Fourth Street Block Party in the Hands of God.

Here are some pics from the Fourth Street Block Party last weekend..It was okay..just people selling their stuff and advertising their stores stuff..some dance performance was going on which was sorta strange..Later on my friend tried to sneak me in to see the new scary glass Cooper building just so I can see what it looks like from inside the monstrosity-but the mean security lady wouldn't let me in..even after I explained that I just had to void urine.

Then I walked down 9th street and saw the jesus flyer posted in a phone booth..My hands were too small to fit in the hands of Jesus so I had to take off my shoes and put both my hands and feet on the flyer.

Been busy lately trying to promote some gigs East River String Band has in Virginia this weekend..We have our new awesome Crumb artwork which I will post up soon..Hopefully our new album will be out by mid-October..
Here's a link to my bands gig page in case anyone reading this lives in Richmond or Charlottesville, VA..