23, and blessed.

I hope you don't mind that I post more quotes in this blog. I just love reading them! Nonetheless it will probably make me even lazier to post real entries, but I can't help it! Sharing these quotes with you makes me as happy as reading them myself. So I hope you like it too.

So, how's it going, folks? I'm really having a good time this weekend, spending the holiday with my family, and of course, enjoying the long weekend without work!

I probably haven't blogged about my birthday, which was pretty low-key if you ask me. I'm never big on birthdays, and there's a reason why I never really feel like throwing a party every year to celebrate the fact that I'm still blessed with another year on this earth. (So morbid!) But yeah, during high school, when most of my friends held their birthday parties in hotels and extravagant restaurants, I simply had a simple get-together with close friends. Last year, my friends paid a surprise visit to my room on the midnight of my birthday when I was already in bed, wearing embarrassing clothes with my hair sticking out in every direction. That's how much I really made effort for my own birthday.

This year was no difference. I woke up feeling ever the same; got ready for work and got an early birthday hugs and wishes from my sisters and cousin at home. My dad left me a present too, which was, a book on 'success'. Ah, bless him. But I went to work really early, and I felt strangely at ease and relieved that no one in the office would know what day it was.

But I was in for a surprise, because they did know. They got me, I didn't see it coming at all. We celebrated it with a cake, and despite me not liking surprises, I was really touched and pleased. Here they were, people I just got to know, and they made an effort for me. I am utterly grateful.

At night, we had another cake that my sister bought. It was a chocolate log cake, and we had a little celebration and took pictures, and once again I felt blessed for these people. Wishes from family and friends were good enough, I didn't need much else. I was happy, and appropriately so.

The fact that I am now 23 doesn't make much difference, aside from the realization that I'm not a child anymore and I should take things more seriously. But all in all, I am happy with my life, and with the people that are still in it. Thank you everyone, who has made me feel special and let that known.

Anyway, I should post some pictures from the occasion, but my cousin hasn't uploaded them to computer, so I'll do that soon. Well, I guess, I wanna say, that I may not be big on birthdays, but it's utterly nice to know that some people would go through troubles just to remind me that I should be; that maybe, it is something worth celebrating.