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Work, Write.

My goodness! Finally! A proper chance to write! Or shall I rephrase it, a proper chance to actually sit down here at my desk at home to browse and gather my thoughts to compose a sentence without yawning or getting slightly intoxicated.

Not that I make it a habit to drink every night. Hey, in my defense, it's part of work!

So yeah. I have officially started my new job since last Thursday, and it's been a challenge. In a good way, I hope? Everything is new and different, and I'm still adjusting. But I'm doing my best, one thing at a time. Wish me luck, kay?

So I guess to continue where we left off, I shall put on some pictures on the farewell lunch I had with my colleagues from the (old) company. Wow, I'm still in daze that I actually went ahead and changed jobs. It's funny when I tendered my resignation, I went back to my desk and I was talking to a friend of mine online.

"Hey, I finally did it!" I said. And he replied, "OMG! Here I was, just sitting here doing nothing, wasting my life away while you were just resigning from your company and making a huge move in your life!"

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that. Comforted? Not exactly.

I'm just so glad to have met these people in my previous company. I wish we can still meet up often! I really miss them. Especially now that I'm a newbie!

Anyway, I felt genuinely sad on my last day, having to say goodbye to everyone. Geez, I am emotional.

Alright, alright, I just want to share something good here! It's about the piece I wrote for the educational magazine in Indonesia. It's finally out! It's my first official freelancing experience. Ha!

I don't know if you can see it clearly. But you're supposed to be able to see my name! Yes, the first person to spot my name shall win a personalized dining set! Hahaha. Lame-O!

So I know I didn't write a full-page article. You probably think it's not even a big deal?

Yeah, I only wrote a book review. Hey! I actually went and bought the book, alright! (Although I returned it after I finished reading it. Well, isn't that the whole point of refund policy?) And the deadline was so tight, I think I only had like, three days to write the review? And I was working full-time so it limited my time to read it properly from cover to cover. But I managed to capture the gist of it, and I'm happy!

Yeah, I'm a dork. I better go to bed soon. Like I said, today is the first time since I started the new job that I was able to go back on time! Good night and I love you long time. ;p

Ride on the Fourth of July

We had a nice hilly ride in Mount Vernon last Saturday. The weather was fine, the roads were (mostly) great, and we had a good group - including some new folks - which is always welcome. The Fourth of July is coming up, which means another great ride in Sidney, led, as in year's past, by Jim Putnam. Hope you can make it, and if not, have a great holiday weekend.
(Photo: Fourth of July, 1941, Vale, Oregon. Library of Congress Collection.)

Saturday, July 3rd, SIDNEY:
"Independence along the Middle Road" - a tour through the middle of Sidney & the middle of a prime farming district, in the middle of the Fourth of July weekend.
START: 9:00 AM at the James H. Bean Elementary School on Middle Road in Sidney.
Directions to the Bean School:
From south: I-95 North exit #120. Turn right at end of exit ramp onto Lyons Rd. Follow Lyons Rd. to stop sign. Turn left onto Middle Rd. Bean School is approximately one mile on the right.
From the north: I-95 South exit #120. Turn left at end of exit ramp onto Lyons Rd. Follow Lyons Rd. to stop sign. Turn left onto Middle Rd. Bean
School is approximately one mile on the right.
DISTANCE: 16 or 30 Miles.
TERRAIN: moderate with a few hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: some fine back roads and Kennebec River views, and some 4th of July paraphernalia, perhaps.
LEADER: Jim Putnam.

The Love Comes out of your Butt guy!

You may have noticed the bearded man in the white dress with the heart sign promoting his play Loves Comes Out Of Your Butt all over the LES this past week..Apparently he has a short film I think that will be at Anthology Film Archives on July 7th. I won't be in town to see it but I told him I would promote it on my blog. Who wouldn't do that for a dude in a white dress with a heart sewn on his pantaloons? And the streetart mattress caught my eye..Are bedbugs considered street art? Har!

So here are some pics of him..and a poster with the info about his screeening..This is my last blog from the US of A..Getting on an 11pm flight to the South of France..and do various fun and crazy things there..
Hopefully i'll be able to write a bit from there..
Smell ya Later friends!
Eden Bee

Busy, busy ;(

My new job has been extremely busy and challenging! I am coping, though. Doing my best, one step at a time. Sorry I haven't been writing very much. Once everything settles down, I'll get back to routine. :)

Good Samaritans Stimulate the Economy

Television station KNWA reported police broke up a large, underage drinking party last Thursday at the faith-based Samaritan Community Center Thrift Store in Springdale's Mathias Plaza.
A clerk at neighboring business, Take Two Video called police when she noticed numerous people going in and out of the thrift store after hours with the lights turned out.

Times sure have changed. It used to be when police broke up a teenage party, they would just call the parents to come get them. I have been told that every teen present at this party was arrested and charged with minor in possession of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia for the hookah.

Springdale may have come up with an efficient new way to stimulate the local economy. Just think of the huge boost to revenue collected from fines, increased business for local attorneys and conserving fuel in the squad cars all at the same time.

Leaving for France tomorrow..

I'm heading to the south of France tomorrow for 2 weeks to play a wedding, a few gigs and start to record our next album..Will try to blog from there..hopefully I'll be able to get online. I may try to post pics from the show at Tompkins that went on today..pretty fun day today..lotsa crap to get together tomorrow. Plus I freaking hate flying..and the other people on the plane don't seem happy when I keep yelling "The pilot is drunk!"...Bah..Be back soon!

Video footage of last nights Drag March!

Pre-Gay Parade Drag March!

Yesterday was a pretty entertaining day here in rotten apple..First I had to go to court to pay a fine which got dismissed anyway..I kept giggling because the courtroom was so weird..everyone was there for an open container except for me-I was the only female there and I was there for "posting bills unlawfully." Harrumph. Everyone there seemed kinda drunk and when the names got called and the charges were "open container" everyone there hooted and clapped. Then I was called up for "graffiting" and everyone laughed at me..the judge was nice and kept asking questions about my band..I kept laughing and he said "keep on smiling" and dismissed me..Yes, he was stern yet fair.

Then I went to Tompkins Square Park and marched with the pre-gay parade drag march to 6th ave,,ALL of our heels were killing us by the time we got there chanting "we're here, we're queer-we're coming for your children!" in between singing the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show..

So here are a fucking goddamn buttload of I have some video i'll put up soon..A sandwich sign in honor of the parade..some guys dressed to the nines in some awesome costumes..I actually felt dressed down for once! My tutu was laughable..sob..!There were Harry Potter wizard queens, naked queens, fish-netted queens, old and young ones..It was freakin' grand! Then the one guy did the circle before the march where everyone sings that god loves fags and they know this because god is a dyke..So great..The Pantsless Avengers were pretty neat and I went as far as 6th avenue then turned around...

Got to Tompkins in time for a Beatles sing-a-long around the piano there which is in fine shape still..The guy who locked it up at 10pm is in a Beatles tribute band apparently..Then I hit Odessa Bar for some Michael Jackson was his birthday or deathday or something..Then suddenly it was like 7am and I went to bed..I am leaving for France Monday night so I guess i'm trying to do as much fun stuff as I can..France will be awesome too though..i'm excited..and nervous!

Spine Health: The gauge of overall wellness, & why its important

~Doing a 'lil "triangle pose" with the "Bikram Yoga" crew before kayaking on the "Deschutes River"

"The spine should be as supple as a baby, as flexible as a willow tree..." ~Eastern Proverb

When you walk down the street, how many elderly people do you see hunched over as they move? Their shoulders rounded, their posture appearing uncomfortable? In our culture we seek chiropractors to help our spines "get aligned" or "adjusted." While this is a viable option, certainly, we must ask ourselves what our personal responsibility is to maintaining proper spine health. How can we best achieve this? Lets explore, first, the importance of the "staff of life," as the ancients referred to the spine. How does it affect our every movement, our sense of well being, and our emotional status?

We first can all attest to the fact that when we're experiencing pain our emotional well being is affected. It affects our state of mind, and how we feel throughout our day. When we look at the majority of musculo-skeletal complaints, we can typically trace them back to a spine that is in a state of dis-ease (& possibly has been for awhile). The way we walk, run & move about our day is all contingent upon an operable spine. One that is doing what its supposed to do, which is maintaining an upright, balanced posture, allowing the body to adapt to variances in surface change or environment (i.e. hills, pavement, gravel, sand, uneven surfaces, etc.).

In every culture around the world, spine health is emphasized in the health care system. I've had the opportunity to travel the globe, studying indigenous or traditional methods of medicine since 1994. My undergraduate degree was in Medical Anthropology. From yoga in India and Tibet, to Pilates in Germany, from capoeira in Brazil to Tai Chi in China, for centuries systems have been put into place to maintain the proper health of "the tree of life."

The spine, referenced as a tree, gives us the sense that if we nourish it with the same foundational principles, that it can bear fruit for many years to come. The question is how to go about doing this? While all of the above systems of spine health, from yoga to Tai Chi work, it will be the most effective if you find one that you know you'll be compliant with. It does little good, I tell my patients, to have a bottle of herbs on your shelf, if you do not take them. To find a system or methodology to maintain, with consistency, the well-being of your spine is the most vital.

There is a re-surgence in the running community of making note of postural alignment while running to prevent pain, and to give "the upper edge" in running performance. Concepts such as the "POSE Method," "Chi Running," "Barefoot Running" are all answering a call within us to evaluate the motion of injury-free running, and how we can affect this ourselves simply by the way we move. By "body sense-ing," as Danny Dreyer calls it, we can become in tune with the rhythm of the breath, how our feet touch the ground, and how it really all comes back to the postural alignment of the spine. Danny combines his knowledge of working with the ancient art of Tai Chi with his love of ultra-running in his book, "Chi Running." A fascinating read, weaving the principles of the east with the knowledge of the west.

Danny invites us to look at the notion of viewing nature: this includes watching the suppleness of the spine health of children at play, to the magnificence of a cheetah running. What do these things tell you about the flexibility of their spines, and how that affects the movement of the appendages?

A large majority of yoga asanas (poses) are named after animals: "the locust," "cobra," "downward dog," "cow pose," "the cat," etc. Various systems of Tai Chi & Qi Gong are named after animals. An example: "Soaring Crane Qi Gong." What is the meaning of this? Ancient rishis (sages) throughout time have observed that animals move fluidly, not with rigidity. Even when an animal is about to pounce on its prey, and is rigid in body, the sages say, "they're 1000 times more supple than a human being relaxed." The above poses or styles of movement from the east are to assist us in re-gaining the suppleness of our youth. Another example of reference to the state of suppleness that is exhibited by children in the system of yoga is the "child's pose." Again, the way children move is light as a feather. When they run, they run with lightness in their being, not a sense of gravity pulling on them.

The maintaining of proper spine health and alignment is not a one time thing. It is like tending to a garden. There is no end to it, and the joy is in the journey. When this is performed regularly, people need practitioners like myself less. Backs don't just "go out," injuries recover quickly, muscles are well-developed, and posture is maintained. I invite you to find a system of spine health, and treat it as the cog in the wheel to your exercise regime. The spokes coming out of the cog are additional activities which bring you joy: biking, hiking, climbing, surfing, dancing, running, skipping, jumping...

It is never a bad thing to have periodic "tune-ups" from a chiropractor that you trust. Particularly when one is very active. My chiropractor in Bend, Dr. Jason Kremer, said to me upon my last check-up: "Your spine is in such good health, I don't even know what to say, except for keep doing that yoga. There is no need to adjust anything." I was in and out of his office within 5 mins.

Eastern wisdom suggests, "When there's yin, you do yang. When yang is predominant you do yin." How does this seemingly esoteric advice apply to the concept of spine health? We walk upright and bend forward all day. To maintain perfect yin/yang balance, we must cultivate movements opposite in nature: a variety of backward bends, inversions such as hand/headstands, defying gravity like a bird.

The latest statistics prove that cardiovascular health is best maintained for longevity when inversions are done on a regular basis, thereby providing "additional assistance" to the heart to move blood more readily towards the brain. In addition to cardiovascular health, studies also prove that "brain power," cognitive thinking skills & memory is improved by the above mentioned movements. This has been said in the east for thousands of years. Assist the body in pumping blood and lymph more efficiently through proper spine health, and you will be rewarded with a long, happy, and healthy life.

~Rehearsing prior to a bellydancing performance, Oct. '09

"The spine is the key to all. Maintain it well, and chiropractors will come to you." ~Bikram Choudry

The Warehouse District

The June 8 Springdale City Council meeting was about more than the lame excuses for how the Chamber of Commerce spends our tax money. Try debating whether or not putting up metal warehouse buildings in a residential area is good economic development.

Alderman Bobby Stout needs to put down the pipe. Patsy Christy spent fifteen minutes explaining all changes to the Land Use Plan. When she is finished Stout wakes up and says, "Now what all changed?" Seriously.

The Planning Commission recommended they review the area around Wagon Wheel, Silent Grove and Apple Blossom again in two years and hopefully they would have more information about the 412 northern bypass at that time.

Perry Webb took to the podium claiming that companies have been contacting him like crazy. BIG companies with billions...repeat (Webb does) BILLIONS of dollars in potential projects. These mystery big spenders are just begging for this spot of land despite the fact that it will not have an exit for interstate access, does not have city sewer and the Planning Commission has twice recommended to the city NOT to change the land use for this area.

Resident David Gilbert said, "We've heard Mr. Webb tell us about business, business, business...well, we live there."

Springdale Attorney Jeff Slaton who lives in the area that would be affected said it is highly unlikely the northern 412 bypass will be built within the next nine years. Slaton, like others was asking the council to wait and see what develops with the bypass.

Slaton also invited Webb to share the information he has with us about who wants to build there. We will anxiously await his reply.

I've heard the whispers that if the property owners last name were something different, this would not be an issue.

That's What She Said.

Hot damn it's like 90 million degrees outside! And i'm not prone to really is 90 MILLION FUCKING DEGREES OUT!!! I love it. I want it to be 100 billion degrees so I can fire my clay sculptures of Gary Colemen which i made after his passing.

Anybitch, here's some random shit I took some shitty pictures of..I had like 4 or 5 people in the past few weeks come up to me and tell me they like my blog. Can't believe so many people read this thing..If only my band got that much attention i'd have two nickels to rub together. First is some weird art at Mars Bar..Hamburger heads..Then a pic of some fake food at a Japanese bar on St. Marks..I went there with my friend Erin and somehow a breakdancing party broke out in the middle of the street to the song "Sex Machine"..Fun! So...I think Jap Tang speaks for itself. The owner of the place was really happy I took a pic of it..They have all kinds of fake food outside the place to lure customers in and it was pretty well done I have to say..

I see that Kim's Video has reopened as a Japanese Market..How freaking many do we need? A lot apparently. Sheesh.

Then me wearing a tutu. I have decided tutu's are the new black and I will wear one every day. You only live once, so why the hell shouldn't I wear a freaking tutu? Is that so wrong?

Then the Lost Duck signs that have been posted everywhere..It must be some art school project, they do this every year it seems..No number to call on the flyer though so I don't get it...Then the baby with the word bubble..I know the ads are for child abuse..but I just can't help but find that one kinda funny..So sue me. I lost my rubber ducky so I don't care what happens to me now...sob...

The Fox

After a pledge, prayers, boy scouts and a photo-op, the June 8 Springdale City Council Meeting got underway.

About 6:20 minutes into the video, Mayor Sprouse tells us it is time for citizen comments. As a citizen, the mayor's traveling companion, Perry Webb takes the podium and tells the audience how the mayor had asked him - that very morning - to supply the council and the city with invoices of the chamber of commerce economic development activity for the first five months of the year. Maybe some people had been complaining or something.

The excitement didn't last long. Once again, the city is allowing this elusive and exclusive group to do whatever they want - including nothing - without any accountability. If you find economic development activity anywhere on page one let me know. Don't waste your time looking any further than that because the other months are just a photocopy of the first.

As a steward of the taxpayers' money, the mayor should be ashamed.

From Juno. ♥

In my opinion the best thing you can you do is find a person who loves you for exacly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out of your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with.♥

Ponds, Ponds, and More Ponds

Welcome to the First Day of Summer! We had a great ride in Augusta last Saturday, followed by a great breakfast at the ride leader's house. Many thanks to Connie for both the ride and the hospitality. The Trek had great weather, too, and I trust they've all recovered and are ready for more, because there's more great riding ahead.
Please join us in Mount Vernon this Sunday to count ponds and have fun on multiple 50 mph descents (there are potentially three). Whether that has any benefit to cardio-vascular training I'll leave for experts to judge. I've been informed that this ride has 3,230 feet of climbing (by one rider's electronic calculations) and there are several 15% grades (short ones, though) on Sandy River Road. The ride also has some unique scenery, with a delightful (and flat) run along the Chesterville Esker - part of the route was laid out by glacier! We may also get together after the ride at the cafe in Mount Vernon.
Sunday, June 27th - MOUNT VERNON
"Eleven Ponds" - a tour past many of the hidden ponds and lakes in Mount Vernon, Fayette, Chesterville, and Vienna.
START: 9:00 AM, Mount Vernon Post Office, just off Rt. 41 on Main Street in Mount Vernon.
DISTANCE: 14 and 29 miles.
TERRAIN: Rolling with a few good hills.
HIGHLIGHTS: rural back roads winding through many small ponds and lakes, and across the top of the Chesterville Esker. Possible post-ride get-together at the cafe in Mt. Vernon village.
LEADER: Jim Merrick.

Pianos take over NYC..Too much Billy Joel can kill you though.

Well I got linked on curbed today for one of my Pee Phone posts..They were saying how the Play Me pianos that have popped up everywhere might be kinda gross in Tompkins Square Park judging by the gross yet undeniably erotic pay phone by Ray's..Well today I sunbathed in Tompkins and then went to check out the piano that is now there. My friends were there from the great band The Bill Murray Experience..and Blind Boy Paxton went nuts on the piano while Horatio played guitar and Jessy Carolina that was pretty damn awesome. However I did hear a lot of Piano Man by Billy Joel being played..Can't they at least play Vienna? Christ on a fucking Crutch!

Here is some guy playing something..perhaps Hotel California..Then the sign that say I'm Yours..a LIE! I tried to roll the piano into the bathroom for kicks and it was all padlocked. Fun police strikes again. Then the NY Post interviewed Jerron about his playing for their on-line blog I guess.. They were very ipressed by the BME..and here's Blind Boy and Horatio going at it..And some punk rockers demanding to hear the theme song from Cheers. When the guy at the piano didn't know it-they preceded to sing it really loudly. Someone did play the Peanuts theme song which I loved..

Anyshmuck-the piano was in okay shape. No feces, urine or rigs were anywhere to be seen..However, I will keep an eye out for any signs of the piano turning into the Pee-ano. Har! I'm just so freakin' witty! I just KILL myself! Well, someone's gotta laugh right? So much drama lately..I'm happy to be going to France next week and get away for it all for a while. Summer in NYC is fun though in a psychotic way.

Karaoke with Colleagues.

So my colleagues and I had a great karaoke session yesterday after work. We try to squeeze in precious gathering time like this because we simply don't have enough! Especially now that some of us have left the company, we try to catch up regularly to hang out and have fun. (read: talk about so-and-so.)

When I first joined the company, these were the people that greeted me and made me feel welcomed, and we've been good friends ever since. (especially during lunch time.) And we've been through a lot together! Now that most of them have moved on, the company is left with lots of new people that I can't really connect with. I don't really know why, but it just makes me feel even more grateful that I met these people here.

We used to joke and gossip during office hour and lunch time, and now we can only do it after work. Anyway, yesterday we worked half day and the four of us went out from office to meet our other two ex-colleagues for lunch and serious singing business. We all love karaoke!

I haven't been out to karaoke for a while now, and even until 4 hours of singing, I wasn't that much satisfied! At home, I told my sisters we ought to have our karaoke session soon!

Me with Seraph and Rachel.

Rachel is like an affectionate, really loving and kind big sister. To me, at least. Although I'm sure we're probably at the same age. My favorite moment with her was, well, it's hard to pick one. The most memorable one, I think, was when I had a really bad day at work, and I came back to my desk feeling dejected and angry. Everyone else has gone back home at this point, and I still stayed to finish up some stuffs. Rachel was just about to make her way out, and she popped by in my room (which was already empty) to make sure I was okay. I was feeling down, yeah, but until that point, I was fine, you know? I mean, everyone's bound to have a bad day occasionally, right?

I said, yes, I'm fine. And she just looked at me with this real concern on her face, and she told me that everything's gonna be okay, that she understood how I felt, and that we were in this together so I always had someone if I ever felt too sad. And this is still a mystery to me, but I just started sobbing uncontrollably. And Rachel started panicking, and giving me tissues and I just cried even more. "Don't be sad! Don't worry about work, don't be too stressed out," she said, thinking I cried because I felt really pressurized about work. I chuckled (in between sobs) and said, "No! I was fine. I cried because of you! Because you're just so kind!"

I feel very embarrassed every time I remember that time, because bleh. I let everything get to me, and I hate crying in front of other people. Have you felt that, though? Have you ever just felt so touched and started crying because of human's kindness? Yes, sure, I have, but I don't think I've ever experienced such emotions when the kindness is directed to me, you know? I don't know. Maybe I'm just all over the place that day. Anyway, that's Rachel. She's extremely caring and kind.

With my current colleagues.

Seraph and Miu have been there ever since I joined the company, and they're still there. Erika is our newbie, who just came in our little group since last month. She clicks really well with us too! And I got another Indonesian, at last. It's about time, don't you think? (Yeah, about time I have different facial expression than the usual dumb-clueless-oblivious-stoned-look I used to adapt in the middle of Chinese conversation)

While Rachel is like my big sister, Seraph is more like a friend to me, in the sense that we are more or less the same that we talk really well. Even in the company, we have the same roles, she's the writer for the Chinese section, and I'm the English writer. So we help each other a lot, and we can understand each other's stories and complaints. It's like, we have each other's backs. That's one way to put it. I know! I'm lucky!

Goofing around while we let Miu hold the mic. Haha.

And more.

WTF were we doing? Some inside joke here.

Eileen on the right, is probably the wisest, most mature and fun person to be with! She is the big sister for all of us because, I don't know. I guess all of us just feel comfortable talking to her about anything. She's a good listener and adviser, yet at the same time, she is as crazy and creative as anyone! Because she's Singaporean, her English is better than the rest, which makes it easier for me to talk to her too.

She introduced me to the spicy chicken wings cafe in the middle of nowhere (which I loved!), and gave me the recipe for blueberry cheesecake. (which I tried, but failed in making.) She just knows loads of things, so we know where to go when we're unsure about anything!

It's such a fun evening! I enjoyed spending time with them, and I hope we'll get to do this again soon with the rest of the people that couldn't make it yesterday! We have a colleague from Myanmar who used to be in a band! How bad-ass is that! I already told him he should join us for the next singing session! Anyway, thanks guys and I love you all! ;)

Speaking of songs, here are my favorite tunes this week:
1. Old City - Saltwater Room
2. Snow Patrol - Crack The Shutters
3. Ben Folds ft Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me
4. Glee Cast - True Colors
5. Morcheeba - Enjoy The Ride

Good day, everyone!

About Books.

She stopped typing. If she'd been using pen and paper, she would have screwed the paper up in disgust, but there wasn't a satisfying equivalent with email. Seeing that everything was designed to stop you making a mistake. She needed a fuck-it key, something that made a satisfying ka-boom noise when you thumped it.

If one were to imagine, for the sake of argument, that jigsaw pieces had thoughts and feelings, then it was possible to imagine them saying to themselves, 'I'm going to stay here. Where else would I go?' And if another jigsaw piece came along, offering its tabs and blanks enticingly in an attempt to lure one of the pieces away, it would be easy to resist temptation. 'Look,' the object of the seducer's admiration would say, 'you're a piece of a phone booth, and I'm the face of Mary, Queen of Scots. We just wouldn't look right together.' And that would be that.

I just finished reading Nick Horbny's "Juliet, Naked" and I loved it. Reading Nick Hornby is like reading into someone's head, understanding the character's perspective, rationale and thoughts, that are both believable and endearing in their own ways although they are not always likeable. The topics he covers are not at all groundbreaking, but they are dramatic in a way that each of us think that our own problems are dramatic. It's day-to-day life in all its simplicity yet extreme, because the main character is always a bit neurotic.

I'm going to visit the library tomorrow to look at some more books to borrow. I've enjoyed reading Tom Perrotta and Curtis Sittenfeld too, so maybe I'll check out their other books. Has anyone read David Mitchell?

Oh, by the way, those were two of my favorite quotes from "Juliet, Naked". There are many more, I'm sure. Sometimes I wonder, how do good authors get to come up with beautiful sentences like that? We are given the same words, yet some of us just have the talent to impeccably string them together 'til we hardly know where it came from.

The News and Being Real.

I guess by now most of you have known that I finally made the decision to resign from my current company. There’s a reason why I’ve been tight-lipped about the whole thing for a while because I feel that it’s unethical to blog about work. Up to now, I’ve never written in great details about what I do, because I’m afraid that someone might read. Which is silly, right? I have the motion in my head that only my friends read whatever I’m writing here, but once in a while someone I hardly expect to come across this blog, does.

But I’m not going to write off my current company because truth be told, I owe a lot to it. I mean, this is my first job, and I understand the trouble it has gone through just to get my working visa approved. It was a long and difficult process, and I would be grateful for everything it has done to help me.

Yes, it’s true. I simply got a better offer that I couldn’t refuse. You know that good opportunities don’t come by often, and I think I would regret not taking it if I ever look back. It pays better, the job scope is interesting, the nature of the business is something that I can more relate to, and even a small thing like, the close proximity of it to my house, eventually contributed into making up my mind. But aside from all that, if I’m truly happy with my current job, I would probably have to think twice about accepting the other offer.

Well, so now I guess I’m just gonna say it as it is. I haven’t been enjoying what I do for a while now, and I hate myself for it. I whine and moan an awful lot. I’m grumpy and easily irritable. My sisters and my friends who have seen me and heard yet another stories about my bad day kept telling me to do something. I keep telling myself that too, because I don’t want to spend 80% of my day, every day, being unhappy. And that’s what it is, really. Work has made up such a big portion of our day, and you just come to a point where you should know, enough is enough.

I can’t even be objective anymore, in a way that I refuse to listen to criticisms because when you receive so many mean criticisms in a day, it’s hard to tell the constructive ones from the rest and you just end up muting everything else. I don’t even know whether some of the mistakes I made were because of my own lack of knowledge and attention, or simply just lack of examples?

I’m just not suitable for it. At times I feel out of place because of the language barrier. And some people are just setting bad examples with their language choices. Instead of being supporting and encouraging, some are condescending and embarrassing.

But from the beginning I’ve told myself that when it comes to work, you’re bound to come across people that are more difficult. And I don’t want to just be someone that comes to work for a few months, and leave at the first exit. To be honest, I had my good moments here too. I met great people that I work with that I can truly call friends; I gain more experience and confidence in talking and interviewing people. And it’s always great being able to write.

But there’s surely something more than just being able to bring some money home every month? What about a sense of accomplishment and happiness in day-to-day life? What about meeting friends and being able to truly say that you enjoy what you do, that you don’t feel like you’re dreading the next day of work?

Ah. Perhaps you may call me cliché.

And then I met a friend of mine who once offered me a position and found out that she indeed, was still looking. And so I tried, and it came through seamlessly. All my family members and my friends were encouraging me to take it, but I even ended up defending my current job, perhaps because I was scared to make such a big move. It’s easier to just stay, right?

But ultimately, you’ve got to do what’s right for you. And I finally made the decision. I am really glad that after talking to my boss, she was surprisingly cool about it. And once again, I’m not diminishing the value of what the company has done for me, and for that, I’m really grateful and appreciative.

Nah, I’m still going to work here in my current company until next week, so don’t start asking me “how’s your new job?” yet, it’s a little premature. Haha. But yeah. I’m excited for the new start! I am positive and ever-so-ready for the change, and I believe I can learn an even whole lot and be better. I guess it’s fair to say that it will be a huge next step in my life. And I intend to enjoy the ride this time around.

Beerfest Asia 2010! (Day 53)

Alright, so I know I've been lagging with this whole daily blog thing. But hey people! I have life! And job! And shits to do! Places to be! Kids to feed! So, mind the delay.

Last Wednesday my sisters and I and a couple of our friends showed up to check out this year's Beerfest! Last year a friend of mine went to the event and I had intended to come along too. But I think there were some issues with the tickets, because a friend of my friend was the one ordering the tickets online, and I think I let him know a little too last minute for his friend to make some more added bookings. That's why I was so excited to be able to come this year and see what it's all about. My colleague mentioned she's been there a few times over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it, so my sisters and I invited some of our friends to tag along.

The whole gang minus Cous and one of my sis' colleague.

Alright, to sum up the event. Obviously there were lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer. Those that I haven't even heard the names of, those that was milked out of some statue of a cow, those that were displayed by scantily-clad girls (well, actually, most of them were), and well, wasn't that the whole point of a Beerfest?


The place was huge! It consisted of many parts: one being the main area where all the beers were displayed and sold. There were outdoor areas with seats and benches for people to sit down and eat and drink. There were smoking areas with couches, displays of F1 cars on the side, those that we couldn't really admire since we had to pass a grass side (which was wet due to the rain.) On the outdoor parts of the place, there were stands selling sausages, pork knuckles, meat, rojak and other unhealthy things you can think of.

With Sophia and WZ. So glad they could join me!

Chilling out. There was a World Cup match being screened between Chile and what's the name, I can't remember. Too bad it wasn't that interesting!

Anyway, we didn't take that many pictures that night. To be honest, although the event was fun, it wasn't exactly like what I had expected. Still, I'm glad I went. As we made our way back, I was so sleepy! I had like, 4 or 5 glasses of beer altogether, I think. It made me feel slightly stuffy inside, and as much as I love beer, I just dislike the after-taste of it!

Alright! I gotta sleep 'cos I have work tomorrow. More on that later. I have big news to share in the next post! Good night.