Oh Peephone,You So Crazy! I Think I Wanna Have Your baby!

I had a great time in Europe, but I truly did miss the PeePhone! Sometimes, I would lie awake wondering just what could be happening at the PeePhone at that very moment..Were there people making babies in it? Little crack babies? Was someone peeing in it right then? Oh, the sleep I lost that I shall never get back..
So I visited the PeePhone for several hours last night..and it did NOT disappoint ladies and gentlemen! In the phone itself I saw a cup of urine, coffee cups, rolling tobacco, leftover fries from Ray's..and someone had tagged in it! I don't know what the tag says exactly, but someone suggested to me that it really looked like it was written with feces, as in SHIT. I would NOT be surprised by this..I only felt elation! When all else lets you down in this world, you know you can count on PeePhone to be exactly the same.

There was even a small table set up next to the phone last night..On top of it were cigs, an energy drink, and oddly enough, saltine crackers! Inside the table I found a King Cobra(barf!), and some cut up lemons..Fucking CLASS. Now I feel like i'm truly home again. But what I find most offensive about all this..not the shit tag, cheap beer, cup o' pee, no..not these. It's the SALTINES. Do you know how much sodium is in those things? Your blood pressure is going to go through the roof! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!