A Tree Grows at Ray's...

Well, I'm back in the SHITTY and nothing much is going on..Going away for less than a week is definitely not enough..I can't wait to go to Europe for two weeks in July now..However, I did have the great fortune of spotting the BIBLE BUS on 2nd Avenue as soon as I got here! They give you bibles, free advice and even free water! They were so nice and friendly..I loved them..I mean, if they weren't really my friends why would they have offered to WASH MY BRAIN??

Then I saw that with all the rain, the tree in front of Ray's Candy Store is becoming so lush and green..it's expanding and hopefully will soon take over the whole block..The duck is still sitting pretty in it..and the plastic bag of love as well..It's just harder to spot them now.

The last pic I put up is one someone snapped of some Ray's regulars hanging out in front of....YUP! You guessed it!
Ray's, dummy!
Eden Bee