Here's one interesting thing that I discovered recently.

A girl tends to behave unlike herself, in the company of someone she fancies. One-hundred-and-eighty-degrees-difference, in fact. She would eat a lot less, she would laugh a lot softer, she would not talk as much. A girl has to be in her best behavior, especially on the first date, right? No reason to scare the guy away too fast. Give him at least three or four dates, and then, he would find out that she eats like she hasn't eaten for a week, that she laughs like a donkey, and that she can't shut up to save her life. Hopefully by this point, the guy has liked the girl enough to tolerate and even appreciate her sudden change of antics with affection.

At least this is what I found out from my girlfriends.

[They don't laugh like donkeys, and all those things. I'm just putting it into the extreme.]

“You won't believe how she's like in front of this guy,” a male friend told me one time. Apparently he tagged along in one of her date, and he found her dating behavior to be quite amusing. “She didn't even touch her food,” he said, in between laughter.

It's really cute. And the guy must be damn special for her not to eat, that's all I gotta say.

But unfortunately, for some reason it works differently with me. A sign when I really like someone, is when I'm being truly myself in his company. I like someone when I eat like I can eat a whole cow alive, when I laugh like a donkey, and when I can't shut up.

On my first date with this guy one time, the first thing I said after we finished our dinner was, 'I'm still hungry, what's for round two?' He looked at me as if I was insane.

I have different disposition when it comes to dating than my girlfriends. When I do all these things, it goes to show that I'm making effort to keep things light and fun. And I keep yammering on and on, because I find him interesting. I'd like to see his reaction and opinions on the things I said because in my twisted mind, I'd like to get to know him better.

Weird logic? I don't know. I think they're great enough as they are, and they shouldn't even attempt to behave any differently, because if they're really trying to impress, then they should just be themselves.

Which guy would like a girl who doesn't eat anyway, right? Just a penny of my thought.