Resume writing

If you know how cocky I usually am [ehem?], you'd think that I would have absolutely no problem writing my resume. After all, isn't it all about self-praising, in a way? You have to sell yourself, thus, you have to only write about the amazing things you've done, about how hardworking and dilligent you naturally are, although it may not be the case at all. Honesty just doesn't apply here.

I'm not saying that I'm not hardworking or dilligent, please! That's just a verbal of speech!

Anyway, since getting a job is slowly becoming a top priority, [of course, aside from starting my two final school assignments, almost slipped my mind there..] I eventually have to stop avoiding and postponing this resume-writing shit. Know the scary part? That eventually is here. Now. Oh shit.

I've got a resume, one which I used to nail some of my previous fulfilling wonderful, but low-paying jobs. Not one, not two, but three, this year alone! Aside from being paid a peanut, I'm actually really thankful for these opportunities. So yeah, resume? I've got one. A relatively decent one, just not good enough to be used to apply a dream permanent job. So I have to do a massive reconstruction! And by that I mean, I might as well write a new one!

Like I said, I usually have no problems worshipping conversation! When it comes down to typing it...I become numb! Nervous! Sweaty! I have a case of stage-fright...on Microsoft Word! That has to be the first!

People...wish me luck!!