Attica Friday

So yesterday night I was out in Clarke Quay with my two friends, again. I realized lately that I have been there much more than I normally do, not that there's anything wrong with it. Sometimes it's not much of the partying-aspect of it, it's just the feeling that you get when you're inside a club, absorbed with the music and ambience and the full-energized crowds, it's pretty awesome. Of course, since we're at it, we might as well dance our socks off, work out and burn out carbs in the process, and occasionally entertain random approaches by fellow cute partygoers.

It started early last night since I was out for karaoke session with my sister and cousin beforehand. They really are the best singing companions, because we all know the same songs and we can sing and act really dorkily to boybands and disney songs without weird glances from anyone. We went to the KTV place in Shenton Way, which I've never tried out before. KTV is supposedly better, (and more expensive, as it turns out) than our usual Kbox, but it was a good change for once-in-a-while-occasion. We had chicken wings and some assorted snacks and bubbles teas to last us the three-hours session. Blissfull.

Still in the pumped out mood from all those singing, I went straight to Clarke Quay to meet my friends and got it Attica a little before 11 for free. Now, I don't know if you've been to Attica, but it's my favorite club at the moment for the reason I can't quite pinpoint. My friend once joked and said that there's a saying: 'all roads lead to Attica', because of that precise appeal.

To me, whenever I go to Attica, I always have fun, and so the experience is never dissapointing.I would gladly go to Attica any day of the week, and we started going there on Friday night more instead of just the usual ladies night on Wednesday. The crowds are better, and yesterday wasn't an exception.

The first floor of the club is playing RnB music, while the second storey called Attica Too, is sporting techno. We always spend most of our time in the first floor, 'cos that's where we can really dance, and occasionally when we need to take a breather and get a change of scenery, we go upstairs and hang by the bar or join in the dance floor as well for a while. I secretly think that the people upstairs are much more good-looking, (although the chances of you being picked on by sleazy guys are much higher too.)

By the end of the night, my heels were killing me, but my spirit was high. As always, I had lots of fun and we met (and avoided) some fun crazy people. It's funny that after coming there regularly for a while, you start to recognize the fellow regulars as well. There were some guys there yesterday whom I have met last Wednesday and I just wanted to avoid them, so everytime he (the one person I would most like to avoid at all costs) was in near sight, my friend would hysterically yell, 'he's behind YOU' and I would run to the opposite direction as fast as I could. It happened a lot of times until I convinced myself the whole thing's just ridiculous. One minute we were dancing and laughing along, the next second I was scrambling and running away like I was a pickpocket.

ps. Remember when I mentioned in previous post that I never witnessed anything exciting? Well, last night when the club closed and we were resting our legs in the bench right outside, there was a little fight going on between a drunk caucasian man and the big Attica's bouncer. It was stupid, the bouncer was clearly twice his size, and it seems that he was drunk so most probably he was the one at fault, and he was yelling 'fuck you, you fag!' to the bouncer's face while the bouncer remained quiet, just fixing him an intense look. I wouldn't wanna be in his bad side, if I were him. But no fist fight happened, it was just slightly tense to witness, and in the end the fellow bouncers pushed him aside, and there was nothing left but the eerie silence of the dawn.