Rev Billy and Jerry Springer!

Here are some pics from Reverend Billy preaching his anti-consumerist gospel in Washington Square Park on Sunday evening..he had a decent sized crowd there..having to compete with the doo-wop buskers performing under the arch..I haven't been to WSP since the renovations and was kinda freaked out by how different it looked..I hung out in that park when I was like 14..I have many crazy memories from that time..Rev Billy was fun as usual..He performed an exorcism on a fellow that had a Starbucks drink with him.

Then I walked down St. Marks where I ran across a dude dressed up like a bong handing out flyers for a piercing place that I guess also sold bongs..I thought he was dressed up like a oozing pus-like infected piercing which he seemed to find funny..All these people had fake moustaches on and I guess it was a promotional campaign for the new Family Guy spin-off Cleveland. I love Family Guy, but Cleveland is a boring character. I think that perv Quagmire should have his own show personally..Anyway, they insisted i take their pic..the weird pus oozing bong guy and all the weird mustache people..

The last pic is of a band playing in Tompkins today..They had a freaking tuba..yeah. Anyway, i'm drunk and John took some drunken pics of me that he insists are nice..maybe i'll put those up now..We played at Jalopy which is just such a great space..I guess I got drunk because I kept going on about jerry Springer who John works for now at times and how excited I am to be an audience participant soon..JERRY JERRY!!!