Being Unlikely

When you're a gemini, it's easy to make excuse when you behave a little out of the ordinary. "Hey, I'm a gemini, I have split personality," you would say, as if that explains everything. Duh? But when you're a Capricorn like me, and you act differently, suddenly people think you've lost it. What's signs got to do with all of this? (You will be surprised how some people do take this seriously.)

Yesterday was one of those days of change, but unfortunately, I couldn't blame it on the signs. First of all, I managed to arrive quite flawlessy to a foreign place for a job interview. It didn't hit me at all until the manager asked how I got there (by train and I had to take a bus too), and remarked, "Not by cab? Wow, that's impressive."

The idea of people complimenting my navigational skill is a foreign to me as the Artic continent. Highly unlikely.

It was a great interview, and a rather unconventional one, because we had it after office-hour, and I had to rush back to wait for this, my yoga class.

I don't normally work out. At all. Period. Sweating makes me incredibly moody and bitchy, and I simply lack the motivation. But since last week, I committed myself to take these yoga classes and I really enjoyed it. Highly unlikely.

But I think this last one is the most surprising, especially for my sister. I hate walking. Okay, not hate, just lazy. I am one lazy bum. I would take a bus everywhere if I could, even if I just wanna go to a place one or two stops away. (Heck, I would take a bus from my room to the living room, if that's possible.) I'm too lazy to walk to Chinese Garden MRT even though it's only a 10-minutes walk, and would rather wait and take a bus to Jurong MRT (which takes longer, and the train is always almost full by then.)

The yoga class made my whole body hurt, but I still felt recharged and excited, so I decided to take a walk. Yeah. I walked to this DVD rental to borrow movies, and this place is like, 6 or 7 stops away, which is not that far by bus standard, but quite a distance if you walk.

I don't know if it was the cool air, the after-yoga effect, or simply me, but suddenly I just had the urge to walk and sweat. I was completely restless. Imagine my sister's surprise when she called me along the way.

"Wait, you're walking back?!!!"

"Yeah, I am."

"But why???" she said, as if I had suggested her to chop her ear.

"Just feel like it."

"Sis, are you...okay??? Are you sick??? Are you feeling okay??" She might as well say, 'Who are you and what have you done to my real sister?' I have to say I was quite wounded.

I convinced her that I was okay, but she still sounded worried and skeptical. This is what happened when you have been lazy your whole life.

I was feeling okay, though. It was weird, when I got back, although it was already almost 11 pm, I swore I still felt like hitting the gym and sweating it out more. But if I do that, I think my sister would really think I'm some alien invading her sister's body and start doing exorcism on me or something.

Have you ever had one of those odd days when you behaved totally unlike yourself? I would be interested to know, do share your thoughts on this and tell your story if you want :)

As for me, I blamed it on my period. Hormones can make you do weird things.