On to the next..

Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment after another job well-done?

I came across this quote by Douglas Adams that I couldn't agree more! He says, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

And it's so true! I was involved in this event at work and we've all been working hard and lots of stress and pressure were on us as the big day approached. I remember going there to do all the preparation and thinking, "man, I just wanna get this over with." My supervisor sarcastically said, "I think I'll only get my appetite back after this whole thing is over," when someone offered her food.

It was our responsibility to make sure everything ran smoothly, and so many last-minute details were made, just adding to the mount of pressure. The day itself was so hectic that I couldn't stop for a minute to enjoy the event. You know, after all I'm still learning and all.

But finally, it was over and perhaps at that time, I could only think about how tired I was, and how I couldn't wait to go back home and get a long hard sleep. Yeah, of course we were all tired, but there's another sense of relief and satisfaction too, in a way. After which, we all treated ourselves to some food and it was like, 'okay, we've made this happen. Now on to the next project..'

Which is how I like it. I mean, I think we all love deadlines for the fact that we know that by then, everything would be over. It's what keeps us going, I guess. We won't be stuck in one thing for too long, and there's always another new thing waiting after we're finished with one.

I feel like I'm a part of something now, and it's a good feeling I'd rather keep for now. After a few months working, it's hard to imagine myself not doing anything. Although I do moan a lot about it sometimes, generally it's because working is physically tiring. But I really enjoy the work itself, especially that feeling we get for having worked hard for something and really seeing it happening.

I hope the feeling stays.