Weekend in pictures

Weekend is a major family time here in my household. So if you're interested in being a part of this family, you ought to empty your calendar every Saturday and/or Sunday. Weehee.

Personally, I'm loving this tradition because all of us are doing our own things during the weekdays and sometimes we don't really have enough quality time to spend together. And that's why weekends are important for us to let loose, catch up and have fun. Do things we love doing, whatever weird they may be, like playing charade in the train, challenging each other scrabbles, and other "more-normal" activities like watching movies, exploring town and finding new places to indulge in our love for good ol' food.

Whereas they may be a conflict of interest with friends over which movie to watch, it almost never happens with my sisters and I, because we have exactly the same taste in film. Okay, not 'exactly', but roughly the same. They will never make me watch Paranormal Activity, or trick (and guilt-trip?) me into seeing something scary, because they hate that stuffs too. In short? We're always eager to see the same movies, and that's a lot of a helluva relief.

Last weekend we got to see both Evangelion 2.0 and A Christmas Carol, and both are really awesome.

Because we love our new Canon camera, these are the pictures taken from last weekend with the sisters!

You know, I can never say how lucky I am enough to have my sisters around.

What about you guys? Did you have a great weekend? I hope so. I'm heading home tomorrow morning for a week or two, so I don't think I'll be able to update this blog during that time. But I'll keep my tweets goin'! (There's a link in the sidebar, follow me!)

See you soon! Love you long time. =)