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Music and mood

First of all, let me say a big warm thank you to my friend Greg for introducing me to this amazing song by Josh Ritter called 'Good Man'. Dude, I'm holding you fully responsible. I've been playing this song constantly all evening!

You know, when it comes to food, I always set aside my most favorite dish for last. The mushroom, the cheese, the best part of the meat, the crispy skin in KFC chicken. On some occasions, I believe it's best to prolong the pleasure on the things you do just so you can indulge in it longer.

But in music, I would play and repeat the song that I like as many times as I can, the faster the better. With more intensity and I derive joy from the melody and lyrics the more I listen to it. It's as if I'm testing the tune to see if it can hold my interest even after it's been played for fifty times in a row.

Also, I've been listening to this tune my other friend Todd posted on his music site. It's called Chicane, and it's basically just an instrumental tune. I really love it. Imagine spending Friday night lounging with your friends, sipping cocktails and having a good, stress-free time. Dim lights and beautiful people. This tune is so perfect for chill-out! Loving it. In fact, I'm listening to it right now as I'm writing this.

Instrumentals just have their ways of getting us into such mood. Like exactly this. And I can get really mellow when I start listening to movie soundtracks. One of my favorite is Pearl Harbor's tune which is so beautifully sad. A couple of years ago I used to fall asleep with the radio playing classical music plastered on my ear. It helped me to sleep better, and I remembered just feeling so light and peaceful then.

I don't really know why I stopped doing it. Maturity? Or quite the opposite?

Test, The Fountainhead

Today two things happened.

I passed a dustbin on my way to class, and it was yellow.

Oh no, they weren't the things that I'd like to say here. I thought that was a good build-up? Okay, sorry.

As you know, I had my first chinese test last Friday. Everyone's supposed to take the test when they have been in the school for a month, and I guess I fit in to that particular category. The day before, one of my classmate approached me during break.

“Look. Here's what you got to study,” she began, flipping my book. “Here, here. Here. Oh, and here too. You'll be given pictures and you should know the chinese words and the right quantifier for each object.”

I quickly took notes, a rise of panic started building up. I thought it's gonna be all written? All multiple choice questions? My voice was nothing more than a silent muffle in defeat.

“Of course not. There are listening and speaking test also,” she said. I thought I noticed a pleasure in her voice, but I must have been imagining it. When I looked at her again, she almost looked radiant. Gloating.

“Oh, don't forget to learn these and these too. Memorize all the words. You also should know how to ask for price and bargain in conversation.”

I jotted everything down helplessly, there was so much to learn in just a day. It's official, I suck at this. I should just stick to what I know best, like posing or something. Chinese? What was I thinking?

After class, I took my baby sister to Holland Village for dinner so it was safe to say that I didn't do any studying at all that day. The exam was less in 6 hours away when I woke up on Friday morning. Scrambling, I just tried to memorize everything I could, to not much avail. I guess I just had to bullshit my way to the test again, like any other tests I've ever done before. It gave me a little comfort.

Of course, I was in denial.

Anyway, to make long story short, the exam turned out to be all so very easy. Even at the rate that I studied (if you could call it studying at all), I felt like I've overstudied!

So today I got the result, and I got a perfect score. “Very good!” my teacher wrote it at the front page of my paper, she was grinning broadly, expecting me to scream, shriek, cry, laugh, and possibly faint. Well, of course I was delighted, but I almost felt as if I cheated. As if someone's gonna come out from under the desk and yell, “GOTCHA! That was a fake paper! Now HERE is your real exam! You don't think for a second that the exam's gonna be THAT easy, do you?! DO YOU!”

The other thing is this: this afternoon I finally finished The Fountainhead. I was on the bus, and I wish I were at home, because then I could probably let out a big, loud, happy sigh. The fact is, I'm utterly satisfied by this book. It's an experience in itself. The part when I simply couldn't stop reading it during the first chapter, how I was almost scared to continue because I knew something big was gonna happen in the story, how I consciously slowing the speed at which I was reading because I didn't want it to end, and that it was just like everything I wished it would be during the climax. Overall, it's been more than enjoyable, engrossing, and stimulating.

Was I just being a complete nerd for 3 seconds there? I'm serious, don't you just love it when a book can make you feel that much emotions?

The next book that I'm gonna read is so gonna fall short in comparison. I don't like it, but at the same time, I hope nothing else would come remotely close. I realize the irony in that. But we don't have to be logical all the time, do we?


Some random pictures just to keep this page colorful!

So I was telling you about my barbie-like nails...

The attendants at the mani/pedi place kept telling me I had super dry nails. She insisted I put on this special coat for brittle nails + whitening for another extra $3. What a marketing gimmick. Of course I fell right in.

Afterall, I have a solid duty towards my nails to keep it moisturized and healthy. *puke*

They tried to charge it to my sister also, although she had said 'No, I'm not gonna pay another $3.' The fact that the person still applied the special coat to her wasn't her fault, so after we explained, they waived the charge. Sometimes it's frustrating to talk to people who barely speak english!

Since Meli is here, we've been getting even crazier for the camera.

That's because her phone has a front-side camera! Or as my cousin would refer to it as, narcissist camera.

The people who are always there for me. That's because there's no escaping them, I live with them! =)

Anyway, I just wanna share a really good photo website if you're interested in landscape photos: citylines, houses, places, bridges in most US states. As you know, I'm a big fan of this type of photography, so this is a fun site for me to browse around.

On another note, I just changed my dekstop background a while back because I just started watching Fringe, and Joshua Jackson has been my favorite ever since his days in Dawson's Creek! He's maturing so well over the years.

I'm curious what's on YOUR desktop background? My older sister has a picture of Natalie Portman because she's a huge fan, and my baby sister has some game-related cartoon on her computer (naturally....she's such a gamer), and I either have picture of movie posters, actors, or city's skyline.

What's on yours?

Flu, nails and goatmilk soap

Hey world!

(Or rather hello to me, since I'm probably the only person who's gonna read this)

I'm now in a better position to write, compared to last night, or rather, this morning, so to speak. Last night I was as better to write as a giant penguin if you ever try to give it a pen. Why, you ask?

Okay, let's retrace the steps. The whole day yesterday I was out, having a good time, being perfectly normal and healthy as the Hulk. I even did sit-ups and a little bit of rope-jumping at home. (Okay, I made that up.) I had my greens (technically, there were lots of veggie in my noodles I had for lunch, but then I gave them all away to Cous, because I'm nice that way.) At night, in yet another act of kindness and selflessness, I cooked everyone spaghetti for dinner. (which everyone praised, not that I'm boasting or anything.)

Everyone knows I'm the master chef in the family. (But just because I'm the only one who ever cooks. Quite a deluded, undomestic bunch we are.)

I didn't have enough sleep the night before because I only went to bed at almost 5 am. (I don't know whether this would affect the story, but thought I'd just put it out there.)

I probably went to sleep at 1 am last night, which is normal. I had to stop reading my book (“The Fountainhead”, I can't stress it well enough, that it's the single most brilliant story I have ever come across.) because I was afraid I would finish it. Weird logic? Well, not really. (I had to stop myself from reading it too fast, I would very much like to prolong the pleasure.)

So everything was good up until this point. But then suddenly, at 4 am, I got abruptly woken up. Not by the rain, lightning, or loud noises in the house, in fact, it hadn't rained then, and the only voice I heard, was just a quiet hum of the air con. But I snapped because my nose was running and I kept sneezing.

I stood up to grab a tissue, and blew my nose. In my half-asleepness, I threw the tissue to the trash, and crashed back to bed. A few seconds passed, and I sneezed again, my nose still running. Now, imagine this happened for about, a hundred times. Okay, fifty times. All in a matter of seconds. By this point, I was wide awake, loudly cursing at nobody in particular. Just right after I blew my nose, I already had to grab another tissue because it just wouldn't stop.

I turned off my air con (although it wasn't cold), and sat silently with my puffy nose. I looked around, but it was freaking 4.30 am, what could I possibly do? I simply couldn't go back to sleep so I logged in online, and tweeted about it. I talked to my friend, another nocturnal creature who was still awake at such hour, god bless him. We talked for half an hour, and decided I should try to lay down again.

You have to know that I have quite a good resistance to cold, at least probably compared to most people. This works the opposite way too though; I have little resistance towards heat. I sweat a lot easier too. I have to have my air con to sleep (although I know I shouldn't, especially with my condition.) I turned it back on, but set the temperature to solid 25 degrees, and gave another attempt to sleep.

It took me probably another half to an hour to do so, because my nose would still be running and I would still sneeze but I have ran out of curse words to mutter at this point. I was just, tired, for goodness' sake.

I'd like to think that this is just a series of unfortunate, unlucky situation, that I'm just having a terrible flu, and that in no time I will be as good as new. Of course that's the case, but I don't know why I would suddenly catch this flu at 4 am without no sign and warning whatsoever.

Maybe this is just a sign. The really rare occasion of me trying to be domestic, and I got slammed with a massive flu! I have a feeling this is the universe's way of telling me that I should just stick to slacking. Oh, excuse me, I simply have to blow my nose again.

Okay, end of story! No more nose-blowing talk any more! Now, it's time for the bimbotic portion of the program, if you don't mind.

Yesterday I had a great time with the family, and us girls had mani + pedi at JP! (oh the perks of having sisters!) I didn't know we would be getting those when I went out of the house, though, and I was wearing an closed-toe wedges. (A disaster for the newly pedicured toes!)

The attendants all looked at me sympathetically, asking me if I brought another sandal! Why would I go around in the malls wearing shoes and bringing another shoes?! I'm not that busy nor famous. I almost cried when I saw the colour on one toe was starting to smear when I just started trying to wear my shoes!

My sister bought me a cheap flip flops, in the end! So my toes were saved!

I wasn't so crazy about my fingernails colour yesterday, but it definitely grew on me since! So barbielike! I'd post the picture later on, since Blogger is messing about again. Ggrr.

Also! Just a random question, why has nobody ever told me about goat milk soap before? It smells absolutely amazing! (I warned you about this being random) But yeah, it smells very milky, a bit like Dove, just cheaper! I was bathing in it with my shower puffs and I still smell like milk! Wouldn't it be great if we all smell like milk? Hahaha.

So yeah. What else should I mention? Hmm, I'll post more pictures on the next post! (As if it needs more) But for the time being, have a great Sunday, you.


Blogger has been annoying me lately. Seriously, why the heck does the posting page keep messing about!?!

It's 5.22 freaking AM, I'm grumpy, tired, and in a serious need for sleep.


Okay, I know this is not a proper post. But didn't you just hear what I said?!

It's 5.26 bloody AM!!!!!

Slacktivists rally outside the Christadora plus more...

Yesterday was a weird day, but then again every day feels weird to me nowadays..In a good way though. I think it has to do with leaving town a lot, then coming back and hearing about all the craziness I missed while I was gone...and of course, having my own crazy adventures on my trips away from NYC..Anycooch, The first pic is my friend Dave wearing one of his DIY funny t-shirts..I gotta put Dave and his shirts up regularly as they are ever evolving!

The next photos are of the rally slacktivist John Penley(who is back in NYC ) organized outside of the Christadora House on Avenue B..Penley was demanding housing for homeless vets, as he is couch surfing since he got back into town..Jim Powers declined to show up to the event, as did Biker Bill who has been staying at a hotel in Staten Island much of the time lately..Bill has some biker parties and events going on this weekend so I guess he was out and about having fun somewhere..The guy I am standing next to with the Housing For People sign, is Richard A. who I briefly dated over 17 years ago..I haven't seen him since then and so my mind was freaking BLOWN seeing him at the rally! He didn't recognize me at first without the afro, buck teeth, glasses, etc I was sporting back then..There were reporters from The Villager and the NY Press there who took photos and such..

I wandered off to Union Square to watch people getting dismembered in creative ways in 3D, in The Final Destination which is playing at Union Square..and when I returned to Avenue A it was quite the night around Ray's..John Penley and Lincoln Anderson, editor of the paper The Villager, ended up drinking at Odessa Bar together..I took some pics of them and this couple whom I don't know, along with the nice bartender..The couple wanted their pic taken outside on the street, but there was such utter chaos out there..the pic ended up having a crowd of people in it like Marlene and a few others whom I don't know who were having fun on the street that night..I managed to refrain from drinking because I REALLY needed to sleep well last night which I finally did!


This is what I do when I'm bored. Not sleep (because I'm bored, not sleepy), not read (because I'm bored, not intellectually stimulated), not eat (because I'm bored, not starving), not watch (because I'm bored, not visually deprived),...shall we go on? Okay, better stop.

Yes, so you get the drift. Me. Bored. Home. Webcam. DISASTER!

And with the single most brilliant book I've ever read! I'm currently hooked on this! All 700 pages of it!

So preoccupied with other things, I should really WRITE again! Distractions distractions... excuses excuses!

BCM Bike Raffle

The good folks at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine have another fund-raising raffle underway, and they have asked us, as one of their affiliated clubs, to pass on the particulars of the raffle below to all our members (and anyone else perusing here). It's for a good cause, the odds of winning the bike are a heck of lot better than winning the lottery, and it would be pretty cool to own a bike that can stand up by itself on a thin dusting of snow - a lot cooler than mine, anyway.

Win A Custom, Maine-Made Bicycle!

The lucky ticket holder in the 2009 Bicycle Coalition of Maine Super Raffle will have the opportunity to own a truly custom bicycle and to choose the set up for road, touring or cyclocross riding. This Maine-made bicycle valued at more than $3,500 offers the ultimate in “green” transportation.

The frame, built and donated by Frank Bikes in Belfast, is a blend of premium, double-butted steel tubes from Dedacciai, Columbus, and True Temper. The beautiful, handmade frame will be custom-sized to the winner’s specifications, using silver-brazed lugged construction and precise custom machining. Frank Bikes will even allow the winner to view the bike during construction, including framed photos.

The component group, donated by Downeast Bicycles, is led by the ever-reliable Shimano 105 drivetrain. The winner will be able to choose from options for the bottom bracket, cassette, crankset and front derailleur.

Further customization is possible for the handlebar width (FSA*; 40, 42 or 44mm), stem length (FSA*; 90-120mm), bar tape color, and saddle (WTB*; men’s or women’s).

The rest of the build kit includes FSA* headset and seatpost, Mavic* Open Sport Rims with 105 hubs and Maxxis* Xenith tires.

The winner of this exciting, custom-made and custom-built bike will have the chance to order from a number of upgrades and options. Selected upgrades and extras will be billed at the shop’s retail cost, a great way of upgrading your new bicycle and bypassing some of the material and labor costs!

Who among us wouldn’t want to have a bike built just for him or her? Take a chance on that dream, and help support the Coalition’s efforts to make Maine a better place to bicycle at the same time!

How to Enter:
Tickets are $50 each, and no more than 250 tickets will be sold. All ticket sales will end on December 31, 2009 – or sooner if supplies run out.

Go to to purchase a ticket now or call 207.623.4511 to order over the phone. Act today so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Thanks To:
Frank Bikes (, Downeast Bicycle Supply (, and Bar Harbor Bike Shop ( for their sponsorship of this raffle.

* Brand specified or equivalent brand, based on availability at time of build.

Home, away from home

Things have been....craaaazzzyyyyy!!!

Not mental, senile-kinda crazy, but the insanely good kinda crazy! (How vague can I be?)

Well, I'm sure I've mentioned this piece of information excessively often before, and even if not, you've probably seen the valid evidence on facebook! (yes, the fact that suddenly there are way too many unimportant self-taken pictures of myself and a cuter littler version of me.)

Who, you ask?

Eh, I don't know. I found her on the street, she looked exactly like me, just cuter and more innocent-looking, so I decided to adopt her. She lives with me now.

(I have to apologize profusely about the pictures, we took those from her phone camera, and the action itself was surprisingly addictive. Before I knew it, we have taken probably 30 pictures of the same people, doing the same thing, smiling the same smile, posing the same pose. I thought she could just choose one or two good ones to put up on the site, but she uploaded them all! I was fully at blame too. I could have untagged myself, or stopped her from doing so, but well, shame on me.)

Speaking candidly, yeah, my dad and baby sister have been here since last week, and we got our hands full! Home was louder, more crowded, more festive, and more home than ever. I love it! During dinner out together, or even just a simple time spent together at home, I felt very blessed to have them as my family. I couldn't ask for better. We aren't perfect, but it's the most familiar kind of imperfection. Things about them I've grown up with, I'm accustomed to, I've understood without even trying, I've memorized by heart. It's very oddly comforting.

Dad has left yesterday evening, so it's all just us girls here. And Cous, of course, who surprisingly fit right in despite the high level of estrogen. He didn't complain even once. =p

So thus, it's been a great week and sorry for the absence! I'll be updating it more regularly again. I do have lots of other lame rants to spill!

The Ups & Downs of Industry

Alas, the remnants of Hurricane Bill put a damper on the ride in Alna last Sunday, although we plan to reschedule the ride the first Sunday in October. This week the Friday breakfast ride aims for the Olde Post Office Cafe in Mount Vernon. On Saturday the KVBC ride ventures northward to the pretty town of Industry with its funky architecture and the pristine Clearwater Pond (left) topped off with some spectacular ridgetop views (and perhaps an end of the ride stop at Gifford's Ice Cream). Hope to see you then!

Saturday, August 29th: FARMINGTON
"The Ups and Downs of Industry": a ride through the picturesque hills and hollows of Farmington, New Sharon, and Industry.
START: 9:00 A.M., at the Hannaford Plaza on Rt. 4 in Farmington, about a mile south from the junction of Rt. 4 and Rt. 27, towards Wilton. Park near the entrance to the shopping plaza.
DISTANCE: 25-30 miles.
TERRAIN: rolling to hilly - includes an optional short (1/4 mi.) section of hard-packed dirt road, which can be circumvented by adding a mile to the overall route.
HIGHLIGHTS: quiet back roads along the Sandy River, spectacular panoramic views from the ridgetops of New Sharon & Industry, Clearwater Pond at Allens Mills.
LEADER: Jim Merrick.

Post to Post on Posted Roads

Join us on Friday as we ride from the Post Office in Readfield to the Olde Post Office in Mount Vernon as part of the KVBC Two Wheels Over Easy breakfast ride series. It will be first class all the way...

Friday, August 28th - READFIELD
"Two Wheels Over Easy" - the KVBC Breakfast Ride series.
START: 8:00 AM in Readfield Center at the junction of Rt.17 and Rt.41; park in the lot behind the Post Office.
TERRAIN: moderate to moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS: breakfast at the Olde Post Office Cafe in Mount Vernon; some nice back roads in Readfield and Mount Vernon.
LEADER: Jim Merrick.

Condom Lady and Bicycle 80's Dance Party

The first pics are of the Condom Lady who bops around Tompkins Square park trying to give people condoms and dental dams..She then asks you for a donation..I really don't think she is affiliated with any outreach sex safety groups..She just somehow got all these NYC subway condoms..If you give her a dollar she gives you an oddly decorated NYC subway condom in a little paper package with a weird drawing on it..I collect them and it looks like the drawings are done by 4th graders who are told to draw an interpretation of what they think happens to you if you don't use a condom..This pic features a young girl sitting down and looking all depressed because maybe she has THE AIDS or THE CLAP or something..She looks about 5 years old.

The rest of the pics are from a drive-though 80's Dance party done by the group Time's Up..They ride their decorated awesome bicycles from park to park, then blast 80's dance music for about half an hour before driving off and repeating this again somewhere else..It's pretty fun, though I think it was too humid and hot to draw a crowd that day..About 20 people danced around to Flock of Seagulls and A-ha, with some park regulars from the chess tables wandering over at times to join in..At one point hotdog, me, and a few others joined hands and danced in a circle like we were dancing some traditional Jewish dance done at weddings..And a cute little boy joined in and seemed really happy about the whole thing..

Breakfast Ride Report - Litchfield

We took advantage of the great weather last Thursday to schedule a breakfast ride in Litchfield, courtesy of George Luckhurst. Due to the late notice, only two of us showed up at the start, but 'two cyclists' qualifies as an official ride in my book, so off we went. George had in mind a very pretty 18 mile loop through Litchfield and part of Gardiner. Traffic was light and the weather was perfect. We took some great back roads, passing the historic Litchfield fairgrounds among other sights.

The route also took us past Litchfield's two notable bakeries. The first, the Black Crow Bakery, is a very enticing establishment. Attached to a historic site with its own roadside historic marker, the Purington-Shorey Homestead, the Black Crow looks like a country bakery. Despite the sign advertising "Fresh Bread - Cookies - Pasteries" we showed great restraint by continuing past without stopping.

Instead, our destination was Litchfield's other bakery, the Litchfield Country Cafe, near the junction of Rt.126 and Hallowell Road. The Country Cafe is a small, cozy restaurant-bakery with perhaps a half-dozen tables inside and an active waiting area outside. We were fortunate to get a table without waiting, although the waitress, who knew George, suggested otherwise. All of the store's baked goods are prepared in house, ensuring both quality control and a steady stream of customers to the front door. Indeed, the raisin toast that came with my breakfast of eggs, corned beef hash, and homefries could well have made a meal in itself. Just as well that it didn't, as the hash was the best I've had on any ride I can recall. The meal was so substantial the waitress actually talked me down into ordering a half-side of homefries. Since it was her recommendation, I could leave with my reputation intact and still ride afterwards.

As it was, we only had a couple of miles to go back to the start. A very nice Two Wheels Over Easy ride. Now, we just have to go back and try out that other bakery...

Pics from Santa Cruz County..

These are just some nice pretty pics from the beaches by Santa Cruz..I really can't think of anything sarcastic or funny to say about was just really beautiful there and peaceful, but kinda chilly..
Some people had actually climbed that huge slippery rock and were hanging out there..Then John swore that we found the beach where they filmed the last scene in Planet of the he made me reenact it.."You maniacs! Damn you all to HELL!"

We saw Greyhound Rock which looked not a thing like a looked a bit like a bowel movement that Jerry Garcia once had in the early 70's..I think it may be mentioned in that song "Shakedown Street." Just a bit of trivia there for you!

Anyhooch, had a fun show tonight at Jalopy with Dom Flemons, even in this muggy sauna of a weekend..We play the Complete Red Fox Chasers CD release party at Banjo Jim's on September 12th..

And it will be back to NYC blogging this week..including Crazy Condom Lady in Tompkins and a short drive-thru bicycle 80's dance party!

Sunday's Ride in Alna Postponed

Due to high winds and rain this morning's KVBC ride in Alna has been postponed. The ride has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, October 4th.

Meanwhile, stay dry and stay tuned for next week's ride.

More Cali...

I got tons more pics from California..I couldn't seem to stop taking photos because i was all nostalgic..The top one is by Santa Cruz train tracks..We drove along Route 1 to all the really nice beaches and redwoods and stuff..Then drove way up into the clouds when we took a wrong turn...It was beautiful but that road is kinda scary at night so we kinda had to turn around and go back to SF before dark..The mural is just at Coit Tower..I love the old paintings in there...Speaking of murals..Is that not the fucking CREEPIEST HOOTERS ad ever? They look like mutants sent to planet earth to eat your soul with their gigantic robotic evil hooters!

Then the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf were really cute..and loud and smelly..much like the girls at that ALIEN POD called HOOTERS we ate at every day!

Then I dropped by the old cracked out hotel I used to live at many years ago..It was all rebuilt with fancy glass, but it was on Mason and Eddy and some guy came out and tried to get me to go because he thought I was a hooker..Hmmp..They would never do that to me at SPACE BEAST HOOTERS!

Then back at our hotel, they had a "vintage" vibe with a piano in the lobby which was probably just for show..but Blind Boy Paxton played the hell out of it and somehow found another guest at the hotel to play sax too when he was left alone down there for 5 minutes..The joint was jumpin' until they asked us to shut the hell up. Everyone's a critic!

Then we see the Quit Your Whoring now guy who has been on Market St. with the same damn sign for like 3 decades..He is really homophobic and horrid but I was so happy to see him! I used to go by and yell at him every morning as part of my daily routine..I took a pic with him that looks exactly like a pic I have with him 15 years ago..I assured him I have not yet quit all my whoring. He nodded like he could tell..Ahhh, the mammaries!

Then I found some nice pics of us from the jug fest at Golden Gate on few group shots when Meredith Axelrod, Blind Boy, and Robert Armstrong sat in with us for a few was instant jug band!
Maybe i'll post the Santa Cruz ones up too..They are pretty neat.