Fun for the whole family!

Alright..still not too much much going on in the hood for me...I went to void some urine in the Tompkins Square Park bathroom and saw that someone had hung up a fly strip in there..within 10 seconds it had about 50 flies on it, but hey-at least they made an effort to clean up the joint! I liked the fly had good vibes. I named it Venus. If they hung up about 50 more it may actually cut the fly population down in there by .000000001%.

Then, today I went to Connecticut and saw John's brother and his family who are in town from Sweden. We went to the aquarium where John and I had fun posing as sea life as you can see..BUT on the way there, I once again voided urine in the MetroNorth bathroom..and someone had hung up an anti-bird porn sticker in there! I haven't gone to the website printed on there yet because I'm hoping it's not a joke and that there is a group of angry people out there who think bird watchers are perverted. I couldn't agree more! These peeping pervs must be stopped! Same thing with people who have ant farms..stop watching ants fuck you creepy little saddle sniffers!

Anyway, it's finally hot out and I wore this tshirt my sister Robyn made me..I love the shirt but not sure I can deal with trying to explain to people what it means..If you watched sitcoms in the 80's then you know. If not, then you just think i'm nuts. Well, I AM nuts but at least I don't spy on birds doing it!