So Cool.

Hi guys! Just a quick puke of update. I'm having exam tomorrow morning, now it's past 1 freaking am and I still have absolutely zero mood to study. So zero that Coke can't even beat me, gosh I'm in such a deep trouble.

I guess I really have to start eventually, like now! Yes, yes.

Today cool thing happened at work, well, two things, actually. First was, the managing director praised me, mwa-ha-ha-ha, who's the man! Yo yo wassup! He was so impressed by me because quoted, the way I carry myself. Wooo! I somehow carry myself well in some cases, turns out I'm not always hopeless. That's cool, yo, but after this I won't be able to get through the door. At this rate my head is growing, I won't even get off from this clothes!

And the other thing, since there's only a few days left for me at work, I have to do a handout, well, basically a report on everything I have been working on during my 2-months stay in the company. Now I tried to embellish, but my command of english is not yet that excellent. I mean, I can't make a frog sound attractive, yet.

I sent the report over to my sweet supervisor, and she revised the whole document and, man! Wait 'til you read that. If you were my future boss, you would be super impressed you would want me to marry you. No kidding. It's true I did all those things, it's just the way she put it sounds a gazzilion times better. Maybe next time if I feel more self-centered, I'll post the report up. So that's really, really cool. Cool, yo.

Okay, before I go, though, I just wanna share this with you. Check out this, yo, a Glamour interview with Jason Mulgrew. Been a fan, he's one of the funniest blogger out there.

So, I better grab my textbook now, wish me luck for tomorrow's exam!