Caveman Car and some other random items of interest..

Okay, I decided to just post all kinds of random stuff up here...We have Reverend Billy and I up to shenanigans on St. Marks Place..He had me sing a few lines of a song for a music video they are putting together..I think they are screening the video this sunday at his headquarters around 9:00 p.m. at 250 Lafayette St, if I'm remembering correctly..All that info should be on his website and facebook and all that..I want to go so I can see how this video came out..They had a lot of neighborhood characters sing I think..That photo was taken by Jefferson Siegel.

Then there's the poster up at C Squat that says Polka Dots are awesome and hypocrites are lame..I really like that poster for some reason! Then I spotted the crazy Caveman Car parked on First Avenue a few days ago..Does its greatness really need to be expounded on? The dinosaurs and Barney looking like he's on acid glued to the roof, the primitive art painted on the sides, the leopard fun fur all over it..I mean, REALLY people!!! Does it GET any better than this?

And speaking of acid, the new DEAD are on tour and in the area and there are smelly hippies everywhere! The hippie on the bench had his headphones on and was playing air guitar for hours across from where I was sitting in Tompkins..What was he jammin' out to? My guess is either an old Grateful Dead SPACE jam, Peter Frampton's COMES ALIVE album, or maybe that weird numerology album that Cat Stevens put out decades ago. Now THAT shit was weird!

I stole the photo of Hotdog and I funning around with the cops on Avenue A from Bob Arihood who pretty much inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Anyone who doesn't read his blog already, should. Hotdog dragged me over to the cop car and told them I was her BFF. They told me they thought I was her daughter. Then she bummed a cigarette off of them. Good times!

The last pic is just a nice shot of Biker Bill and I on Avenue A. It was taken by Lorcan Otway.
So that's the news for now. I can't think of any clever way to end this post so i'll just write the word ASSNECK because that word is funny.