Music and mood

First of all, let me say a big warm thank you to my friend Greg for introducing me to this amazing song by Josh Ritter called 'Good Man'. Dude, I'm holding you fully responsible. I've been playing this song constantly all evening!

You know, when it comes to food, I always set aside my most favorite dish for last. The mushroom, the cheese, the best part of the meat, the crispy skin in KFC chicken. On some occasions, I believe it's best to prolong the pleasure on the things you do just so you can indulge in it longer.

But in music, I would play and repeat the song that I like as many times as I can, the faster the better. With more intensity and I derive joy from the melody and lyrics the more I listen to it. It's as if I'm testing the tune to see if it can hold my interest even after it's been played for fifty times in a row.

Also, I've been listening to this tune my other friend Todd posted on his music site. It's called Chicane, and it's basically just an instrumental tune. I really love it. Imagine spending Friday night lounging with your friends, sipping cocktails and having a good, stress-free time. Dim lights and beautiful people. This tune is so perfect for chill-out! Loving it. In fact, I'm listening to it right now as I'm writing this.

Instrumentals just have their ways of getting us into such mood. Like exactly this. And I can get really mellow when I start listening to movie soundtracks. One of my favorite is Pearl Harbor's tune which is so beautifully sad. A couple of years ago I used to fall asleep with the radio playing classical music plastered on my ear. It helped me to sleep better, and I remembered just feeling so light and peaceful then.

I don't really know why I stopped doing it. Maturity? Or quite the opposite?