Someone violated my terms of service..

At least that's how my head feels today after numerous glasses of white wine last night. I am so glad we played at jalopy..What a great night of music..We had fun playing, and Dom, Blind Boy, Eli and Elizabeth Butters were sounding amazing..It really felt like a special night. I guess that's why I got wasted and giggled like a moron for hours..Then I got home and apparently sent all these drunk emails out to authors that I like on myspace telling them how much they mean to me..I guess it was appreciated judging by the nice emails I got back from them today thanking me..It made me really confused for a few minutes until I checked my sent mail! Whee! My head is aching! White wine=delicious=pain. I must keep that in mind.

Well, at least I didn't put anything like LOL! in those emails or ROTFL or whatever the hell all those cute terms are that people have for abbreviating their messages and emails..I actually have some of my own that I use frequently. Like SYTYDW stands for Shut Your Trap You Dirty Whore. And IWFYSTMCMC, is obviously short for I Will Feed Your Spleen To My Crazy Mexican Cat. And how can I leave out YTYACSCBITYAAHC. Yes, that's's You Think You Are Crazy Sexy Cool But I Think You Are A Huge Cockwad. I do use these cute little fun phrases often! I also often get these weird, confused emails back from friends telling me I need "help" and that I'm "really screwed up." But life is strange!

So here's a nice pic that my friend Steven Aloyisis took of us playing yesterday. And a pic of a solution to drunk emailing.