I love Lucy..and teenage girls love gay actors.

Well the first pic is of Lucy who owns and runs Lucy's Bar on Avenue A between St Marks and 9th St. She is just so awesome..she likes to fill me with free whiskey often and I always have fun at her bar..She runs it with her daughter and grandaughter who is very pretty and gets hit on all night by drunk guys..Lucy's is one of my favorite places to get wasted at..Lucy's, Mars bar, and Odessa Bar lately have been fun for me and my drunken benders of love..

Then I went to see that damn teen flick Twilight. I just felt I had to. I watch all kinds of stuff..from 90210 to foreign oddball flicks, hardcore horror and gore to political documentaries and conspiracy DIY films..Since twilight seems to be everywhere and is not going away and I am trying to vaguely write a young adult novel, I figured what the hell..I saw the first one on the night the second one opened..It was as cheesy and corny as I expected, but likable. I was entertained at least..The movie theater was hilarious! Teenage girls waiting outside in the rain, shrieking and flipping out over the main actor whom they are all in love with and is probably gay...I took some kinda lame blurry pics-but it was quite the scene of female hormones gone wild..Then yesterday I saw the new twilight film..It is so corny I was giggling through the whole thing..but very entertaining I admit..I guess I am on Team Jacob if I had to choose..Werewolves are way hotter than vampires..NYC has its share of vampires already with the bedbug epidemic..

Then I have a pic of The Villager newspaper box on Second Ave..Just thought it was funny with the Snapple™ and sombrero..I mean, WTF? Har!

This week i plan to see the Lars von Trier film Antichrist and the Michael Moore film hopefully..and i will be updating more..I still got my old camera with me..