Today kinda sucked.

Well, now I'm sort of drunk so I feel ok, but today was just kinda bad. John and I found out our friend and fellow musician Bob Guida passed away today. Apparently he had a heart attack..Bob was a great person. Beyond talented-he was one of The Otis Brothers and was just an incredible musician. We have played many shows with the Otis Brothers, and he always amazed me with how good he sounded and how laid back he was when he performed with Pat Conte. He would be chomping on gum or a toothpick and just be so relaxed on stage, and somehow project his voice so the whole world could hear it...If you search on youtube for Otis Brothers there's all kinds of footage of Bob playing..all of it just amazing. Bob was always extremely kind to me...making sure to tell me that I sounded good after a gig because I'm always so insecure about playing out..Today the world lost a great big guy who had a great big heart.
RIP Bob...You WILL be missed.