Update on Advantage sinking

Kodiak radio station KMXT is reporting the skipper of the sunken fishing vessel Advantage ended up dying after a Coast Guard helicopter hoisted him and two others from a life raft.

Meantime, a fourth crewmember remains missing at sea.

Three rescued, one missing after Kodiak sinking

Three crewmen have been rescued but a fourth is missing after the fishing vessel Advantage sank 14 miles southeast of Kodiak, the U.S. Coast Guard reports.

A search began just after midnight when the Coast Guard in Juneau picked up an emergency position indicating radio (EPIRB) beacon.

After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the vessel, the Coast Guard sent a helicopter out of Kodiak.

The helicopter crew located a life raft with three Advantage crewmen aboard, and began hoisting them to safety.

The three were showing signs of hypothermia and were taken to Kodiak.

"We are continuing to search for the missing crewman with helicopters from Air Station Kodiak," said Coast Guard Lt. Robert Baysden. “Having the EPIRB aboard the fishing vessel was key to alerting us that there was an emergency.”

The 58-foot Advantage is homeported in Kodiak. State records show it uses longline, pot and trawl gear. The owner is listed as Advantage Fisheries LLC of Gig Harbor, Wash.

Smorgasbord Friday

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, of Kalispell, Montana, died last week. Apparently, he was wearing a sniper outfit called a 'ghillie' suit...at night...on the side of a busy highway....attempting to initiate a Sasquatch or Bigfoot sighting. One 15 year old girl came driving by and struck Randy, knocking him out into the middle of the road. A second girl, 17, came driving by and ran over poor Randy, administering the final and fatal coup de grace. One of the police officers told a local TV news station that 'he would not have been easy to see', as the ghillie suit covers the entire body in dark, camouflaged clothing made to resemble foliage. His motives of trying to get people to call in about Sasquatch were determined by interviews with friends and relatives. I wasn't disappointed in looking at what else may have contributed to Randy's demise when the officer went on to say that alcohol was probably involved. One of the policemen said what I was thinking...."You can't make this stuff up."


I know this won't surprise you, but researchers are very excited that they have discovered the peeing habits of Pandas. As you know, the fate of the free world rests on our knowledge of how Pandas pee. Because Pandas have a diminished mating window, it is extremely important they find the perfect spot to do their business. Not only that, they have a particular method of accomplishing the urination process. It seems they 'bust' out a handstand and let 'er fly. This way, no drop is wasted as they tend to splatter their odious scent all over the widest tree they can find for greater effect in attracting that perfect Panda Playmate of the Year. I feel safer knowing that we now know what Pandas have known all along.


I don't know about prisons in other States, but I know you really don't want to go to prison in Texas. You see, we aren't just the most prolific death row vacancy maker in the Union, we also don't air condition our jails. In the summer, that means Texas prisons can get even more dangerous than normal.  In 2011, during July and August of last year, at least 10 inmates died from heat related deaths. Heat indexes around Texas, in the dog days of summer, reach abnormally high levels inside buildings with no air conditioning. One Texas prison recorded a heat index of 150 degrees last year. The Texas Civil Rights Project has filed suit over the death of one inmate near Dallas. When they found him, his body temperature was 109. He slipped into a coma and died. In the Texas vernacular, we don't cotton to crime down he'ah and don't really care how bad you got it in prison. As State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) said, “I’m sorry about the conditions, but I guess I could be real direct and say, you know, if you don’t want to be there, don’t commit a crime."  Prison officials have long argued that Texas taxpayers wouldn’t tolerate spending money on air conditioning for convicts. He's correct. “We have limited taxpayer dollars and resources,” Whitmire said. “And we need to use it as best we can. And it’s not going to be spent for air conditioning of our prisons.” I guess if you want to stay cool...don't break the law in Texas.


Ludowici, Georgia: Four Army soldiers killed a former buddy and his girlfriend for fear they would expose an anarchist militia group they had formed. One of the conspirators had used nearly a hundred thousand dollars from a half million dollar life insurance policy to buy automatic weapons, other guns, bomb components and land in Washington State for the militia's use. He got the half million from the death of his pregnant wife a year earlier that authorities are now saying....looks suspicious. These guys were very serious in that their plans included taking over Fort Stewart, bombing a dam in Washington State, as well as poisoning its apple crop...eventually topple the government and assassinate the President. The murder of their former buddy and his woman is what gave them away, since....like most criminals...they didn't cover their tracks very well. The short lived group had a cool acronym, though. It was the only thing they really used their brains for. F.E.A.R. Short for Forever Enduring Always Ready. I hope they're ready to endure prison. Because that's where they be a'goin'.


1.  Yahoo News' Washington Bureau Chief was fired Wednesday after he was caught on a hot mic joking that Republicans are 'happy to have a party' while black people drown. The comment was made by David Chalian during live coverage of the RNC in Tampa. It was...allegedly...a reference to Republicans starting their convention while Isaac churned toward New Orleans.

2.  Next act of intolerance goes to Samuel L. Jackson. I don't know where these Hollywood types get off thinking that we want to hear them say something that actually came out of their own brain. We only want to hear them recite lines that somebody else wrote and do things on screen that a director told them to do. Otherwise, they need to shuttup. Here was his tweet when he discovered Isaac wasn't going to hit Tampa:   Unfair S***: GOP spared by Issac ! NOLA prolly F***ed Again! Not understanding God's plan!"

 This led to several people tweeting him back and lambasting him for being so blatantly intolerant. Jackson then tweeted some kind of possibly LSD enduced apology:

"Daayum! Poked a Hornets nest, hunh? Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP& Isaac(sp)! Who played the Race card?!"

How about this, Samuel. Just go make another movie better than Snakes on a Plane. Sheesh.

3.  Mia Love, a black, woman mayor in Utah running for Congress, spoke at the RNC the other night and did an outstanding job. Then, someone broke onto her Wikipedia site and posted the following: (Warning! Offensive Material to Follow!!)

 So, in other words she is a total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate Machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP and love to see people like Mia Love be exploited like the house nigger she truly is.

   But, it's the Right Wing that is waging a war on women. Notice how this disgusting person accuses the GOP of being bigots, and then refers to Mayor Love as a house n*****. Shameful and repulsive.

4. But, the Democrats didn't corner the market on being idiots. The Republicans got in on the racial hatred as well. Two Republican delegates were taken out of the RNC for throwing nuts at a CNN black camera woman and saying, "This is how we feed animals!" They needed to be thrown out and were. I hope they were not allowed back in.

These kind of things are deplorable behavior, no matter who is doing it. I don't know why we can't be civil to one another and still have differing opinions and ideas.


Last but not least, while the Texans were playing the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night, Aug. 30, a 25 year old man named Jonathan Kelly decided to show off his lack of circus skills by sliding down one of the handrails of an escalator. As fate would have it, he lost his balance and fell the equivalent of three stories, landing on concrete. We all know that at 25 years of age, one is ten feet tall and bullet proof...at least in their minds. Mr. Kelly died at the hospital. While this is a sad story and I don't wish this upon anyone, I can't help but be reminded of an old joke. Do you know what the last words of a redneck are? "Hey guys! Watch this!" Now watch his family sue Reliant Stadium, the Texans, Bob McNair, Gary Kubiak and the Texans' Cheerleaders for not having a sign posted that read....TO ALL IDIOTS: DO NOT TRY TO SLIDE DOWN THE HANDRAIL!

That's it for this edition of Smorgasbord Friday. Have a great Labor Day Weekend and try not to do anything stupid. You might not live through it.



Looping the Lakes in Smithfield

Cycling along Lakeshore Drive in Smithfield
Hey, it's September already!  Where did the summer go?  Fortunately we still have some great cycling ahead as we head into Fall.  We had a fine ride last Saturday from Richmond to Topsham - there were over 40 of us!  Well, actually, most of "us" were riding the Maine Hospice Century and Half-Century which overlapped a great part of our route.  It was a great ride and great to have so much company!  This Saturday we will be meeting in Smithfield for a great double loop around North and East Ponds with some great lakeside runs, followed by a nifty ice cream stop.  Hope you can join us!
Saturday, September 1st - SMITHFIELD
"Route 8 Figure 8" - a scenic tour through Smithfield, Belgrade, Rome, and Mercer.
START:  9:00 AM, at the new Smithfield Fire Station on Rt. 8 in Smithfield, about a quarter-mile north of the junction of Rt. 8 and Rt. 137.
DISTANCE:  15 and 28 miles.
TERRAIN:  moderate to moderately hilly.
HIGHLIGHTS:  many scenic lake views and back roads, and an ice cream stop.
LEADER:  Larry Childs.

Public service announcement

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has announced the following appointments:

Fishermen's Fund Advisory and Appeals Council

Parnell appointed Donald Stiles to the Fishermen's Fund Advisory and Appeals Council. The council consults with the commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development regarding appeals filed in relation to care of sick and disabled fishermen, and advises the department on administration of the fund.

Stiles, of Nome, is a commercial fisherman and high school basketball coach. Active in the community, Stiles is a Norton Sound Economic Development Corp. board member, former chair of Siu Alaska Corp., and a former fisheries specialist with Kawarek Inc.'s fisheries department. Stiles also served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is named to a seat reserved for a resident of Northwest Alaska.

Pacific Salmon Commission Transboundary Panel

Parnell nominated James Becker, Rod Brown, Arnold Enge, Gary Gray and Dale Kelley to the Transboundary Panel of the Pacific Salmon Commission.

The panel supports the Pacific Salmon Treaty, signed by the United States and Canada in 1985. The panel makes recommendations to the commission on management of in-river and terminal fisheries for salmon originating in the Alsek, Taku and Stikine river systems in Southeast Alaska and northern British Columbia.

The governor's nominations are subject to final appointment by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

Becker, of Douglas, has been a commercial fisherman for more than 35 years and is a lifetime resident of the Juneau area. He is a board member of United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Association and chairs the City and Borough of Juneau Fisheries Development Committee. Becker was first appointed to the panel in 2000.

Brown, of Wrangell, is a retired biology, marine biology, math and photography teacher. He fished commercially during the summers and is an avid sportfisherman who has lived in Wrangell since 1969. He was first appointed to the panel in 2005.

Enge is a longtime Petersburg resident who fishes commercially for salmon, herring and halibut. He serves as vice chair of the Petersburg Fish and Game Advisory Committee. Enge was first appointed to the panel in 2000.

Gray, of Yakutat, owns and operates Alsek River Lodge and provides guide services for hunters and fishermen in the Yakutat area. He fished as a commercial setnetter for 15 years and serves as a member of the Yakutat Fish and Game Advisory Committee. Gray was first appointed to the panel in 2006.

Kelley, of Juneau, has served as executive director of the Alaska Trollers Association since 1989. She also has served on the board of United Fishermen of Alaska, and as a commissioner of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Additionally, she was an alternate member of the Pacific Salmon Commission's Northern Panel for three years.

Final judgment entered in epic Carlson case; thousands of fishermen could soon see refunds

The state of Alaska is on the brink of refunding millions of dollars in the Carlson case, an epic class action concerning overcharges to nonresidents for commercial fishing licenses and permits.

On Monday, a state Superior Court judge entered this final judgment ordering a payout of more than $33.5 million.

The state Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission has prepared this list of fishermen to receive refunds. As you can see, some of the payments will be substantial, even exceeding $50,000.

The CFEC is expected to publish a public notice soon with more details.

My understanding is that refunds could be mailed at the end of October.

Islamic 'Juma' to Conduct Prayer at DNC?

Everybody needs to calm down. You can't find Juma kicking off the DNC on the DNC's list of events. The actual prayer time is going to happen on August 31st, Sept. 1-2, ending the day before the DNC, and it will take place in a park somewhere away from where the convention is being held. It is NOT a part of the Democratic National Convention and Obama and his staff did NOT say no to a Catholic Cardinal (which they did) and then YES to a radical muslim organization for a prayer time at the DNC.

There is so much spin in politics and among those who follow politics that it is difficult to determine what's a fact and what is pure crap. The stuff going on the internet about this Juma business is pure crap. Regardless of whether you are pro-Islam or anti-Islam, these people have a right to assemble in a public place and pray if they want to. I know that when they become the majority that won't be the case for the rest of us infidels; but right now they are the minority which means they are peaceful and all inclusive and liberal with other religions. Since the Constitution is still in force, they have every right to pray and do their thing.

It seems strange to me that the NOW feminists and the Gay Pride folks won't be protesting against them, since they are extremely anti-women's rights and routinely execute gay people in the areas where Sharia law rules the day, but that's their decision.

But, if the DNC has not in fact invited them to open the Convention with an Islamic prayer, then don't spread it around that they have. Don't be like THEM, meaning the liberals. Speak the truth. And right now, the truth is that Juma has not been invited by the DNC to open the convention. They...have...not...done...that.


The Democratic Convention's first three days are at the Time Warner Cable Arena. The last day will be at the Bank of America Stadium.

Begich backs national seafood marketing idea

The U.S. seafood industry is fishing for a $50 million annual subsidy for marketing.

And U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, will help pursue the funding.

Begich on Friday in Anchorage announced he intends to introduce legislation to create a national seafood marketing and development effort.

The program would feature five regional seafood marketing boards.

The legislation evidently has not yet been introduced. When it drops, Deckboss will provide a link.

John's third podcast with Robert Crumb up now!

Here is a link to John's Old Time Podcast with the third installation of his sessions with Robert Crumb..great music and funny shit here! I will be in numbers four and five too!

 But for now..Podcast with R. Crumb

Obama Supporters Need to Take a Second Look...

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died this past weekend at the age of 82 from heart complications after bypass surgery. Neil Armstrong could have used his celebrity for whatever purpose he wished. He could have remained on the stage and been the poster boy for any cause he chose. Instead, he taught engineering and tended to his farm. He rarely gave interviews, or speeches, and shunned the limelight. He knew, as so many politicians don't, that his achievement of walking on the moon was the achievement of tens of thousands of people working together and that he did not have the right to soak up the accolades for what took place.

Not so our President. Obama is a narcissist extraordinaire. On his Tumblr page he gave a short tribute to Neil Armstrong...and posted a picture of himself looking up at the moon. Really?

Hey Obama!!! You didn't build that!!! You were only eight years old when that happened, dude. Why on a tribute to one of the greatest heroes in American history does your mug have to be there? Why, when you are the one right now relegating NASA to a has-been organization by raping their funding, are you in any universe close to a tribute to Neil Armstrong? It boggles the mind that he would have the unmitigated audacity to do this. But this is how he is. This is how he has always been. I hate to put money in the man's pocket, but read Dreams From My Father. He's a megalomaniacal narcissist of the first order. Anyone who would write their biography before they reach thirty tells you that!!!

Then, if you are a supporter of his, guess what? If he loses in November...it's your fault. First, the reason he can't get anything done as President is George Bush's fault. Next, if he gets beat by Romney, it's his supporter's fault. Don't believe me? Check out his latest e-mail:

Last week, when I was in Iowa, voters told me they were feeling it. The numbers back it up: Our side is getting outspent 2-to-1 on the air there. But the folks asking me about this don't want an explanation -- they want to know what I'm going to do about it. And the fact is that solving this problem is up to you ….We're losing this air war right now. I don't have as much time to campaign this time as I did in 2008, so this whole thing is riding on you making it happen.

Un-freakin-believable. His defeat will have nothing to do with his policies. It will have nothing to do with the fact he has been the worst President in the history of the nation. It will have nothing to do with his stance on immigration (which is to have a pro-illegal immigration stance). It will have nothing to do with 8% and over unemployment rate for the last 40 some odd months in a row. It will have nothing to do with the nation going bankrupt since he continues to spend money like there is no tomorrow...and there is a tomorrow. No, it will have to do with his supporters not giving him enough money. Plus, the statement in the e-mail about not having as much time to campaign would be laughable if not for it being so pathetic. It's an outright lie. From January to June the man held 160 fundraisers. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY!!!! That's 26.6 a month on average. How many days are there in a month? You do that math.

This guy has an opinion of himself that supercedes all others. He is as anti-American as the day is long. Yet, people support him....but not enough if you listen to him. Hell, he wanted people to give him money for their weddings. A wedding gift in the bride's name that would go to help Obama win re-election. Who does he think he is? I believe it's quite plain. He thinks he's the be all, end all...and if he's re-elected, he may just well be the end all for America as we know it.

Take it the bank.

Oil watch

About a year ago we told you a jack-up rig had begun exploratory drilling in Upper Cook Inlet.

It was the first such rig to work in inlet waters in a very long time.

Well, now it seems an Australian company, Buccaneer Energy, has brought in a second jack-up rig. It arrived on Friday at Homer.

Click here for a press release with photo.

One interesting note is that a state agency, the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, is a big investor in this second drilling rig.

Videos of bands from Ukulele Hooley plus bus ride!

Here are a ton of videos from my visit to Dublin to play at the Ukulele Hooley Uke Fest..including the crazy bus ride around town with a double decker full of uke players! After this it's back to posting all NYC stuff as I really am out of the loop now and gotta catch up! Had a terrific summer..better than I could have imagined and I feel motivated to have a great fall and winter too now that I am all clear headed and inspired by all the things I saw and did for those two months..

Videos include Ukuele Red and Lil Mamie..Ukulele Uff and Lonesome Dave..Remco..Hot Potato Syncopators and more..plus a porch jam at the hotel and the uke bus!

New Poll: What is America's Most Hated Industry?

1. Oil and Gas Industry
Thinkstock> Pct. negative rating: 61%

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have a negative overall view of the oil and gas industry, falling below the U.S. government in the eyes of the public. In 2011, ACSI gave gas stations a score of 74, which placed it 11th from the bottom out of 48 industries. At the time of the 2012 Gallup survey, gasoline prices were on the rise. Plus, as Newport pointed out, people have to deal with the oil and gas industry every day when they put gas in their car “and they see prices inexplicably zoom up, and they’re not sure why.” Increasingly high revenues and government tax breaks may be one explanation for the oil and gas industry’s poor public image. The Gallup report also suggests that some Americans believe the industry has a poor environmental record, which is not always confined to events off-shore, or abroad.


The oil field has been putting food on my table, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and cars in my garage....all my life. My two grandfathers worked in the oil field. My dad worked in the oil field. And I proudly proclaim that I am 'Oil Field Trash'. The world's economy is petroleum based. You can't wake up in the morning and open your eyes without seeing petroleum products all around you. If it weren't for petroleum, you wouldn't have all the little gadgets you like to use every day.

People complain about gas prices, except for those of us in the industry. Instead of working for the government and sucking off taxpayers, oil field workers make their own way and toil in one of the most dangerous industries out there. I have tested equipment that required more than 200,000 pounds per square inch of hydrostatic pressure. I have been present when hundreds of thousands of pounds of load has been lifted at one time, where the slightest mistake could have meant people killed. We go to places that sound exotic, but is quite dangerous. In Nigeria I had to have body guards and we couldn't go outside the well guarded, walled in, electrified, gated compound. In Mexico there were worries of being kidnapped. In Venezuela Americans are disliked. In Trinidad, crime is a concern. A lot of us put our lives on the line to make the money we do and are away from our families for weeks and months on end.

Unlike a lot of industries, we're expected to take risks. It's what we do. More people want to focus on the BP oil spill than on the 11 workers that perished that day. They all had families...wives, children, parents, and friends. Yet, it is the spill people want to remember.

The oil field has allowed me to live in a three bedroom townhouse with all the amenities. I have two Mercedes in my garage. I own a big ass television and five computers. I wear Polo shirts and have the best cowboy boots money can buy...alligator, lizard, ostrich, etc. I have a huge belt buckle on my western style belt that's made of silver with a big gold 'C' on it. I have a Wittnauer wrist watch (Rolex is too gaudy) and diamond rings and wear two gold chains around my neck. I'm in the top three percent of earners in the United States of America and I earned every penny of it by the sweat of my brow, working long hours, putting myself in dangerous places and in dangerous situations, and by spending weeks and months away from home. Not only that, but in this business you work with some of the most ornery folks alive. We can be crass and downright offensive, but we are a family who knows what it takes to make it in this business. It isn't for the faint of heart or the squeamish. We're a tough bunch. Six months after I had a quadruple bypass I was in Nigeria working in incessant heat, pouring rain, disease infested country (having been immunized from cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis A thru Z and taking malaria pills every day), among people that might start rioting at any moment; and directing the load out and seafastening and testing of equipment on a concrete dock with guards holding AK47's. One of the men I worked with, a 42 year old and good man, died of malaria while I was there. He left behind a 10 year old daughter. Three more were hospitalized from it. I was one of the lucky ones. And you want to complain about gas prices?

All my life my family has been looked down upon because we make our living in the oil field. I'm glad my industry is the most hated in America. That means that a lot of you won't try to get into it, which makes my expertise that much more valuable. We have a shortage of people, and that's how I like it. So, when you go to the gas pump and pay more than four dollars a gallon and start cussin' the oil companies out, remember one thing. The oil companies have to pay people like me a helluva lot of money to do what we do. They have to pay billions of dollars for concept, engineering, analysis, FEED studies, design, HSE, quality control, manufacturing, testing, shipping, and installation to develop a deepwater field. And that's while the drilling is still being done. Some of these offshore drilling rigs charge a million dollars a day. Some of the huge installation vessels that put the equipment 8000 feet below the surface of the ocean charge a million dollars a day. The equipment itself can cost upwards of a billion dollars. One project off the coast of Australia will cost 30 billion by the time its development is finished. All so you can have gas for your cars, boats, motorcycles, planes. This enables you to have fire for the stove you cook with and hot water so you can bathe your ungrateful bodies in. This industry keeps you warm during the winter. Any time you pick up something made of plastic, think about what it took to get that product to you.

I was one of the client representatives on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico that presently produces a billion cubic feet of natural gas a day. EVERY day. This one platform supplies America with 3% of its natural gas needs. Yet, 61% of America hates this industry. That's okay by me. Keep on hatin'.  Keep on complaining about how you don't get paid enough in whatever profession YOU CHOSE for yourself. Keep on whining about how you can't get ahead in life when you don't have the gumption to get up and do something about it by taking a risk. Keep on hiding in your closet, afraid to get in your covered wagon and explore new territory that might hold promise for a better life. While you're doing that, I'll keep laughing my way to the bank.

Smorgasbord Friday

Welcome to the second edition of SMORGASBORD FRIDAY!!!!

The mummified body of a heroic diver who died 13 years ago while saving his buddy was found this week. The Huffington Post added that he was still in his wetsuit and the oxygen tanks still strapped to his back. Like...uh...he was ever going to take them off? He was found in over 220 ft. of water where the temperature remains at a constant 36 degrees, effectively preserving him enough that an autopsy quickly determined his identity. Glad that he is finally able to be put to rest.

The Iranians are saber rattling once again about how it is an insult for the country of Israel to exist and are spouting their old rhetoric about erasing the Jews from the planet. Let me just say that greater countries than theirs have tried the same thing over the last 2000 years and more. If one believes the Bible, the Iranians need to shuttup and sulk away. According to the scripture...they ain't going anywhere.

Joe Biden will be hawking his diatribe in Tampa during the Republican National Convention. This will be the first time that an unwritten courtesy is violated. That courtesy has been for each party to allow their conventions to go unmolested by the other party during this time. I'm not surprised at the crassness, and am quite glad Old Joe will be there. He's most certainly going to say something stupid again...and again...and probably again. He's the best weapon the Republicans have to re-take the White House in November.

Speaking of Democrats saying stupid things, you can put Michelle Obama in the mix. She told a bunch of supporters the other day to be sure and get as many people as possible to the polls on November 2. Why is that stupid? The presidential election is on November 6. Duh.

But, we can't let the Democrats have all the fun. Seems there's this Republican Congressman, Todd Akin running for the Senate in Missouri. He said last week that if a woman is subjected to a 'legitimate' rape (is there any other kind???) that her body has a way of keeping those little spermies from getting her pregnant. He was defending his stance against abortion...and performed miserably. I have to agree with Obama when he said that Akin obviously missed science class in school. What an idiot.

In South Africa, Solly the Hippo died. He was beaten up by another male hippo and took refuge in someone's swimming pool. Only problem was that it didn't have any steps and he couldn't get out. People drained the pool to about a three foot water depth so he wouldn't drown, but he died from stress before they could get him out.

The Syrians are killing each other as fast as they can and for some reason our government is concerned about it. When will we stop being the world's policeman? Hasn't Iraq or Afghanistan or Egypt or Libya or Somalia or Algeria taught us anything? These people hate us. They have hated us before, they hate us now, and they will hate us in the future no matter what we do. Why? Because we're rich, we support Israel, and we ain't muslim. Yet. If you haven't heard, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. Ain't that a kick in the pants.

Greenpeace has gotten bold. Some of their folks have boarded a Russian drilling platform exploring for oil in the Arctic. They have attached tents to the side of this huge offshore structure in hopes of stopping the Russkies from drilling there. I don't know if they've heard, but the Russians don't mess around with people like them. They aren't a bunch of wusses like us and the Japanese. It wouldn't surprise me if these Enviro-nuts disappear inside some Gulag in Siberia soon.

Today marks the 43rd year I have been an owner of guns. To date...none have just jumped up and killed anybody. I'm still waiting for them to get a mind of their own and do so, but for some reason they don't move unless I handle them. I'll keep you posted on when they do.

Have a great weekend.

Shooting in New York

Someone else has decided that the only way to resolve a dispute is to start shooting people. Preliminary reports are that it was a worker's squabble that got out of hand. So far, the story is that the gunman is dead, one bystander is dead, and ten wounded (one critically).

I've had worker's squabbles. Several, in fact. I've even threatened a couple of co-workers. One tried to fry me with 460V three-phase electricity because he was too lazy to secure the leads in the starter box and it blew up while I was standing on the equipment. It was a miracle I wasn't instantly killed. The next thing he knew there was a fifteen inch crescent wrench under his nose and me in his face. Another time a boss of mine thought he could cuss me out, while he was drunk, and talk to me like a dog. He didn't do it again.

I've been fired, demoted, had my pay cut, given crappy jobs, unjustly removed from a project, called nasty names, and even been homeless and thrown out on the street because some people didn't like me. Not once...not one time...did I EVER think about shooting, much less killing, somebody. I never was even in the same universe in thinking of killing people who never did anything to me.

The thought processes that go through the minds of these people that do such things is as alien to me as the Greek language. I have sorely disliked some people in my life but I have never hated them. You see, it takes hate to kill another human being. The Bible says that if you ONLY hate someone else you have already committed their murder. If you actually kill someone from your hate, then you have done twice the crime. The Colorado shooter and the Fort Hood shooter and the Sikh Temple shooter and now the Empire State Building shooter all had to have hate in their hearts to do such things. Where does this kind of hate come from? Why does it exist? Well, I could write a thousand pages of why and where but the vast majority of the population would never read it and if they did; wouldn't believe it. What people would rather do is point at the weapon. (shrill voice) "It was the gun that did it! It..was ...the...gun!!!" No, it was the hateful person wielding the gun.

The United Kingdom has outlawed almost every type of gun in their country. If you own a shotgun it must be kept in a locked safe, with a trigger guard, unloaded, with the ammo locked away separately. The police even come by your house from time to time in order to prove you are in compliance with the regulation. So, you know what they have seen an increase in? Knife crime. People are being stabbed, cut, sliced and diced at a rate the country has never seen before, and it's only getting worse. They are even talking in Parliament about outlawing knives. I guess the Brits will have to start thinking of better ways of slicing their steak. Maybe just pick it up off the table and chew on it like a bear. I don't know.

People have been killing each other ever since they were created and fell from Grace. If you believe that kind of thing. If you don't, then people have been killing each other since they crawled out from the primordial ooze. Either way, we're a pack of killers. Throughout our history, we have developed and devised better and more efficient ways to kill each other. If you take away the efficiency, then we revert to the next best thing that works. The argument is, "Yeah? Well, if someone has a knife they can't kill a whole bunch of people! Dude!" Hmmmm. It was only a few months ago in Asia where a knife-wielding madman went running down a crowded street and killed more than ten people and wounded more than fifty. Never underestimate a determined idiot bent on a high body count. The answer to this is, "Oh yeah? Well, you don't see it happen that much when it's a knife! Dude!" I ask those who say that to start reading this blog entry again and note what is happening in the UK. I know. I lived there for about four years.

If you take away the guns, people will use knives. If you take away the knives, people will use clubs. You can't take away the clubs, because anything can be used as a club. What must be taken away is the hate. And, according to the Bible, there is only one thing that can take that away. Even the Islamic faith doesn't promise such a thing. If it does, then why do we see so much bloodshed among them as well?

But, people refuse to believe in a loving God providing a saviour whereby hate can be eradicated. They would rather rely on the 'goodness' within the human heart and the human spirit. How sad. Because within the human heart and the human spirit is born the inherent seed of hate. We come with it. If you are a parent, have you ever had to teach your child how to misbehave? Be selfish? Be rebellious? Disobey? I rest my case. No, children must be taught manners, authority, rules of conduct and accepted societal mores. Otherwise, they end up like this idiot in New York today, thinking that it's all about them.

I heard a policeman say something one time that was very profound. He said that you can go to any prison in the United States and talk to any prisoner that is there and you will find out one thing common among them all. They were never taught simple manners and the respect of others. Respect diffuses hate. Manners weakens hate. It allows the spirit and heart of man to be open to a message of ultimate love and sacrifice. And if the man responds to that message positively, you will have someone like me. Someone who is incapable of hating. Someone who would kill only if protecting himself and family from deadly harm. Someone who finds the actions committed today in New York disgusting. Yet, it won't happen for the masses. They believe in temporal things, and have thrown spiritual things to the side. God is dead, they say. Didn't you know that? Well, he certainly is in the lives of those who indiscriminately kill. Isn't he?

Yes, a salmon disaster in Upper Cook Inlet

Alaska's congressional delegation has sent the Obama administration a letter supporting Gov. Sean Parnell's request for a fishery disaster declaration for Upper Cook Inlet.

Poor Chinook returns forced painful commercial and sportfishing closures this summer.

Merrymeeting in the Interim

"Coastal Rider" by Timothy Easton
The rains that fell just prior to the start of last Saturday's ride in Wings Mills couldn't deter the lure of gourmet hot dogs to an intrepid group of club members, and I have it on good authority that the ride went off on a roll, and drew plenty of nice condiments.  There were no weiners (weenies? whiners?) at the start of the ride, and they made short work of the weiners at the end of the ride.  OK, I'll stop now before I come up with another bad pun, and frankly thank Ken Louis for another great ride and his post-ride hospitality.  This Saturday's ride starts in Richmond, as we explore part of the proposed Merrymeeting Trail - the trail's interim on-road section from Richmond to Topsham, along the shore of Merrymeeting Bay.  The weather looks great and we hope you can make it!
Saturday, August 25th, RICHMOND
"Merrymeeting in the Interim" - a tour of the new Merrymeeting Trail Interim on-road route from Richmond to Topsham and return.
START: 9:00 am at the Fort Richmond Waterfront Park Gazebo, Front Street (Rt. 24), Richmond
DISTANCE: 34 miles
TERRAIN: unknown at press time
HIGHLIGHTS: scenic waterfront roads along the western shore of Merrymeeting Bay
LEADER: "To Be Determined," aka Jim Merrick.

Parnell names familiar fisheries adviser

Stefanie Moreland, who took Arne Fuglvog's place as fisheries aide to U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, is returning to state government as Gov. Sean Parnell's fisheries adviser.

Here's a press release from the governor's office:

Aug. 22, 2012

Moreland named adviser for fisheries, oceans and Arctic policy

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell today named Stefanie Moreland to the position of senior adviser for fisheries, oceans and Arctic policy.

Moreland currently serves as a legislative assistant for Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the areas of fisheries, oceans and the Arctic.

She also has held several positions in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, including federal fisheries coordinator and manager of the Extended Jurisdiction Program.

"Stefanie's knowledge of Alaska's diverse fisheries and understanding of Arctic issues, and her broad experience at both the state and federal level will be a great asset to my office and the state," Parnell said.

Moreland will be an adviser and coordinator on Alaska fisheries policy between the governor's office and other state and federal agencies. She also will interface and coordinate with state and federal agencies on Arctic policy matters.

Moreland received a bachelor's degree in natural resources and environmental studies from the University of Minnesota and a master's degree in resource and applied economics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

"I'm honored to have this opportunity to return to Alaska and serve the governor," Moreland said. "I particularly look forward to helping ensure that state interests inform the major federal initiatives under way in the Arctic and waters off Alaska."

Moreland will begin her duties on Sept. 17. She will be based in Juneau.

Activists aim to protect 'stunning' Alaska coral

The Center for Biological Diversity is petitioning the federal government to protect Alaska coral under the Endangered Species Act.

"Human impacts on cold-water corals are devastating, in particular the destructive fisheries practices that can wipe out many square miles of coral habitat in a single day," the center says.

Trawls, longlines and pots can all damage coral, but "the greatest threat" is climate change, the group says.

The nonprofit organization, based in Tucson, Ariz., says Alaska corals "occur in greatest abundance and variety a few miles off the Aleutian Islands, in underwater canyons in the Bering Sea, and on the slopes of submerged volcanoes in the Gulf of Alaska."

Letter I Sent to Senator John Cornyn

To the Honorable Senator John Cornyn:

Senator Cornyn,

  I am taken aback by the DHS's purchase of several hundred million hollow point, high powered bullets. The government has said it is for arming and practice purposes. I used to be in law enforcement and know for a fact these types of ammunition are not for target practice. There are much cheaper 'target' rounds for this purpose. Target rounds make precise holes in paper targets so the accuracy of the shooter can be efficiently determined. Hollow Points are made for field use. Purchases are being made by the National Weather Service, the SSA and other departments with space in their budgets so the DHS can make these purchases. I am not a conspiracy buff, but it seems to me our government is preparing for some kind of action against the American people. There is no earthly reason any department other than our military branches should be ordering this kind of firepower. The government was not put into place to protect itself from its own citizens, but to protect its citizens from foreign enemies. I am appalled that not a peep has been heard from the floor of Congress or the Senate demanding that Janet Napolitano explain her actions, and the actions of the current administration, and that those explanations should be forthright, concise and have some merit. The present explanation is ludicrous, at best. There is a growing fear in this country about what plans Washington D.C. has for the American people, and I am finding myself leaning in that direction myself. I am a law abiding citizen, having never been arrested or jailed for any reason; and I find it disconcerting that my representatives are not looking out for my best interests, as well as those of my fellow Americans, by asking and demanding answers to at least this most disturbing development. Any non-stock answer from you on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


Rober Coward


I am back in NYC now! feels like I never left already sort of..except I keep trying to speak mangled French to people who just stare at me in horror..I will be back to normal by the weekend..not much jetlag really just not used to being around so many crazy people like this..

Trying to get all my photos online and in order so here are some from the ireland uke fest.,,i will upload videos form that fest too..the bands were awesome! Then it's back to scenes form the city and all the jazz..ALL. THAT. JAAAAAAAAAAZ...

I Have No Problem With What You Believe...Until

Are you a homosexual? Do you believe in gay marriage? Do you want equal rights? I have no problem with that. Do your thing.

Are you for bigger government control? Are you for higher taxes? Do you want more entitlements for all? I have no problem with that. Vote your conscience. Preach your political dogma. It's your right.

Do you believe that anyone who wants to come into this country should be allowed free access to do so, with immediate rights granted to them? Do you want them to get government assistance and to be able to get jobs, driver's licenses and be able to vote without being American citizens? I have no problem with your beliefs. Vote for the person who most resembles your way of thinking. Do all you can to attain these things, within the law.

Do you believe in abortion on demand? Are you a person who fights for women's rights when it comes to a consequence of their actions? I have no problem with that. Get your placard and stand on the street corner and shout it to the rooftops. That is your right.

Are you a person that believes America should be downsized so the playing field on the world stage will be more in line with the other nations in the world? I support your right to fight for that. This is America, after all.

I believe the problem we are running into is that our countrymen have forgotten one very important thing. When the balloons are set loose, and the rhetoric dies down, and we all go home to our families, we should remember that in the end, we are Americans. We aren't left, right, gay, straight, Republican, Liberal, Independent, Green, Anti-Green, Vegan, Vegetarian, or Carnivore. Regardless of being Baptist, Muslim, Catholic, Jehovah's Witness, Mormon, Pentecostal or Atheist...if you live here and are a citizen, we are all Americans. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic...if you live here and are a citizen, we are all Americans.

Yet, divisiveness is killing this nation. There are the race-niks, the religious-niks, the politcal-niks, the sex-niks, the rights-niks, etc etc etc. One can't speak what they believe without the others railing against them to drown them out. The other can't speak without being rudely interrupted and accused of being uncaring, inhuman, and scurrilously evil. Even though we are a diverse nation of peoples, we don't have to be diverse when it comes to showing respect for each other and coming together as Americans when it counts. And when is that? It is when another American's liberty is infringed upon. My liberty ends where yours begins. And, your liberty ends where mine begins. If we all would live by that one rule, America would be great again in no time. We all need to remember that liberty is not the freedom to do as you will, but the freedom to do as you ought.

I have no problem with what you believe or which cause you hang your hat on, as long as it is lawful. What I have a problem with is when those who don't agree with me then turn to rend and vilify me as someone who is uneducated and less than human. I actually had a vegan tell me one time that I should be killed since I eat meat. How tragic. I do not deserve to live because I eat meat. This is where we are heading today...if we are not already there. Too many people believe this way:

"I have a cause. It is more righteous than your cause, in my mind. Therefore...you are the enemy and must be destroyed. First your voice must die. Then your reasoning must die. Then you must be contained."

We all know what the last step of tyranny is, don't we? If not, then we are doomed to repeat history. For some reason, Americans do not think this government will turn on us. They do not fear the unthinkable for that very reason.

I will believe in your right to choose your own path. If you try to restrict me from doing the same, my response will be....Don't Tread On Me.

Moron Monday

Not a long post today, but thought I would share some thoughts with you about the following article. Check it out...... (My Notes in BOLD)

A Texas woman is suing the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones, saying her buttocks was severely burned when she sat on a bench outside Cowboys Stadium. Okay, a bench outside Cowboys Stadium burned her butt. I'm with ya so far.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Tarrant County, Jennelle Carrillo said the black marble bench was in direct sunlight on a hot August afternoon before a Cowboys scrimmage last year. Gotcha. Bench / Sunlight / August afternoon. Just gathering the facts. A weather official says the high temperature on that day was 101 degrees. The weather man will testify it was 101 degrees. Keep going.

Carrillo's lawyer, Michael Wash, said his client didn't know the extent of the burns until after receiving medical attention. She knew she had been injured, just not how badly. Poor lady. The lawsuit claims she was hospitalized and underwent skin grafts. Skin grafts to the burned butt that sat on a hot , black marble bench on an August afternoon when it was 101 degrees outside next to Cowboy Stadium

The lawsuit claims there were no warnings about sitting on the benches in hot weather. Oh man! I was on her side until the last sentence of the story. Here's the difference between smart people and stupid people.

Smart People:  I'm tired of standing up. I need to sit down and rest. It is so hot. I should find some shade. But, there is a nice bench there...even though it is in the exposed sunlight. Let me touch it with my finger to see how hot it is. OW. That is hot. I should not sit there.

Stupid People: I'm tired of standing up. I need to sit down and rest. It is so hot. I should find some shade.  But, there is a nice bench there...even though it is in the exposed sunlight. Let me plant my BIG ASS on it and stay there until I need skin grafts to the third degree burns on my BIG ASS.

This is why we DON'T want warning signs. It saves the stupid people who marry other stupid people who then produce stupid people. I see this being thrown out of court and Michael Walsh becoming the laughing stock of Texas. I'm out!!!!

Salmon season update

Alaska's commercial salmon catch is now well above 100 million fish.

The little pink salmon is the big story at this point in the season. Pinks are the most abundant kind of salmon, and seiners are really hauling them in.

Of the 107 million salmon of all species taken so far this season, nearly 55 million are pinks, according to the latest tally from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Sockeye salmon is the second-largest catch at 35 million fish, followed by chum salmon at almost 16 million.

It'll be interesting to see whether the industry can reach the state's preseason harvest forecast of more than 132 million salmon.

Even if it does, it won't be a particularly large salmon harvest this year, as the state has seen a number of seasons with catches exceeding 200 million fish.

Here are a few more salmon items of interest:

• We heard a lot of complaining from Cook Inlet setnetters over the extended closures they endured this season due to poor Chinook salmon returns to the Kenai River. The closures denied the setnetters a shot at their main money fish, sockeye. Well, now have a better understanding of their pain. In a letter to federal officials seeking a fishery disaster declaration for Upper Cook Inlet, Gov. Sean Parnell said the east side setnet fishery was worth about $1.1 million to fishermen this year, compared to the annual average of $10.9 million.

• Coho, or silver, salmon generally are the latest to arrive each season. In Southeast Alaska, trollers have caught just over 580,000 silvers since July 1, receiving an average price of $1.81 per pound, Fish and Game reports. That price, times the average coho weight of 5.9 pounds, gives you a fish worth better than $10.50 at the dock.

• In the Kodiak area, the catch of 1.9 million sockeye is below average for this date in the season, but pink harvests are improving with 13.9 million taken so far, Fish and Game says.

• At Chignik, much of the seine fleet has quit for the season. It appears to have been a good one, with 1.8 million sockeye taken. A total of 68 permit holders made deliveries, the most in several years.

• Something unusual happened at Bristol Bay this season. Gillnetters in the Nushagak District took 877,000 pink salmon. Normally, the only fish in demand from the bay are its millions of sockeyes.

IPHC wants 'mushy halibut' help

The International Pacific Halibut Commission is seeking information from anyone encountering fish with a condition known as "mushy halibut syndrome." Details here.

Smorgasbord Friday

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has ordered hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets. They don't have enough in their budget to pay for this order, so that's why we're seeing the National Weather Service put in an order for over a hundred thousand, among other federal agencies. Notice these are not for the military, nor are they target rounds. Hollow points are not 'target' rounds. So, it begs the question...why does an agency that is meant to protect us from terrorism need hundreds of millions of bullets?

In certain areas of the country the military is carrying out training exercises with fully armed and equipped troops on the streets of our towns, instead of on their bases. When asked by local citizens why they are on their streets with full armament, they simply reply they are just following orders. Sounds like something I read about during a trial that took place in Nuremberg, Germany several years ago. So, it begs the question...why is our military, which exists to protect us from foreign enemies, conducting training exercises in the streets of America?

Seems an Akula class submarine from Russia cruised around the Gulf of Mexico for a month, UNDETECTED, by our naval forces. This type of submarine is equipped with cruise missiles and is verified as having nuclear capability. So, it begs the question...why does our current administration think it's a good idea to severely cut military spending?

In July, a Russian bomber made it into California air space before being intercepted by two of our fighter jets. So, it begs the question...why does our current administration think it's a good idea to severely cut military spending?

In June, several Russian attack aircraft flew into Alaska airspace while conducting war simulations. So, it begs the question...why does our current administration think it's a good idea to severely cut military spending?

An idiot goes into a Christian based foundation with 15 Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and shoots a black security guard because he doesn't agree with their politics. Hardly a peep is heard from the mainstream media about it...you can't find Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton with a search warrant....and the FBI is wondering whether to charge him with terrorism, a hate crime, or just aggravated assault. Meanwhile, Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A is crucified from coast to coast and border to border by every liberal media channel, mayors of major cities, as well as the gay community. The shooter in D.C. was a volunteer for gay rights. So, it begs the question...if it's okay to vilify and harangue one group, why is the other side of the coin ignored when it comes to shooting a black man working in a building that is actively Christian?

Joe Biden has been sent back to Delaware to cool his tongue. Seems as if the Vice President is more of a liability on the campaign trail than he is when he's locked up inside his palatial estate where he can't talk to anybody. What a week he had. "Gonna put ya'll back in chains."    While in Virginia..."We can win North Carolina again!" He's a gaffe machine. What an embarrassment. Remember when the Democrats used the line that Dan Quayle was only a heart beat away from the Presidency? So is Joe Biden. So, it begs the question...regardless of Obama's abysmal record as president; why would people still want to vote for him when an idiot like Biden is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Some guy in Texas made it into my personal Hall of Fame. He re-configured an electronic road sign to read...WARNING! ZOMBIES AHEAD. Gotta love it.

Have a great weekend.  

Parnell wants Cook Inlet added to disaster list

Here's the press release:

Aug. 16, 2012

Governor requests Upper Cook Inlet fishery disaster declaration

JUNEAU — Gov. Sean Parnell today urged Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank to declare a fishery disaster for the Chinook salmon fisheries in the Cook Inlet area.

Last month, the governor requested a federal disaster declaration for the 2011 and 2012 Chinook salmon seasons on the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, and at that time he noted Cook Inlet fisheries were on a similar path.

The Magnuson-Stevens Act authorizes various forms of federal assistance through the National Marine Fisheries Service when the Commerce secretary determines there is a commercial fishery failure due to a fishery resource disaster.

"Upper Cook Inlet salmon fisheries were severely restricted and even closed for much of the season in order to conserve Chinook salmon for escapement," Parnell said. "These fisheries are economic drivers for the local and regional economy, providing direct and indirect jobs, income to families, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors, and supporting local businesses. Alaskans suffered substantial losses as a direct result of the decline of the Chinook salmon runs.

"I cannot overstate the importance of fisheries to the economy of the Upper Cook Inlet region. Throughout this area, impacts are being felt by commercial fishermen, sport guides, fish processors, and those who sell fuel, tackle, supplies, groceries and lodging. Local governments will feel the impact of lost revenue to their economic base. The Upper Cook Inlet salmon fisheries affected by the decline of the Chinook salmon runs are crucial to the economic vitality of the region and the well-being of Alaskans."

A federal disaster declaration will not bring automatic assistance to the region as federal appropriation is necessary to provide funding.

In July, Parnell announced the creation of a top-level team of fisheries scientists to conduct a systematic analysis and provide more data about why Alaska is experiencing low returns of Chinook salmon.

Here's the governor's letter to the acting secretary.

May I see some I.D. please?

I bought my wife a Mercedes CLK350 convertible last Saturday. They wanted to see my I.D. I went to the Bass Pro Shop two weeks ago and bought some ammunition. They asked to see my I.D. I took one of my rifles to a gunsmith three weeks ago for some repairs to be made to it. I had to show him my I.D. When my wife bought a bunch of furniture late last year and wrote a check, they asked to see her I.D. When we got a loan four years ago, the people that were going to give me the money...with interest of course...wouldn't do it unless I showed them some I.D. While working overseas, every time I came home, I had to show U.S. Immigration some I.D. The last time a cop pulled me over, if I hadn't shown some I.D., the guy could have detained me for 'Failure to Identify'. When I got my Concealed Handgun License, I had to show them some I.D. When I bought my Ruger .357 Magnum Revolver, I had to show some I.D. Whenever I open or close a bank account, I have to present a valid I.D. I have an account at Scottrade but had to show them some I.D. before they would allow it.

Do you see where I'm going here?

Civil and voting rights groups, including the NAACP, the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, La Rasa, and every other group you can think of that is Pro-Democrat; INCLUDING the United States Attorney General's office, has sought preliminary injunctions to block laws enacted by several States to require a valid photo I.D. in order to vote in the respective State in which they reside. Their argument is that it erects unfair hurdles for many legitimate voters who lack an acceptable form of identification.


How can you truly live in this country and get what you need (LEGALLY), much less what you want (LEGALLY), without an acceptable form of identification? I can't hardly walk into my bathroom to use the toilet without showing some government schmuck my I.D.

Here's what the issue is really all about. The Democrats have long relied on the blacks, the hispanics, the asians et al as a mainstay voting bloc to keep them in power. One of the ways, if not THE way, they keep them within the fold, is by the billions and billions of dollars of entitlements that is theirs to claim with little to no red tape to get it. Then, they have made it extremely easy for them to vote, even if they are in the country illegally, without proper immigrant documentation, with only a green card, or if they are even dead. Yes, I know this is not confined to the Democratic Party, but it is their expertise and they're the best at it.

Many was the time that we would go to the SSI office in Beaumont, Texas and it was overrun with hispanics and blacks. We would see them called forward and stay in front of the government schmuck for about five minutes and away they went with a smile on their face. When we were called one time, we rolled our daughter up to the desk, in her wheelchair, and sat down to speak with the person about getting her on Medicaid. Here she is, club feet, crossed eyes, yet to have any real sense of the world, obviously paralyzed, and the government schmuck tells us we need a letter from the doctor proving she was paralyzed. I said, "Are you blind or something?" That was when my wife made me go outside. They wouldn't even start the paperwork without the letter. And they would only tell us one thing at a time. After about the eighth visit we finally had everything they needed. Oh, but she got our I.D. before we left the first time. I sure didn't see the blacks and hispanics having ANY trouble showing their I.D. to get THEIR gubment handouts, so why should they have any problem with having an I.D. to vote? They wouldn't, unless they're doing something sneaky and illegal...like voting more than once or voting for dead people.

Why, we can't have people having to PROVE they are actual citizens of the United States before they vote! Voting should be open to every Tom, Dick and Harry throughout the world so even our enemies can have a say about who rules...uh...er...represents us. It's unfair, it's un-American, it's un-Democratic, it's, it's, it's....the way things should be, actually.

I'm glad the judge in Pennsylvania ruled against these traitors and frauds and said that the State has the right to enact voting regulation so only citizens can vote. Now, the Democrats will have to get off their lazy asses and be sure all their lazy, slugabed voters have fraudulent I.D.'s. That's the next, logical step for these miscreants. And that's all for today.

Norton Sound's king crab feast

Norton Sound permit holders took 440,000 pounds of red king crab this summer in the open access fishery.

It was the biggest catch since 1986 and produced a record $2.4 million payday for crabbers, the Department of Fish and Game reports.

Suspected high-seas drifter released to Chinese

The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Rush, out of Honolulu, escorts the 177-foot Da Cheng, a suspected illegal high-seas driftnetter seized 850 miles east of Tokyo. The vessel was targeting albacore tuna and had 30 metric tons aboard, along with 6 tons of shark carcasses and fins, the Coast Guard said. No mention was made of any salmon on the vessel. The Rush sighted the Da Cheng and boarded her on July 27. The Coast Guard today transferred custody of the vessel to Chinese authorities. USCG photo

ASMI — semper paratus

The guy retiring as head of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is a former U.S. Coast Guard officer.

And the guy who's coming in to replace him? You guessed it, a former Coast Guard officer.

Here's the press release:

Aug. 13, 2012

ASMI announces new executive director

JUNEAU — Following an extensive nationwide search, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute board of directors has selected retired U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Michael Cerne to replace Executive Director Ray Riutta.

Cerne will begin working in the ASMI Juneau office in September to allow for several months of overlap before Riutta retires in December.

"While it will be difficult to replace someone the caliber of Ray Riutta, I'm very happy with the board's decision and we are quite confident that Mr. Cerne will be an effective leader at ASMI for years to come," said board Chairman Joe Bundrant of Trident Seafoods.

"I've known Michael and his good work for years. His combination of skills and experience will make him a very good addition to ASMI," Riutta said.

Cerne served in the Coast Guard for 31 years and retired in 2011 with the rank of captain.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with a degree in marine science. He also has a master of marine affairs degree from the University of Rhode Island.

Cerne served on five Coast Guard cutters in his career, three of which were based in Alaska, including command of Storis in Kodiak.

Ashore, his assignments included commanding officer of the North Pacific Fisheries Training Center in Kodiak, and chief of fisheries law enforcement from 1998 to 2002 at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Cerne's final assignment was at the Coast Guard district office in Juneau where he managed Alaska fishery patrol operations and served on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council, the North Pacific Research Board and a number of international fishery management organizations.

He is currently completing a project with the United Nations to improve the management of global tuna fisheries.

Cerne is married to the former Holly Hagerty of North Carolina. They have two children, Kathryn, 18, and Sarah, 16.

Leaving France this week..I NOW HAZ A SAD!

So we leave here end of this week and go play in Dublin and head back to NYC on the 20th  I believe..had the best summer ever. What can I say? We played small fun shows with Crumb..made new friends here..are talking about buying a place to live here four months out of the year..hitting up Corsica possibly next summer and maybe meeting the Crumbs in India in February for two or three weeks..I can go on and on..I do miss NYC a bit and can't wait to see all my friends who have been so sweet in emailing and texting me to come home ASAP as they miss and love me..makes up for the ridiculous sort of drama that was going on when I left and even since I have been here..I feel back to myself again and ready to have a great rest of summer and year. So many projects in the works and shit to look forward to..least of which is our new album which will be done end of fall hopefully!

AnyFrance, here are just some pics of haunted Sauve at night! Dying to see some ghosts around here but all the UFO's seem to be in NYC!

Feds propose $543,500 fine, charge fish-weighing violations on factory trawler American Dynasty

The American Dynasty in Dutch Harbor. Jim Paulin photo

The first we heard of a potential scandal involving the Bering Sea pollock factory trawler American Dynasty was more than four years ago, at a meeting of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Federal agents said at the time that they were investigating allegations that hauls of fish were inaccurately weighed aboard the 272-foot trawler, which belongs to Seattle-based American Seafoods.

Well, now we know more.

The NOAA Office of the General Counsel, Enforcement Section, says the vessel owner, manager and operator have been charged with numerous civil infractions.

A NOAA case summary doesn't specify exactly when the charges were filed, just sometime during the first six months of the year.

The agency is proposing a $543,500 fine.

Here's the full NOAA summary on the enforcement action, beginning with the file number:

AK0700698; F/V American Dynasty Owner, manager, and operator were charged in thirty-two counts under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act for failing to maintain or operate a flow scale to obtain accurate weights; for submitting inaccurate or false data, statements or reports; for failing to comply with flow scale testing requirements; for failing to provide notification to an observer and failing to have an observer present; for failing to comply with reporting requirements; and for failing to weigh catch, interfering with or biasing the observer's sampling procedure, and failing to provide reasonable assistance. A $543,500 NOVA (Notice of Violation and Assessment) was issued.


I'm going to UK!

Okay, more posts on that soon... Promise! 

Hot Dog!

Riding Out of Wings Mills

We certainly are having a great year for cycling, weather-wise.  Once again, the weather cooperated (despite a lousy forecast) and we were able to get in our ride in Gardner on Saturday without any rain.  Some drizzle, yes, and some wet pavement, but for those of us who rode it was an extremely nice ride along the back roads of Gardiner, Richmond and Litchfield.  We have another great ride coming up this Saturday in Wings Mills - Ken's fabulous Hot Dog Ride!  If you can live down being a Hot Dog at the beginning, you'll definitely be rewarded with a Hot Dog at the end!  Don't miss it!

Saturday, August 18th - WING'S MILLS (Mount Vernon)
"Hot Dog! - The Hot Dog Ride" (not because we'll ride like one but because we will want one) - a tour through Mount Vernon, Belgrade, North Augusta, and Manchester
START: 9:00 AM at 49 Marble Point Rd., Mount Vernon
      Directions to Start:
           From Augusta, take #27 North to Belgrade and turn left onto #135 (Christy's store   and blinking light)
           Go 3 miles and right onto Wings Mill Rd; go 2.5 miles and right onto Marble Point Rd. which is just
           after crossing Belgrade Stream; it is a hard pack dirt road and we are the log home on the right)

           From Mount Vernon, Readfield: Take North Rd to Wings Mills Rd and go about 3 miles to Marble Point Rd;
           just after passing Bartlett Rd on the right, turn left onto Marble Point

           Delorme Maine Atlas Map 12; A-4. Just west and across the stream from the intersection of Dunn Rd and
           Wings Mill Rd. (Marble Point is not listed by name on the map).
DISTANCE: 29 miles
TERRAIN: Moderate with some hills
HIGHLIGHTS: Views of Belgrade Stream, Hamilton Pond, Stuart Pond, Messalonskee Lake, Doctor Pond, Silver Lake, Gould Pond, with a Hot Dog cookout lunch following the ride - swimming available also.  
LEADER: Ken Louis.