This blog.

Some things I'd like to say regarding this blog.

I really appreciate all the comments and encouragements people left here! I'm happy enough that a person or two could read what happens in my day-to-day life and actually be interested. Well, or at least, hang in there until the end of the entry.

I'm someone who leads a pretty normal routine, and writing is just one of the things that keep me sane. I enjoy rambling or venting about nothing in particular, and I love that I can just fill in this space with whatever stuffs I'd like to talk about. I'm neurotic in my own way, so thank you for caring.

But there's one thing. Lately some people have left me really random comments. I think they're meant to advertise something shady. Like 'see me naked on cam!' or something like that. Hey, maybe I should try googling some nasty words and see if my blog comes up in the result! Because otherwise, how could these people come across my-very-innocent-PG-rated journal?

Okay, don't answer that. I'm so amused!

Anyway! What do you guys think of my new blog layout? Well okay, nothing really changed as far as layout goes, I mean, the header and the color-plate! Personally I love it. I don't really have many choices when it comes to the template because if I customized the template, I'd lose all the gadgets here (the sidebars option on the right-side.) And I'm not really a HTML-expert, ehem. But I think for now it looks pretty nice!

Well, I guess that's all. Hope you all have a nice Sunday. I'm planning to see 'New York, I Love You' later! Personally, I'm just excited to see Bradley Cooper! Busted! :)