Home, away from home

Things have been....craaaazzzyyyyy!!!

Not mental, senile-kinda crazy, but the insanely good kinda crazy! (How vague can I be?)

Well, I'm sure I've mentioned this piece of information excessively often before, and even if not, you've probably seen the valid evidence on facebook! (yes, the fact that suddenly there are way too many unimportant self-taken pictures of myself and a cuter littler version of me.)

Who, you ask?

Eh, I don't know. I found her on the street, she looked exactly like me, just cuter and more innocent-looking, so I decided to adopt her. She lives with me now.

(I have to apologize profusely about the pictures, we took those from her phone camera, and the action itself was surprisingly addictive. Before I knew it, we have taken probably 30 pictures of the same people, doing the same thing, smiling the same smile, posing the same pose. I thought she could just choose one or two good ones to put up on the site, but she uploaded them all! I was fully at blame too. I could have untagged myself, or stopped her from doing so, but well, shame on me.)

Speaking candidly, yeah, my dad and baby sister have been here since last week, and we got our hands full! Home was louder, more crowded, more festive, and more home than ever. I love it! During dinner out together, or even just a simple time spent together at home, I felt very blessed to have them as my family. I couldn't ask for better. We aren't perfect, but it's the most familiar kind of imperfection. Things about them I've grown up with, I'm accustomed to, I've understood without even trying, I've memorized by heart. It's very oddly comforting.

Dad has left yesterday evening, so it's all just us girls here. And Cous, of course, who surprisingly fit right in despite the high level of estrogen. He didn't complain even once. =p

So thus, it's been a great week and sorry for the absence! I'll be updating it more regularly again. I do have lots of other lame rants to spill!