The Rent Guidelines Board Circus..

Attended the Rent Guidelines Board Vote tonite at Cooper Union..Of course, it was complete insanity..People yelling and screaming..and since it's such a circus of bedlam..Everyone had on red clown noses..Well, it's a joke for sure..Tenants lose as usual..3% increase for one-year leases and 6% for two-year leases..I do feel lucky to have a rent-stablilized apartment or else I couldn't afford to live in the east village fo' shizzle..Yet, it's going up up UP anyway..I feel for the seniors in the room who looked so angry and bewildered..thinking maybe this year with the economy being what it is-maybe the vote would swing the other way for once with a rent freeze. But, NOPE! Even the wonderful Reverend Billy Talen couldn't save us..Fox News was there and they seemed annoyed I kept trying to snap their photo..P'shaw..

Soon even the yuppies won't be able to afford their Fro-Yo or mochachocaloca starfucks coffee anymore!