Virgin gives it up..

I guess the rumors are true and Virgin MegaStore is closing both locations..Times Square AND Union Square...Circuit City is shutting down too..and there is a whisper in the air about Walmart taking over the spot where the MegaWhore once was.
That shiteous Kmart on Astor Place is enough. Now there's going to be a freaking Walmart here? I used to read a lot of horror novels and one of my favorite authors Bentley Little wrote this book called The Store. It was about an evil Walmart type place that took over towns and made horrific events transpire. It caused people to commit rape and murder..anyhoo, that's what will probably happen if they open here.
I did a shit-ton of research too, yes, a shit-ton, and Virgins closing is DIRECTLY related to them not carrying CD's by East River String Band. This may sound hard to believe, but believe me..after hours and hours of googling my own name and updating my status on FACEBOOK, there is just no doubt in my mind about this. I am a professional when it comes to this internets web thingy, after all.