What's the etiquette for bikini line waxing?

So I got my bikini line waxed and fuck! it was extremely painful! Was it worth it? Who the hell knows? I'll tell you when my crotch isn't on fire anymore(no-not with THE HERPS). Then I saw the lady who waxed me on the street..I didn't say anything really..just vaguely looked at her..Do I say hi? Make small talk? Thank her for ripping the hairs off my body? I just don't know..

Anyway..here's a few pics I took over the weekend..My friend Dave with another great tshirt, plus now with fake moustache! Some random guy demanded to have his picture taken with Dave so I took it..He then told me to email it to him as he pranced away..He didn't leave his email so I just sent it to randomdouchebag@idiot.org. He'll probably get it..

Then I was at Odessa Bar to see the moonwalk contest..I didn't see it but everyone outside was trying to moonwalk..I never really realized how difficult it really is..Then I caught the tail end of a show at Tompkins Square park..I saw Dethrace play who dress like GWAR and kinda sound like Dethklok..It was fun..I won't be in town for the big show coming up in July..I bet the cops can't wait for that one!