Stacked Snow Woman and some assorted shiznit.

It is STILL snowing here in the grey and puddly apple..At least it's warmer and the blizzards are kinda fun..I've given up being in denial about how awful this winter is and put on snowboots so I can go out and play in Tompkins..I haven't been hibernating at all..going out too much really, but no wandering the streets talking to random people like I love doing in the spring and summer..though I did get a bikini line wax today. Yeah, IT FREAKING HURT LIKE HELL! Us Jews are hairy and shaving gives me a i don't even have to shower!

Anydrizzle, Here are a few pics of snow fun at the park..A womanly snowwoman, and some weird caves and igloos abounded there..Some people were just piling snow up as high as they could in a huge ball..Snow does turn everyone into kids again. Except if you work on Wall Street and your car is encased in ice! Buy Buy Sell Sell! But your SUV is still stuck sucka! At least I spent all my dough on hair removal..probably what DoomBerg was getting done last blizzard..

Speaking of Wall Street..Some young entrepreneur must have thrown in the towel cause that little kit and a fancy black bag and other weird things were in the lobby of my building being thrown away. Har!

Then some signage on the subway..and me and my prized leg lamp..even the leg lights up!

Well, I think Ray's Candy Store is in dire straights again..i'll be stopping by there soon to see what's what and report back. Every business is dead around here but the bars and some restaurants are jam packed full of people screaming and yelling like animals let loose from their cages. And girls still are tottering around in heels! In 10 inch snowbanks! One fell when I was out earlier and started crying. I didn't have the heart to snap a pic..See how nice I am? Awww..

KVBC 2011 Ride Schedule

Ahh, the Bike Boom years. I came across this great blast-from-the-past image in the Time/Life photo archive, dating from 1971. Hard to believe that was 40 years ago! And what a great ensemble of groovin' Mod Squad cyclistas, ready to roll. Pre-index shifting, pre-suspension, pre-computer, pre-helmet - pretty much pre-everything. Didn't stop them at all. And check out those retro jerseys! Looks like some of those jerseys have double breast pockets. You might still find a bike from that era, but you're not likely to come across one of those jerseys any time soon. I've found some old bike jerseys in bike shop bargain bins, but nothing like those. If you know where there's a stash of them, let me know. It'd be great to try and recreate this photo sometime, perhaps on one of the rides we have coming up this year...

Here is the 2011 preliminary ride schedule for the Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club. We still have a few open dates to fill, and I am expecting that we will have a few more rides to add as we get closer to spring. If you have a favorite ride that you would like to share, map it out, pick a date, and let me know the details. Many, many thanks to all of you who signed up to lead a ride. We have some really interesting rides in store, and here's hoping that the weather will be just perfect for all of them. Here in winter, with a thick snow pack and sub-zero temperatures, we're allowed to hope for perfect weather, since just about anything would be perfect by comparison, so we're not askin' much. Except maybe for one of those jerseys.

Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club 2011 Ride Calendar

April 23 (Saturday) – KVBC Wake Up the Earth Ride, 10:00 AM, Wayne Elementary School, Wayne, 25 mi. Road; leader: Frank Rosen.

April 30 (Saturday) – KVBC Three Lakes Tour, 9:30 AM, Tom’s Bike Boutique, East Winthrop, 25 mi. Road; leader: Denise Crowell.

May 7 (Saturday) – KVBC Manchester in May, 9:30 AM, Manchester Elementary School, Manchester, 23 mi. Road; leader: Jim Merrick.

May 21 (Saturday) – KVBC Tour of Litchfield, 9:30 AM, Purgatory Village, Litchfield, 25 mi. Road; leader: George Luckhurst.

May 28 (Saturday) – KVBC Single Chainring Tour, 8:30 AM, Lunch Pad Restaurant, Livermore, 25 mi. Road; leader: Frank Rosen.

June 11 (Saturday) – KVBC Cobbossee Odyssey, 9:00 AM, Tom’s Bike Boutique, East Winthrop, 25-30 mi. Road; leader: Cynthia Snow.

June 25 (Saturday) – KVBC Capital Breakfast Ride, 8:00 AM, Hussey Elementary School, Augusta, 25 mi. Road; leader: Connie Brown.

July 2 (Saturday) – KVBC Fourth of July Ride, 9:00 AM, James H. Bean Elementary School, Sidney, 25 mi. Road; leader: Jim Putnam.

July 16 (Saturday) – KVBC Biking to Bowdoinham, 10:00 AM, Laura Richards School, Gardiner, 40-45 mi. Road; leader: Joe Renda.

July 24 (Sunday) – KVBC Eleven Ponds Ride, 9:00 AM, Mount Vernon Post Office, Mount Vernon, 30 mi. Road; leader: Jim Merrick.

August 13 (Saturday) - Ken's Hot Dog Ride, 9:00 AM, Wings Mills (Mt. Vernon), 25-30 miles Road, Ken Louis.

August 21 (Sunday) – KVBC Alna Alternative, 9:30 AM, Alna Post Office, Alna, 20-25 mi. Road; leader: Sandi Hodge.

August 27-28 (Saturday & Sunday– KVBC Downeast Sunrise Trail, Time TBD, Ellsworth, 30-40 mi per day, one or two day ride (overnight option) on packed gravel surface to explore the new trail; Dave Wood.


I'm scared that I'm not good enough for you. I'm scared that you see my many imperfections. I'm scared that I'm not worth keeping.

You're afraid that I may look somewhere else. You're afraid your sense of humour is beginning to bore me. You're afraid I'm never going to let you in.

Can we just drop our worries and fear and stop thinking for a second? And who knows, we might have gotten somewhere.

What I learn from my waitressing job.

Adopting a robotic smile
Saying 'thank you' even when you were given rubbish
Looking perky even though my outfits were drowning me. (think: oversized shirt and an even bigger apron)
Carrying a number of bowls of ramen at one-go
Pouring hot-plate sauce
Checking out cute customers
Working a 12-hour shift
Socializing with chefs
Sweeping and mopping floors daily
Checking out cute customers
Acting busy in front of the owner
Knowing the menu inside out 'til the sight of a big hot bowl of ramen made me slightly nauseous.
Checking out cute customers
Checking out cute customers

Oops, wait. I said that already.

Shameless Dance

So it's day 2 in "Let's Write Everyday" Challenge. Haha, nah. I think labeling it as a challenge is just making it doomed to fail. I don't like labels, ha!

Anyway, I want to share with you this weird thing happening to me last night. I was suddenly hit with an intense epiphany, so strong and overpowering that I started dancing around the house shamelessly much to everyone's horror.

I started with a dance around my room accompanied with an Olly Murs' track I couldn't get enough of these days, and then my sister came home from work so I proceeded swaying and pulling off dorky dance moves across the living and dining room like a spastic.

I don't know, but I was just so happy without reason and I get hyper when I'm happy. If I have to explain it, perhaps these were the contributing factors of my sudden epiphany:

1.I was really, really excited of coming home this weekend and it was just 5 days away!

2.I just finished watching The Sweetest Thing on cable tv; the one with Cameron Diaz. It was a total feel-good chick lit movie which made you feel like you've just wasted an hour of your live, yet, for some weird reason, it cheered you up and you enjoyed it tremendously (although you wouldn't admit it to your date.)

3.I was currently obsessed with this Olly Murs' song and it was such an easy-listening, feel-good track you couldn't help but to sway to.

I guess it was a combination of them all, so I was just really, really happy last night. My sisters and cousin looked at me like I was crazy, but it wasn't the first time I danced around the house or behaved like I'm 10 years old, so they were quite forgiving and less judgmental.

If I could be this happy and high everyday, who needs booze anymore, seriously?

Writing and M. Night Shyamalan.

You: "Can you promise me one thing?"
Me: "Yeah, what is it?"
You: "Promise me that you would write everyday."
Me: "What am I gonna write about everyday?"
You: "Anything. Just anything you feel like writing. it."

I don't know if this is gonna take me anywhere. I lack of commitment just as it is. But I'm gonna try..for at least a week? Haha.

I feel like talking about DEVIL today. I've been apprehensive to see it since it was out in the cinema because I hate, and just hate, horror movies. I'm the perfect epitome of a panicked, dramatic and jumpy audience who would probably pee her pants every time a scary scene or a sudden noise comes out in the screen. I hate being afraid and I'm not afraid to show it.

But you know, as a follower of M. Night Shyamalan, one should know that he never made horror movies just out of the desire to scare the audience off. The difference is that he always, always have a scary story to begin with. So he doesn't really have to do much about it. Good chance that we would pee our pants ourselves after realizing what happened, if that makes sense?

I really like how the story unfold. It left you guessing right from the beginning. The concept was simple: five persons trapped in the elevator, and one of them was the Devil. There's a reason why these people were there, though, although it seemed random at first: they were no angels. They were flawed: one a liar, a thief, you know, things like that.

In a way, it was like the devil wanted to punish them for their mistakes. He took their lives; these people who didn't own up to their faults.

As a kid, my sisters and I liked reading mystery comics, and there was one author that we really liked. I think she's made a story out of something similar like this. If I'm not mistaken, there were people trapped in the lift too, and they ended up killing each other. When the police finally opened the door, everyone died, and there was this cockroach coming out of the elevator. This cockroach turned out to be the devil, and as it slipped out, he said, "Hmm. I didn't even do anything. I just accidentally touched someone in there, and they ended up killing each other by themselves.."

The morale of the story? Sometimes people are bad enough by themselves.

The movie ended with a little line that goes like this: "My mother always told me not to fear the Devil, because if the Devil is real, than God must be real too."

Gave me chills.

New CD is up for pre-order and Robert Crumb's 78's for sale on Ebay!

Hello pals and gals! I have returned at last..Soooo..some interesting news is that John is now selling Robert Crumb's 78rpm duplicates and overstock on Ebay. There are many many rare records in the genre's of jazz, blues, country, cajun, and all kinds of obscure ethnic records. John will be doing this on and off for a while. If you're a Crumb fan, Robert often writes notes and personal comments about the records on their that's kinda cool in and of itself if you are a fan/collector..My handwriting at its best looks like monkey scribbles compared to Robert's.

Also, our new CD Be Kind To A Man When He's Down is now up for pre-order on Amazon..Did I link this already? I can't remember..I don't think I did. Well, anybetty, I will upload some pics of a 78, a note on one of the sleeves as an example..Here are John's EBAY LISTINGS.

The first pic is of the amazing artwork for our new CD which you can pre-order HERE. Crumb plays mandolin on more than half of the tracks, and Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Pat Conte of The Otis Brothers also play on a few songs!

Rx.: caffeine

"Espresso: Euphoria without the unsightly track marks."

yerba mate, in a traditional gourd with a bombilla filter-straw, drunk throughout S. America as a therapeutic and culinary delight

Caffeine: the very word conjures up opinions almost as strong as the coffee that contains it. However, when venturing more into the topic of caffeine and athletic performance enhancement, its not that simple. There are a variety of opinions from top coaches of various sports, as to when it becomes friend or foe during training.

If you look judiciously at the history of caffeine, you begin to find that it almost comes second runner up to "man's best friend." But when can it help? When can it harm? Are there things which can bring out caffeine's best qualities while mitigating its negative ones?

The answer is to be found (like most questions regarding substances such as herbs) in the old adage of homeopathy: "The same substance can heal or cause the same symptoms." Let's look more clearly at what that means.

What this says, in regards to caffeine, is that it can cause insomnia in one dosage, but treat insomnia in another dosage. Think this is impossible? Know of anyone with insomnia? Have them consult a naturopathic physician about the option of partaking homeopathic Coffea Cruda. You will notice a difference within the first night.

What does this mean to the performance athlete? That coffee is not necessarily bad or good. In fact, studies support caffeine being a valuable enhancement to one's training regime.

If you've read "Born To Run," by Christopher McDougall then you are familiar with the concept of the ultra-runner. Yes, we see them in our own society. They continue to amaze us with their endurance. However, if you look at tribal societies, you will realize that ultra-runners were, in fact, a necessity for many cultures. From the chasquis of Peru, to the !Kung-Saan bushmen of the Kalahari. For messages to reach far distances, either from the King, or from one village to another, there was no choice. Someone had to do it, and it needed to be done, post-haste. If you look at the map of the ancient Incan kingdom, you will see that it, at its height, was an empire of up to 9 million people. For the king, to reach his message to the stretch of his kingdom, a chasqui would be brought to task to run along the "Inca Trail" to deliver this message along the ancient "highway."

An Incan "chasqui"

Medical Anthropology was the degree I obtained in my undergraduate. Anthropology is the study of culture, while medical anthropology is the specific, in-depth, study of culture and how it views, utilizes, and obtains its nutrition and medicine.

If we look at various tribes, in various parts of the world, from the Q'uechua of Peru to the nomadic bedouin of the Sahara, you will come to the conclusion that they each had a drink or "nectar of the gods," which gave them extra stamina and strength during times of need. I have yet to see a drink, which provided stamina, over the centuries for a people that didn't contain caffeine of some sort. In Arabic and north African cultures this takes the form of coffee. In other parts of the world, a tea (either black or green), but you will notice a theme: it contains caffeine.

espresso beans

Let's look even more in-depth now, on what comes with the drink. Typically some type of digestive aid, or carminative. Example: Turkish coffee with a dash of rose water (a digestive aid). If you go to the middle east they will offer you a smidge of ground cumin on top of your coffee. In Europe, its a dash of cinnamon. What is the nature and purpose of these herbs? How do they synergistically assist the coffee? An herbalist will tell you that herbs should be used with purpose. This does not exclude culinary. Herbs are medicinal. That's why, when used with awareness, herbs used in cooking or beverages change the nature of the food. They provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. They enhance not only of the flavor of the food, but the digestion of it as well. Its almost like "cooking alchemy." This is no less true for beverages.

Cultures around the globe have, through careful observation, noticed the benefits, but also the burdens of caffeine on the body. How to negate the burdens? Herbs. Here's how: dash an anti-flatulent on the top (or mix it in) with your beverage.

In Ayurvedic medicine cardamon is said to be the most potent herb to not only enhance caffeine's benefits, but negate its burdens. Here's what I do: I buy a bottle of therapeutic-grade, organic cardamon essential oil. 1 drop is all you need in your latte to not only make it taste good, but to negate any "jitters." Voila! Its wonderful tasting too. For an even better latte? Try adding some cinnamon and nutmeg (digestive herbs) also. The combination is excellent. I sprinkle a dash of vanilla-flavored stevia, & you have a chai-smelling cup of deliciousness.

Why go to all the trouble? Because caffeine does have benefits. Yes, you read that right. What does it do for us exactly? First of all, it acts as a cholegogue. A cholegogue is a substance that effectively regulates bile. This is particularly important for people who have a hereditary issue of digesting fats, and/or breaking down acids. Many herbs considered "liver tonics" or "liver cleansing" in nature do this same function: dandelion root, artichoke leaf, burdock root, milk thistle, lotus leaf, etc.

Unless you're planning on ingesting one or more of the above herbs daily, then caffeine is generally the preferred bile stimulant by most.

Dr. D'amo's famous "blood type diet," actually suggests that blood type A's benefit the most from coffee, and other caffeine containing substances, due to a pattern he viewed over time: that blood type A's have troubles digesting fats. Due to the nature of the above therapeutic benefits expounded upon, we may well see how a caffeinated beverage could assist with this dilemma.

Another recent concept, looking further at the issue of "Caffeine: friend or foe" is the issue of acidity. Recent studies further support that its not the caffeine that ends up being harmful, but the acids themselves, contained within the coffee, black tea, etc.

Again, carminative (digestive) herbs help "buffer" acids against the delicate lining of the G.I. tract. They, in a sense, do "damage control" with every cup. There are options of "low acid" coffee available on the market. Personally, I haven't found one that has a desirable taste for me.

I'll let you in on a secret: espresso has less acid than regular coffee. You're better off drinking it. The Europeans rarely drink a brand like "Folgers." Other cultures have called them "coffee snobs." Perhaps they've realized something we haven't? That espresso is less acidic, and you get more bang-for-your-buck when your body is actually able to digest what is being taken in. In addition you need less to get the same effect as a full mug of "joe." We would do well to mimic the Italian and French love of espresso. They savor it with each delicious sip.

Another 'lil secret I learned while I was in France: if you're going to have your espresso, coffee or caffeinated tea, have it with dessert.

espresso con panna

Why have it with dessert? Coffee lowers blood sugar. When is this helpful? With diabetes, one of the biggest ailments of our country. This is why you're seeing, "trickling" down in the news, studies on coffee's benefits. Most of them are pertaining to high blood sugar, which really could be considered an epidemic in our culture. So, by drinking an espresso with your piece of cake, its almost like a - and a + canceling each other out, as far as your blood sugar is concerned. This is why the Europeans have "dessert and coffee." Smart people.

This discussion could go on for a long time. We could divide it into many parts: which is better tea or espresso? which green tea is the most therapeutic? when is caffeine appropriate during endurance races? Fair-trade coffee vs. organic? Shade grown vs. not?

Here's a thought: I would speak with your local owner of your favorite coffee shop. Ask them about the various acidity contents of a variety of coffee they serve. Talk to them about where its grown. Ask them about whether they support "Fair Trade," where the farmers (who are mostly in third world countries) get a fair wage for their hard-labor.

My favorite espresso shop in Bend is "Bellatazza." Stewart Fritchman, the owner, loves talking about his coffee, his journey abroad to find the finest, and what goes into every cup. Support your local coffee shop, & drink in the benefits. Don't forget to add a dash of cardamon, nutmeg and cinnamon too ;-}

"I'm only as strong as the coffee I drink, & the hairspray I use." ~Mae West

Mars Bar, Jalopy pic, and LES Jewels brings the Rock.

Well, this new year is starting off with a bang..already overload of hijinks and oddities..My main goals are to write more, learn guitar, drink more wine, have less hangovers and to become rich and famous and loved by around 4-6 weeks or so. I like to think realistically so I don't get my hopes up too high by setting unattainable standards.

I saw a lot of old friends this week who were in town for a benefit show in Greenpoint..Got pulled over by cops in brooklyn, took an hour to get home...BUT had a fun NY moment when homeless guy came through the subway car singing Elton John's "Your Song" and all 8 of us joined in for the whole ride..then danced out of the car singing Lean on Me..Guy looked kinda happy/confused but got some money from us..Kinda made up for having to go to the land of Brooklyn. Cannibals live out there!

Here are some pics of a party at Csquat..LES Jewels took to the stage to sing..something..guy was putting a rat in his mouth sort of..had fun dance party til 6am til I got tired and went home..The other pics are of a guy trying to get down and dirty at Mars Bar but being pulled off the bar right away..and one nice pic of me at Jalopy after a show..with John, Ari Eisinger, Pat Conte, Ernesto and Frankie..had to put one normal photo in there..

Work is so dead..not one call to do any background even, though I did audition for a prostitute and a goth girl part in short film..No call yet though..sigh..If someone would give me the chance I know I could a funny, freaky kind of role of course. Every time I go on an audition I have fun just getting to act for the three people watching and filming me..Eh, gotta work at it more I guess..or kiss some ass and shmooze which I won't do. THEY MUST COME TO ME! Anyhoot..enjoy!

I miss you.

When I was still in school and living back home, every time I was sick, I would just lay down and sleep in my room for hours until I heard my mom coming in. She would turn on the light, and feel my forehead. She would sit by me and ask me how I was feeling, and she would know exactly what to do.

She’s say, “Tin, let’s go to the doctor. Get ready, okay?” and she would accompany me to the doctor even though she just came back from work herself.

I miss those times when I could just be a ‘child’, and have someone take care of me. In any circumstances, my mom always knew what to do. She told me that I shouldn’t take a shower at night when I was having a fever. She knew what to do when I was having pain in my stomach, when there were marks and itches in my skin, when my nose was bleeding, and every other possible scenario. I trust her with all my life.

She never failed to be there for me whenever I needed anything. She was the most selfless person I knew and I really missed her. I miss her every single day, and I really, really miss her when I get sick because it reminds me how it would be if she was still around.

My sister is the next best thing. She’s becoming a mother figure that my little sister and I look up to. She just accompanied me to the doctor and in that simple gesture, she reminded me of our mom, and then I realized that I’m never truly alone.

It’s too late to beg you not to take my mom away from me. But please. Don’t ever, ever take anyone else in my life. They are all I have.


For Tom Hansen, this was the night where everything changed. That wall Summer so often hid behind - the wall of distance, of space, of casual - that wall was slowly coming down. For here was Tom, in her world... a place few had been invited to see with their own eyes. And here was Summer, wanting him there. Him, no one else.

Yeah, we rock this way.

Snippets of discussion after seeing "Inception".

Sis I: "I the word 'inception' ever used in real life? What's the verb of 'inception'? To inceive? Usually we use the verb "to conceive"; they have the same meaning."

Me: "Because the movie wouldn't be so cool anymore if it's called "Conception", would it? People would think it's some kind of chick flick about a pregnant woman or something.."

Sis II: "Yeah! And the producers would make the sequel for the movie, called "Contraction."


The Journey of Ernie

Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue, who makes more than $324,000 per year, irritated lottery commission members last year when he didn't know that the Legislature passed a bill that rolled money from unclaimed prizes into scholarships instead of the marketing budget. A state audit later detailed thirteen areas in which the lottery's books weren't kept correctly or procedures weren't followed. Who knows why Arkansas thought Passailaigue deserved a salary that is $100,000 more per year than the same job he was doing in South Carolina.

The 2010 Arkansas Million Dollar Raffle is also a bust. The lottery commission keeps running the same television commercial over and over ad nauseam. However, it would explain why Passailaigue was trying to funnel extra money into the marketing budget.

The ten dollar price tag was supposed to be overshadowed by the better odds of winning a million dollar prize.  The lottery website said the drawings could be held as early as September 2010. Even though the website doesn't tell us how many tickets still need to be sold, I have a ticket purchased in June. I assume it will be a while longer.

Last December, the legislative panel that oversees the Arkansas lottery said it is considering a move to reduce scholarship award amounts by ten percent. What an idea, but I have another one. Cut the lottery administrations salary by ten percent and keep the scholarships as promised.

Tunes from Saturday at Jalopy plus new Crumb artwork!

Here are a bunch of videos from Saturday's Night of Country Guitar at Jalopy Theater..So happy people came out in the cold cold cold for the show! Cause we played with Ari Eisenger who is amazing, and Pat Conte, AND the Little Brothers..Man, it was fun! I'm such an amateur but it inspires me to play with people this good..makes me keep practicing guitar though it's frustrating as hell..I get mad if I can't be good at something immediately..

ALSO, our brand new FUCKING SLAMMIN' artwork by Crumb came in the mail today! I'll upload a pic..We have two gigs with Robert in March..and Ari and Pat and the talented Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops will be playing too..I was hungover today after a fun, crazy night but that artwork made my hangover go away..


And then I felt sad because I realized that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t ever be fixed, and this is something nobody ever tells you when you are young and it never fails to surprise you as you grow older as you see the people in your life break one by one. You wonder when your turn is going to be, or if it’s already happened.

From somewhere within.

I don't think I will ever understand you but I suppose that's for the best. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I can read you like a book. I always like being in control, especially when it comes to my feelings, but right now you're making me wonder. I'm drawing a blank.

There were times when I was sure I wasn't imagining things and that it would be impossible for you not to see it too. And then you turned around and undoed everything.

Everytime we got closer, it was almost like I just met you for the first time and we had to build our relationship all over again.

I wonder if this is just a wall that you try to build to keep people away, but then let me ask you this. Why do you want to keep people away? To be independent?

Loneliness is underrated. There is nothing more hurtful than feeling completely alone.

Even though we all strive to be an independent being, who doesn't want to be loved?

It's alright though for now. I don't mind doing it again and again if that's what you want. I guess there are moments when I feel like it's worth it. You're worth it.

I like me when I'm with you. You remind me how important friendship is. Friendship is the foundation of a relationship, and not the other way around. You remind me how fun it is talking and spending time with friends without worrying about any ulterior motives.

I like my dorky, lame self when I'm with you, because you tell it to my face that I'm being lame. Sometimes at the most unexpected moments, you would look at me and say something sweet that would leave me grinning for days.

But you should know that I value you as a friend more than anything. So nothing's gonna happen, I promise. The next move is yours.

To Summer.

I love how she makes me feel, like anything's possible, or like life is worth it. - Tom.

I can't speak Chinese, now move on.

I have learnt to accept that I'm not gifted when it comes to being Chinese. I wasn't raised in a particularly Chinese culture, and the only Chinese thing I have ever done is probably asking for ang pao during Chinese New Year. But I doubt that counts for much.

The thing is, I'm not in touch with my Chinese heritage, so what? Big deal. I wish people would stop making a fuss about it and just accept the fact that not ALL Chinese-looking people know what yung sheng is, or what Seven Lunar Month represents.

(Honestly, I still have no idea.)

As if I'm not bombarded with a high dose of Chineseness on a daily basis, (if it were a drug, I would have been overdosed) today is a day that one particular Chinese person decided to get on my nerve during lunch.

See, let me give you a little background. My default look these days consist on a clueless, blank, confused and helpless look. It just rotates between these four, so take a pick. Sometimes I don't have any idea what is happening around me or what's being discussed until I have to ask for a translation. Well, to be fair, normally I don't really mind this, because that means that the things they discuss don't really concern me, thus, I don't need to know. And with the amount of work I have these days, well, let's just say that it's a good thing.

Seriously. Sometimes I would fear having clients or office people call me on my mobile because that means something is wrong and in need for my attention. These days I would probably jump in shock or have an extreme anxiety attack everytime my phone rings!

So I'm taking it like a man; being the odd one out.

If I don't even mind being one, then why wouldn't some people just let it rest? Alright, so back to my story. This afternoon during lunch I went down with a colleague of mine. We grabbed a packet of lunch and as I was about to sit, a Chinese person approached and started talking in gibberi..ops, I mean, Chinese.

I looked at him blankly, with the hope that he would be smart enough to read my expression. But of course this would be asking too much. He continued babbling and I let him finish his long sentence before I finally said, "I don't speak Chinese."

He looked at me in amusement and I decided to ignore him, hoping for a peaceful, undisturbed lunch. Apparently this was too much to ask again, because not long after, he approached me again and said, "Oh, oh, where you from? Malaysia? Philippines? Myanmar?"

Can't he see that I was having my lunch? And I had been asked this hundreth of times before that it was really starting to get old.

I gave him a 'shut up' look but he continued mentioning some other country names. So I said, "Indonesia", and went back to face my food although I had lost my appetite. "Oh! Indonesia!" he exclaimed as if I just told him I won a Nobel Prize.

Double sigh. Seriously, he then still had the nerves to ask me why an Indonesian couldn't speak Chinese, and why I looked Chinese in the first place, you know, yada yidi yada, I could already memorize the script by heart.

First, ask where I'm from, then which part of Indonesia, then how come I can't speak Chinese. Man.

You think I failed to see myself in the mirror every morning and realized that yes, I do have slanted eyes, that yes, I am Chinese? I know I am one, but that doesn't automatically mean I can speak the language, and even if it does just by basic assumption, why is it such a big deal when you finally find out that I can't?

At this point, I completely stopped eating, and after less than 15 minutes downstairs, I asked my colleague to just go back upstairs.

In retrospect, I should've just answered "Zimbabwe" or something, when he asked me where I was from. Then maybe he would shut up.

Upstairs, my colleague and I were still talking and she told me a story of what happened a few weeks back. Our office has a unisex restroom which means it is shared by both the men and ladies. Normally, we have to wear our slippers into the bathroom so we would know if someone is inside by the missing pair of slippers outside. This signals that we ought to wait until the person is out, and then we'll get out turn.

Simple enough, right?

See a pair of missing slippers. Means someone is inside. Means, wait and don't come in!

One time, my colleague was inside. You know, being ladies, sometimes we don't just go to the restroom to pee. Sometimes after doing our business, we spend some time examining our face in the mirror, look for any signs of aging (or acne), or silly things like that. But that's our thing, alright? And we should be spared another minute of privacy.

And then suddenly the door barked open and a Chinese guy came in, even though he should have seen that someone was inside. He saw my colleague standing in front of the mirror and asked the dumbest question, "What are you doing?"

At this point as she was telling the story, my colleague yelled in frustration, and she told me that she was this close to actually tell the male colleague to go and f*** himself!

Of course this has nothing to do with him being Chinese, but he happens to be one. And sorry, we can't help it.

KVBC Ride Planning Meeting and Pizza Fest

We had a wonderful New Year's Day ride last Saturday in Hallowell. The roads were clear and even dry in sections - not messy at all, and traffic was very light. With the clouds moving in, I'm not sure if the temperature actually got up to 50 degrees, but it was very pleasant for January 1st - even if I was overdressed. We rode out Town Farm Road towards Litchfield, and explored some back roads on our way back to Hallowell, just over 14 miles in all. It wasn't until we got back to Hallowell that I suddenly realized that we had to climb a very difficult hill up Winthrop Street back to the ride start at the Hall-Dale School. I had completely forgotten it. Oh, fudge. Turned out it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. It was worse. Oh well, at least Duane was very good natured about it. Have to remember to consider the entire route next time I make up a ride at the last minute.
We will have our annual KVBC ride planning get-together at the BCM's Augusta office on Thursday, January 20th, for pizza and planning. Let me know if you can come, and if you can't make it and have a ride in mind to lead, let me know as well. See you then!

Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club Planning Meeting
Thursday, January 20, 2011, 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Bicycle Coalition of Maine Headquarters
341 Water Street (2nd Floor), Augusta

The BCM Offices are at the beginning of Water Street as you come off the circle, and there is a free parking lot across the street. Map & directions can be found at the BCM website:, 623-4511.
Purpose of meeting is to put together the KVBC ride calendar for the year. We will also discuss holding other events and get-togethers, possible joint events with other clubs, and other KVBC issues.
Pizza and other refreshments will be served. All members and interested individuals are welcome to attend.
The Kennebec Valley Bicycle Club (KVBC) is a recreational road riding club located in the central Maine capitol district. An all-volunteer club, the KVBC offers weekend rides on scenic local cycling routes designed by its members. Most of the club's rides start within a 30-mile radius of Augusta, with some further afield. KVBC rides vary in distance and terrain, and are intended to offer regional day tours that will appeal to riders of different abilities. Riders are free to ride at their own pace - non-members and newcomers are welcome. Helmets and signed waivers are required for all participants at KVBC cycling events. Annual membership dues - $10 for individuals, $15 for households - are collected in early April to raise funds for the club's liability insurance and its affiliate membership in support of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine (BCM). KVBC rides and events are posted on the BCM's events calendar (both on-line and hard copy versions), with further details distributed by e-mail to everyone on the club's free contact list. If you are in our area and are interested in participating in a KVBC scheduled ride, please feel free to join us!

Fun at Mars..before impending closing..and gigs!

The blizzard was kinda awful and fun a few weeks ago..I like that the city was shut down-it was weirdly deserted and so quiet..I still went out because the places I go to are close to where I live..It took me about 45 minutes to walk to Bowery Poetry Club..and I kept falling in snow drifts and really couldn't get up-not like that old lady on TV who is obviously faking it! YEAH-I'M ON TO YOU BITCH!! You CAN get up and you freakin' know it lazy asstaintfakerliarpants!

Sorry about that folks..I really don't like winter and can't wait til it's over..14 more weeks! Yay! Anysniff, here are some pics from a small snowboulder fight at Mars Bar the other week..They were not snow balls, they were boulders bigger than my head..twice the hilarity!

Later the bar was really clean like it had been freshly mopped 100 times..Some black sludge was in a cup for a joke and people tasted it on a bet..I'm sure it was chock full of....AIDS..

Got a gig tomorrw at Jalopy Theater but with the weather and some big sports game going on I have little hope of it being crowded..BUT we do have two big gigs with Crumb coming up in March..One at jalopy and one at the Society of Illustrator's museum..if you go to their website and click on special events you can already buy tickets..There's a special exhibit of rare Crumb art and we are going to play with Robert and other great musicians for 3 hours while the gallery is open..My Parental Units will be there..drunk I hope and horrifyingly embarrassing again!

Thank You.

Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose.

The Plan.

Here goes.

2011's New Year's Resolutions:

I will work just as hard this year and the only way to go is up.

I will learn to say 'no'. I read a self-improvement article that when you say 'yes' to other people, at times you are saying 'no' to yourself.

I will remember that happiness is a choice. How you spend a day and how you choose to live your life is in your control.

I will surround myself with friends, and put them as a better priority in my life.

I will go to Hong Kong just like I've been wanting to.

I will visit Europe and immerse myself in an entirely different culture.

I will buckle up and get in shape, and run a marathon.

I will not stop writing.

I will start "A Year in Pictures" project and complete it by the end of the year.

I will continue to weigh 50 kgs and not a pound more.

I will try eating at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant because I've been a fan.

I will be creative and learn a new skill. It can be an art class, or maybe I'll learn sailing or driving a powerboat.

And I will continue being me and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I will stop worrying so much about what other people think, and just do things that make me happy. I will have fun and be open to opportunities, possibilities, and chances.

I will not make unrealistic new year's resolutions so these are all. :)

Happy new year, everyone, and I hope 2011 will be kind. ♥

Crazy Fire on East 4th St and 2nd Ave!

So I go to buy my favorite crackcorn Little Lad herbal corn with nutritional yeast and stuff in it..and my local favorite overpriced bodega has massive amounts of smoke coming from it! A huge apartment fire apparently..don't know why or how or where it started..but everyone was climbing down the fire escapes in the back of the building to get out of there..I think everyone got out safely from what I can tell when I asked the firemen..Tons of cops, EMT's etc are on the scene..Here are some pics I took..and one of east 5th st..the smoke was filling up the whole neighborhood and everyone stopped what they were doing to see what was going on..

Very scary and I feel bad for the residents! However, I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching this awful the guy who came up to me and we had this great little conversation:

Guy: "You work at a bar round here right? I always see you.."

Me: "No, I don't work in a bar. This fire is fucking nuts!"

Guy: "What's your name?"

Me: "Pee Pee Mcgee."

Guy: "So..You like to party?"

Me:"Wha!? Look at this FIRE!!"

Guy:"So how about it?'

Me:"You are so full of...AIDS."

Street Poet

Daydream delusion, limousine eyelash / Oh baby with your pretty face / Drop a tear in my wineglass / Look at those big eyes / See what you mean to me /

Sweet-cakes and milkshakes / I'm a delusion angel / I'm a fantasy parade / I want you to know what I think / Don't want you to guess anymore / You have no idea where I came from / We have no idea where we're going /

Lodged in life / Like branches in a river/ Flowing downstream / Caught in the current / I carry you / You'll carry me / That's how it could be / Don't you know me? / Don't you know me by now?

In a Nutshell.

2010 countdown with Lala, Hong, Arnold, Chandra, Ruz, and Stef.

Catch-up party session at Attica with Stef, Hong and new friends.

Batam Trip.

Saw Oline, my dearest oldest friend from elementary school.

BBQ at Sis’ MIT friends.

I patted a dog.

East Coast cycling and Lil’ Sis learning how to ride a bike.

Spicy buffalo wings at Buckaroo Grill. We made it to Level Six.

I was asked my ID upon ordering beer. Was shamefully mistaken for 16-years old.

Singapore Airshow 2010.

Steamboat with Fullhouse colleagues.

I Love Children event at Tampines.

Wedding fair at Suntec.

Timbre dinner and drinks with Wazzy.

Steamboat at Miu’s.

Catch-up and chill out at Timbre with Nicky and friends.

TGIF with colleagues at Cafe Iguana.

Spent $50 on a cab ride home.

Dyed my hair light brown.

Cous got a new guitar.

San Francisco skyline poster from Todd.

BBQ at Sophia’s.

YOG fever hit Singapore.

Bintan getaway trip.

Beerfest Asia 2010.

Cous’ birthday dinner at Kiseki.

Reunion dinner with colleagues at Imperial Kitchen.

Saturday karaoke with colleagues.

Karaoke with Elsa, Hong, and Albert.

Attica with the crew.

New job interview.

Farewell lunch with colleagues.

New job.

Took up freelance writing work.

Karaoke after work with new colleagues.

Neo Garden’s celebration dinner.

Afterparty at Powerhouse with colleagues.

World Cup fever.

Orange Clove Wedding Workshop.

Shopping Saturday with colleagues.

Le Baroque and Attica with Rachel.

BBQ at office.

Zouk with colleagues.

Wrote book review for a magazine.

Birthday party at Sentosa Cove.

Long weekend with Todd in town.

Marina Bay Sands and Inception with Todd.

Jane’s birthday.

Australia’s International School Dinner and Dance at RSW.

Brewerkz and Attica with Jerine and Rachel.

Met Mike.

Another ladies night at Le Baroque.

Wrote freelance article on National Leaders.

Pulau Ubin cycling trip.

Singles’ Party invitees at Chijmes with colleagues.

Took over Neo Yacht sales.

Mad rush to Food is Life Magazine.

Photoshoot at The Centris.

Ko Wendy’s wedding.

Evening yacht ride.

Wrote freelance article on Geeks Who Make Money.

Movie and Le Baroque with Wazzy and Steffy.

Eileen’s wedding dinner at Grand Copthorne.

French night out with Sam.

Phuket trip with Jerine and Rachel.

Elsa’s in town.

Meet up with ex-colleagues at Penny Black Bar.

Halloween. Being Kat Von D for a night.

Karaoke and catch-up with Stef, Ruz and Sean.

Long overdue catch up with Sophia at Dempsey.

Breakfast buffet at East Coast.

Marketing team dinner at Timbre.

Haute Claire’s first bazaar at Changi Airport.

Christmas Eve at 1-Altitude.

New Year’s Eve with the same people from last year’s countdown.

And here we go again.

2011, what have you got in store for me?

New Years Eve Party at Csquat!

I was thinking that this new year would be less weird and nuts as the last one..but that is not the case. Eh, 2010 was a good year for me..lots of good stuff happened. Lots of drama and unfortunately some deaths..but I guess all in all it could have been worse. The night BEFORE New Years Eve, I went to a gay bar with a friend because he will get hit on, not me..but I am sure someone roofied him as the night turned from fun/crazy to bad/crazy and ended with me covered in pee and puke and dealing with poop as well-none of it my own. I had to call 911..I couldn't hold my friend up and he couldn't walk or talk and laying the snow wasn't fun for two hours..I was scared he would choke on his own vomit so I called the cops..He's fine-they didn't check to see what was in his system but someone slipped him something-I am 100% positive..probably creepy guy who kept saying he looked like Jake Gyllenhall..Who knows..

Anyway, New Years Eve was party at Csquat..The Dog That Bites Everyone played, then people danced to 80's..Here's a mess of pics..My friend Stacey and I, some girl with a funny tat on her back, Chicken Man and I, Remi, Nico the Crow, The Four-loko tree with crucified kermit as the star..very fun night though I paid for it the next day..

Some exciting band stuff coming up for CD out soon..hoping for more acting parts and more craziness..Why not? There is no way to stop crazy. Not even a hot tub or unicorn will help..Anyway, more blogs to come..I've been MIA for a week. I shall not forget you, dear readers..