Condom Lady and Bicycle 80's Dance Party

The first pics are of the Condom Lady who bops around Tompkins Square park trying to give people condoms and dental dams..She then asks you for a donation..I really don't think she is affiliated with any outreach sex safety groups..She just somehow got all these NYC subway condoms..If you give her a dollar she gives you an oddly decorated NYC subway condom in a little paper package with a weird drawing on it..I collect them and it looks like the drawings are done by 4th graders who are told to draw an interpretation of what they think happens to you if you don't use a condom..This pic features a young girl sitting down and looking all depressed because maybe she has THE AIDS or THE CLAP or something..She looks about 5 years old.

The rest of the pics are from a drive-though 80's Dance party done by the group Time's Up..They ride their decorated awesome bicycles from park to park, then blast 80's dance music for about half an hour before driving off and repeating this again somewhere else..It's pretty fun, though I think it was too humid and hot to draw a crowd that day..About 20 people danced around to Flock of Seagulls and A-ha, with some park regulars from the chess tables wandering over at times to join in..At one point hotdog, me, and a few others joined hands and danced in a circle like we were dancing some traditional Jewish dance done at weddings..And a cute little boy joined in and seemed really happy about the whole thing..