Some pics from France..

Here are some neat pics from France..where I kinda wish I was right now instead of back in the city with this shitty rainy weather once again..There's John and I playing in the Crumbs cute little garden at a small party..Me on uke and singing, john on guitar, and Robert on mandolin and here-on tenor guitar..We took a two hour hike through the Sea of Rocks too in Sauve..which was nice..You can get lost in there for days..all those rocks and stuff! We visited Sophie in a little town called Sommieres which was south of Sauve and had vineyards and stuff..bee-yoo-tiful!

Everything in Sauve is old and so cool looking..I took a freaking LOT of photos! Stone archways everywhere, cool looking houses(castles, really)..and there's a pic of Sauve from way up high on our hike..Can't wait to go back there next summer!
I'll post more photos tomorrow..