strongest country the world had ever known. Its vastness and industrial might, along with it being separated from the rest of the world by two massive oceans, kept us safe. However, in 2008 America was listed number one as the most economically competitive country in the world. Since then, in just four short years, we now rank seventh behind such countries as Sweden and The Netherlands. This according to the World Economic Forum. If sequestration occurs, where the United States military sees a massive reduction in fincancing, our Air Force will be reduced to the smallest its been in our history. Our navy will be reduced to its lowest level in more than forty years. The ability to extend our reach on a global level will be drastically cut back. With the country now in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars and counting, where we owe more than we are taking in, there can be little doubt that no matter who wins the Presidential race in November, our nation is in a steep and almost unstoppable decline. What this does is allow countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and the muslim world to rise to dominance over us. It allows Europe to seize the initiative on economic might. All of these countries are the enemy of Israel, and without America having the ability to sustain a wall of defense around them, it creates the opening for the whole world to come against them. Just as the Bible has predicted.

Another prevailing thought was the ten nation confederacy, as predicted in the Bible, would be the Revived Roman Empire with its seat of power stationed in Rome...or, more the Vatican. As times have moved on from the 70's, I now think this was wayward thinking. The most prevailing religion in the world is Islam. This is even the fastest growing religion in the United States. Islam is taking the world by storm. Muslim populations in France, Germany, Holland, England, Norway, Sweden, Belgium...among others...are growing at exponential rates. France is starting to see the influx as a cultural danger to the French way of life, but has started to fight back too late; in my estimation. The Bible predicts a one world religion will take power over the planet, and this religion will kill all who do not convert to it. What religion on earth presently has in its holy book a stage for such a practice, if not historical precedence? The ultimate religious leader will have his headquarers in Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock is the second most holiest site in the Islamic faith, with Mecca being number one. The Dome of the Rock is purportedly where Muhammed ascended into heaven with the angel Gabriel. Where else would an Islamic Caliph place his throne but in the universally accepted center of the world?

In the '70's, we were already seeing a decline in the Christian church. Today, it is so weak that even one of the major political Party's in our country did not want to mention the Christian God in their platform. While our government finds all things anti-muslim as reprehensible, it is open season on Christianity's people and beliefs. Churches across Europe are shutting down. I, myself, have seen the abandonment of the church in Great Britain. Some have been re-opened as bars, restaurants and even casinos. I have seen this with my own eyes. While the Islamic faith is surging forward with its fanaticism and legalistic religious policies, the Christian church is merely a shadow of what it once was. This is what MUST occur for end time prophecy to come true. Jesus said the church would be the salt of the earth. Salt is a preservative that keeps corruption from food. When the salt is gone, evil can prevail. When the salt has lost its savour, then corruption comes in like a flood. Biblical prophecy says that first...before the end times can begin...there will be a great 'falling away'. This has not only begun to happen, it is near the completion of happening.

The Bible predicted a rapid advancement in technology prior to the end times. Think about it. The 20th century saw a massive surge in technological advancement unprecedented in the history of mankind. You could say that only a century earlier we were still just a stone's throw from relying on the horse for our power and travel on the seas was still powered by wind or not at all. From Henry Ford rolling out his first car to man landing on the moon was less than seven decades. How remarkable. In the book of Revelation, it speaks of the two witnesses who were killed in Jerusalem and left to rot in the streets. It says that every eye in the world saw them lying there. Up until just the 1970's, this was thought to be a preposterous statement. But thanks to the internet and satellite TV, it is now possible. The Apostle John spoke of seeing great destruction with fire and brimstone that killed hundreds of thousands. You must understand that this man was thrust 2000 years into the future and told to describe the things he saw. He could only do that with his 1st century mind and with terminology he understood. In his time, a volcano was the most destructive force known to man, and many writers of the day described these eruptions just as he did in Revelation. However, we now know that the most destructive force is nuclear weapons. If unleashed with their full potential, it is easy to conclude the prophet was seeing this and not a volcano. The stage has been set with the advances in technology to ruin civilization as we know it. It exists and stands primed to bring about the apocalypse spoken of in the Bible. For the first time in man's history, we can bring about the devastation that was recorded more than 2000 years ago.

It has also been prophesied that the people of the earth will clamor for their leaders to save them, protect them, provide for them, and turn their eyes from God and to man. Eventually, they will turn to one dictator...who will seem to have all the answers. Far fetched, you say? Look at how the people still support Obama when everything he has done is contradictory to what he has said when trying to get elected and then re-elected. The masses don't care and still shout his praises when there is no evidence to support he deserves them. Obama is the harbinger of things to come. There will be another who will come onto the national stage and in the beginning it will seem like he has all the answers. Just as Hitler came on the scene and captivated a nation to worship him to their very destruction, so will another come. Only, he won't captivate a nation, he will captivate the world. We are already seeing the downfall of individual soveriegnty of countries. Borders are blurred, even here. Cultures are mixed. Multi-culturalism is winning the day. Soon, and perhaps in my lifetime, we shall witness the the emergence of a great power under one man. It is being set up as we speak by the elitists of the world.

Yet, we as Christians should not fear these things. In fact, we should welcome them. We live in an exciting time as we see the pages of the Bible unfold before our very eyes in the real and in the now. Jesus said the evidence of him being who he said he was came in the fact that he had told his disciples certain things would happen before they occurred. In other words, the ability to see into the future is the bonafides that God is the real God and that there is no other. Do not fear. Take comfort when you see the world going down a path to its own destruction. It has been foretold this would happen. It has been predicted. Do not delight in it. For there will be hundreds and hundreds of millions deceived and who will die without God. This is the great tragedy. But, those of us who are eternally safe should not fear or worry. None of what is happening has taken God by surprise. After all, he said all this would happen...before it started happening.


My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

We are going to UK!

I pretty much ruined the surprise with that title already, right?

So yeah, folks! Greg and I are going to UK!

It all started with one girl who has a dream of travelling to the land of fish and chips, shepherd's pie, and Gordon Ramsay. And then she met a boy who has been wanting his whole life to watch his favourite team play at the Theatre of Dreams. Oh hey! Apparently they match! So there began the journey of brave decision that this girl and this boy will visit UK together and fulfil both their lifelong dreams.

*Curtains drawn, audience claps*

Oookay. This is not Broadway! Snap out of it! Okay, seriously, it all just started with us being like, "Hey, I want to go somewhere far!" (this should be understandable since all we did was going to KL and Bintan, for goodness sake.) We've also gone to Bali twice and Hong Kong once, and I've gone to Pasir Ris like, a lot. Like, a lot lot, and that doesn't count as going overseas, although it sure feels like that sometimes, if you ask me.

I wanted to go somewhere where I can't find Nasi Lemak or Chicken Rice, or come across locals bargaining for fake jerseys. I wanted a long plane ride. The whole in-flight meals (and not just peanuts and bottled water). Asking for directions. I wanted a different weather, a different accent, a whole new experience that Greg and I can take all in together. Because we both love travelling. Or scheming, as we call it.

Once we decided "let's do it!", we realized it's not as easy to plan as we both have to fit in the right timing so that we can catch United play. Back then, the schedule for the new season wasn't even out yet, so we couldn't really anything yet. The whole UK scheme just seemed almost unreal, like we were just fantasizing about it.

The other problem once the schedule was out, was to determine how long we were going to stay and which places in UK we were going to go. I initially wanted to go to Dublin, it's been a dream too, especially after the teenage me watched "Once", this Irish movie about the story of two musicians, and of course, those movies I've seen that were shot in Ireland were just breathtaking! But then, I realized, that I needed Ireland Visa to specifically go to Dublin. My Irish friend also told me that it wasn't worth it to just stay in Dublin for 3-4 nights and not being able to see the countryside, which is according to him, is the real Ireland. "Dublin is becoming more and more commercialized like London these days," he said.

So after some contemplating, we decided to swap Dublin with Edinburgh! And we are going to go for 2 weeks, visiting London,  Manchester (obviously), Newcastle and Edinburgh! Yay, I'm so excited!

We've booked the flights, hotels for London and Manchester, our travel insurance, and I've submitted my UK Visa application, and took leave from work, so I guess we're all set! There are still many things to plan out, like hotel for Edinburgh and train tickets to get us from one place to another, and of course, our itinerary!

We still have a little more than a month to figure things out but suggestions are welcomed if you have any! I can't wait to go and see people like these...


A CDQ civil war

Back in June, Deckboss predicted conflict among the six companies operating under Alaska's Community Development Quota program.

Now we're seeing that prediction play out, as five of the companies are opposing efforts of the sixth, Coastal Villages Region Fund, to obtain a greater share of the quotas.

Coastal is vowing to continue its efforts, which the other five consider to be "dangerous" to the CDQ program.

Read a remarkable exchange of correspondence among the CDQ players in this press packet Coastal distributed this week.

In Remembrance

In lieu of Smorgasborg Friday, I thought it best to simply do this.....

Ambassador Chris Stevens
Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith
Security Officer Tyrone Woods
Security Officer Glen Doherty

Thank you for your service, your patriotism, and the pride in serving your country you left behind for us to cherish. Those who are real Americans salute you. May God Bless your families who must go on without your positive influence in their lives.

Feds won't intervene in Southeast salmon fishery

The federal government is declining — for now, at least — to take control of the state-managed commercial purse seine salmon fishery near the Southeast Alaska village of Angoon.

Here's a press release explaining the decision.

Kootznoowoo Inc., the Native corporation for Angoon, had petitioned the feds to exercise "extraterritorial jurisdiction," arguing state commercial fisheries had interfered with local subsistence fishing for sockeye.

The Chinook research team

Speaking of Alaska's Chinook salmon woes, Deckboss is sure you recall Gov. Sean Parnell's July announcement that the Department of Fish and Game would assemble "a team of Alaska's top fisheries scientists" to develop a research plan.

A Cook Inlet reader asked me this week if I had any news about the team, such as who is on it.

Here's the reply I received today from the governor's office:

The team is headed up by F&G's chief fisheries scientists Eric Volk and Bob Clark. It also includes other fishery scientists (Andrew Munro and Steve Fleischman), fishery biologists (Ed Jones), a geneticist (Bill Templin) and staff from the subsistence division (Dr. Jim Fall).

Sharon Leighow
Press Secretary
Office of Governor Sean Parnell

Alaska gets in line

This morning we brought you the news of how Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank had declared a fishery disaster for Alaska due to poor Chinook salmon runs in some parts of the state.

Well, turns out Alaska isn't alone.

Blank also issued fishery disaster determinations today for several Northeast states, as well as Mississippi. Details here.

Of course, these disaster declarations really are meaningful only if Congress ponies up significant dollars for relief.

That seems far from guaranteed, with the politicians under enormous pressure to cut the federal deficit and avoid tax hikes.

Feds declare salmon disaster with aid possible

The U.S. Department of Commerce has declared a fishery disaster for Alaska due to weak Chinook salmon returns to Cook Inlet and the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers.

Read the letter to Gov. Sean Parnell.

Libya / Egypt....And, We Will Do Nothing....

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was savagely killed along with three other Embassy Staffers in Benghazi, Libya. The reason they were killed is because someone in America made an obscure movie that I and literally millions of other Americans didn't know anything about. The movie, allegedly, degrades the 'prophet' Mohammed so...of course....Americans must now be killed. Our embassy in Cairo was also attacked and the mob took down our flag and tore it to pieces, replacing it with the black muslim flag. At least in Egypt there were no shots fired.

Our flaccid response in Egypt was to apologize for America's disregard for the feelings of muslims. Our flaccid response about Libya was this was not reflective of the Libyan government or the majority of its people, but that of a small fringe group of highly extremist views about Islam and that we stand behind the Libyan people.

Really? I mean...really?

In other words, the United States will do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Would to God we had Teddy Roosevelt in the White House. In case anyone is confused about what happened in Libya, this was an act of war. Plain and simple. Every arab nation knows that the U.S. is considered evil and the great satan for its support of Israel and the fact that we've been killing muslims at a rapid rate now for over ten years. These governments, no matter how small or great, MUST realize that their people any moment...go nutzoid and do something stupid. They HAVE to always have beefed up security around our embassies with orders to 'shoot to kill' these extremist dirt clods that go crazy every time poor little ole Mohammed is insulted. The fact they don't, is clearly a lack of respect for our sovereignty and the lives of our people and can be concluded as an accessory to the act of war.

Here's what I would do. I would send a carrier task force into the Med and park it right off the coast of Libya. With this task force would be about 3000 marines. These marines would be used to board all of Libya's offshore platforms and turn off the spicket. Then, we wouldn't allow any ship to leave its coast, stopping every one of them, boarding them, and then turning them around to go back where they came from. This I would do until there were about 1000 well armed, well trained Libyan soldiers surrounding our embassy with everything from machine guns to RPG's to tanks to cannons with a promise they would stay there PERMANENTLY and sworn to die in the defense of our embassy and its people. I would demand this in writing. Every other day or so, I would send some jet fighters into their air space just to see if they felt like fighting. If they shot one missile, I would drop two, 500lb bombs to send them back into the stone-age. Believe me, that's all it would take.

America cannot afford to look weak...AGAIN...where arab cultures are concerned. Do you not see that it takes a strongman like Quaddafi and Saddam and Assad and Mubarak to keep these people under control? That's all they've known since before the time of Christ. You expect them to change overnight? Plus, they HATE us. They H-A-T-E us. And, they always will hate us. There are only two things that will make them love us. First, we have to send every nuke we have into Israel and destroy the jews completely. Second, we all have to convert to Islam. Then and only then will they not hate us. So, since we all know that is not going to happen, why do we continuously try to befriend them and be nice to them and give them money and military and humanitarian assistance??? It boggles the mind. Those are things we could give to our own selves or to those who are REALLY our allies.

Obama has been real good about drone striking small groups of terrorists. But he has been abysmal when it comes to dealing with COUNTRIES. It's time to walk softly and carry a big stick. We cannot afford another Tehran like in 1979. Act like a Superpower....or be doomed to never be one again.

Newest E-Book Available on

My latest novel is of the HORROR genre and I pulled out all the stops on this one.

The setting is England, 1590, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. Enidor Fox is a depraved witch hunter traveling the southern countryside in search of wealth, not witches. Even though he is a priest, it is in name only. He partners with Lords and Nobles in the counties, falsely accusing persons of witchcraft and having them summarily tried and executed. Once they are dead, the Lords confiscate the deceased's property and grants Fox a kickback for his trouble. He soon finds himself in Wokingham of Berkshire County to work his evil again, but this time he stumbles upon a real coven of witches who are not happy to see him and his entourage of cutthroats invade their territory. The two forces are soon joined in mortal combat and only the evil most holy will win the day.

Extremely graphic content of torture, sexual situations and violence. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH OR THE EASILY OFFENDED!!!! Enter at your own risk.

This is an e-book available on's Kindle store. I have priced it at .99 cents. If you do purchase it, please provide a review on Amazon, good or bad. I love to hear from my detractors as much as my fans. Thanks.

Steller opportunity for a congressional hearing?

Alaska Sen. Mark Begich, chairman of the Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and Coast Guard, has gotten wind of those independent experts questioning the basis for closing fisheries in the Aleutians to protect Steller sea lions.

Now he wants answers from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

Read the senator's take here.

Local artist whose stuff I love!

These bedbug pillows and paintings of hybrid animals are some of the things that Al Benkin makes and sells and displays at Tribe gallery and other places around town. I went to a party/show at the Yippie Museum cafe which is still up and running thank the goddesses in this city that loves to push out the places I love..I thought her stuff was so great i took some pics of it and also bought a goat/snail painting I now have hanging on my wall next to my buddy Mangina's portrait of my crazy cat Delgado. Looks great together!

Her work and more info can be found HERE..

Cobbossee, Cobbossee

Taking a Break near Monmouth

We had a nice ride Sunday in Belgrade Lakes.  It was cloudy and quite cool at the start, but it stayed dry and the sun did finally come out as we were climbing the hills on Rt. 226 into Rome.  It is definitely starting to feel like Fall, and we have a beautiful stretch of weather ahead.  This Saturday we'll meet in East Winthrop in front of Tom's Bike Boutique where Cynthia has a great route planned around Lake Cobbossee.  Hope you can make it!

September 15th, Saturday:  EAST WINTHROP

"A Cobbossee Odyssey":  a tour around Cobbosseecontee Lake.
START:  9:00 A.M., at the parking lot of Tom's Bike Boutique, 2208 Rt.202 in East Winthrop, across from D.R Struck's Nursery.
DISTANCE:  30 miles.
TERRAIN:  rolling with some challenging hills.
HIGHLIGHTS:  views of Cobbossee Lake, back roads of Winthrop, Manchester, West Gardiner, Litchfield, and Monmouth.
LEADER:  Cynthia Snow.

Is your boat in order?

Here's an important notice from the U.S. Coast Guard:

Dockside safety exams for most commercial fishing vessels
become mandatory in October

JUNEAU — The Coast Guard is requiring all commercial fishing vessels that operate or fish more than three miles from the territorial sea baseline to complete a mandatory Coast Guard dockside safety exam as of Oct. 16, 2012.

This regulatory change comes as a result of Congress passing the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010. This change affects commercial fishing fleets nationwide, and the Coast Guard is conducting outreach efforts to ensure those affected are aware of the changes with the goal of having them in compliance before the deadline.

"The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010 introduces a number of new rules the Coast Guard will be enforcing," said Ken Lawrenson, the Coast Guard District 17 commercial fishing vessel safety coordinator. "The use of 'three miles from the territorial sea baseline' is a bit of a change from the existing regulation, which uses a complicated definition of the 'boundary line.' It will be a lot easier to understand because most nautical charts show a thin grey line that indicates where that three miles from the territorial sea baseline is located so it becomes very simple to see if you are operating seaward or shoreward of that line. If you are operating, either fishing or transiting your boat, beyond that three-mile line, then the 16th of October deadline applies to you, and your fishing vessel needs to have completed a dockside safety exam."

Dockside examinations are free of charge, and currently no penalties will be issued for discrepancies. If discrepancies are found, vessel owners will be issued a worklist and a reasonable time to correct any issues. The goal is to bring commercial fishermen into compliance while minimizing disruptions to fishing.

"There is no good reason to put off or delay the start of an exam," Lawrenson said. "Exams are free and most vessels already have the safety equipment and documentation to pass a dockside safety exam."

A letter from the Coast Guard to the commercial fishing industry explaining the dockside safety exam requirements is available here.

In Alaska, fishermen are asked to contact their nearest Coast Guard Sector or Marine Safety Detachment to schedule an exam:

Ketchikan, (907) 225-4496
Sitka, (907) 966-5454
Juneau, (907) 463-2448
Valdez, (907) 835-7223
Homer, (907) 235-3292
Kodiak, (907) 486-5918
Dutch Harbor, (907) 581-3466
Anchorage, (907) 271-6700

Direct questions or concerns to Lawrenson at (907) 463-2810 or
(907) 321-4110 (cell) or

New E-Book Available on

Just wanted everyone to know that my latest novel is now available on

The setting is modern day and revolves around a patch of jungle deep in the Amazon Basin rain forest. Several unexplained deaths have occurred there and no surveillance technology known to man can penetrate the affected area. After several soldiers go missing, the Brazilian government realizes they need help. A European montage of scientists have been invited by Brazil to go in and determine what is causing the turmoil. A team of agents from the highly trained U. S. Bureau of Diplomatic Security are charged with their protection. Sam Harradin, the leader of the team, has explicit instructions to find the technological anomaly, capture it, and smuggle it out of Brazil and into the CIA's hands. Meanwhile, an elite commando unit of Chinese Agents are trying to beat the westerners to the prize and have orders from Beijing to be as ruthless as it takes to claim success. Unknown to them all, a de-frocked priest is bent on finding out the secret before anyone else and if he will mean the end of life on earth as we know it. The main problem for them all is the jungle is highly motivated to keep its secret from being discovered, regardless of the body count.

This book is available on Kindle and I have it priced at 99 cents. If you do purchase it, please post a review on Amazon, good or bad. Thanks.

A mixed outlook for Alaska crab

Fewer snow crab this season? ASMI photo

The quota for Bristol Bay red king crab might go up a bit, but the Bering Sea snow crab quota could see a substantial cut.

That's the outlook in a nutshell for Alaska's two most valuable commercial crab fisheries, based on this technical memorandum detailing results of this summer's eastern Bering Sea bottom trawl survey.

Typically, the quotas for these fisheries are announced at the end of September or in early October, once federal and state scientists have analyzed all the available data and settle on the numbers.

With respect to Bristol Bay red king crab, Deckboss would direct your attention to Table 6 on page 32 of the PDF, under the "Legal male" column. It shows a biomass estimate of 19,713 metric tons of legal-sized male crabs, the big boys that crab fishermen can retain and sell. That's an increase from the prior year's estimate of 15,412 tons.

As for Bering Sea snow crab, also known as opilio, take a look at Table 19 on page 45. It shows a legal male biomass estimate of 104,456 tons, down nearly 29 percent from the 2011 estimate of 146,275 tons.

This suggests we could see a retrenchment from the recent upward trend in harvest quotas for snow crab.

Deckboss cautions that many factors go into calculating harvest quotas. But estimated legal male biomass is one good indicator of where we might be headed for the upcoming season.

The technical memo includes data on other fisheries including Bering Sea bairdi Tanner crab, a brawny version of the snow crab. The numbers suggest the fishery is likely to remain closed, as it has been for the past two seasons.