Theatre 80 benefit for Mosaic Man Jim Power

Last night was the benefit for Jim Power at Theatre 80..While I can't say it was was pretty sparsely attended for was still fun. 3 films were shown, only one of which I caught. It was called What About Me and it was about a girl coming to NYC during the Tompkins riots and becoming homeless..It was kinda great. It had Johnny Thunders in it and Nick Zedd-along with a quick glimpse of Ray's Candy Store around 1990-1 when it was shot. It was very Jim Jarmusch-esque.

Then the bands played and we all had fun..Here's pics of John and I playing..holding up old guns..whee! guns!, Lorcan opening up some wine in an unusual manner, and Jim making a small speech.

Blonde Boy (Jay) Wilson played with his band, one of with Amy, Lorcan and I, more fun with guns, and Purple Pam singing with The Bowery Boys. I didn't get any pics of Bobby Steele but he sounded great. I think a few hundred dollars may have been raised for Jim.

Tomorrow I go to Memphis for the Folk Alliance which should be interesting. Hundreds of bands coming to play in on place in front of music execs in the hopes of getting signed..I'm picturing it something like American Idol where someone with a british accent will tell me I am absolutely dreadful. I'll take some pics down-be back next week!