New Year

So another year has passed, and along the way, I got older too.

Even during this trip, I could count the things I shouldn't have done, mistakes I shouldn't have made. All in all, it got me here and there's nothing I could do but try being a little bit wiser. Or probably a lot more.

Here's my new year's resolution.

I will not think too much. It does nothing good.
I will, however, think carefully first before I act.
I will stop being so emotionally dependant.
I will not drunk-dial my ex-boyfriend anymore.
I will move on and let go of the past.
I will not drink tequila.
I will not have whisky or any other alcoholic drinks offered by a guy before even going out, no matter how cute he is.
I will find a stable, fulfilling job.
I will go on a holiday trip with my own money this year.
I will be a better friend.
I will spend more quality time with family, especially my younger sister.
I will not get too drunk and pass out.
I will try to whine less.
I will work out more.
I will maintain my weight.
I will not have anything to do with the boy from the seventh floor anymore.
I will read more books.
I will try to keep in touch with old friends.
I will keep living life.
And I will go back to the States, although probably not this year.

Happy new year, everyone. Hope 2009 is a better one.