Days Away

And this is what my dear friend said after I poured my heart and soul.

"Fuck it, you'll be fine. I dunno, I'm in one of those 'nothing matters' moods, so yeah, maybe I shouldn't be talking all existentialist and shit."

He continued, "The universe is interconnected, reality is an illusion. Our concepts of ego are just perversions upon the simple void mind."

Who the hell am I talking to? Dalai Lama?

But no, really. We have spent some good hours talking about this book I'm currently reading, A Prayer for Owen Meany, and it's good in a religious-philosophical kinda way. It's definitely something I don't normally read, but it's proven to be quite a good change.

[Thanks for the recommendation!]

If only I could have that zen attitude throughout, I foresee I'll be a much happier person. In reality, though, whenever something bad happens, I would be the first to react just because I get too affected. And that's not a good thing.

"I'm listening to japanese flute music, so intense! Doing this whole non-drinking thing, drinking tea instead. I'm reading these books on medication and focus."

Man, give me back my bimbotic buddy. Just hope this new transformation, all this yin-yang and zen will rub some on me. Granted, I'll need that.

But! I shall leave all that behind for now, and I'm determined to have a mondofabulous trip! [even if mondofabulous is not a real word according to some].

Last night I made a little visit to the east part of the town in search for some good pilots food. I've honestly never been to Tampines mall before, and the place was actually quite huge and nice. I don't think I need to spend almost an hour on the way just to windowshop at Mango and eat Pastamania, though. But I got to see my friend, but dear, next time let's just stick to town, okay? ;)

So I've been picking up my winter jacket and sweaters from the dry cleaning, and they are huge! My luggage looks kinda scary too in size. I haven't been packing much at all, well, but hey, it's me we're talking about here. You should freak if I have started packing.