The Springdale Morning News reported Wednesday that the city's Advertising & Promotion Commission is considering hefty budget cuts to cover falling tax revenue.

The article quotes Chamber of Commerce President Perry Webb as the group's spokesperson. Apparently the chamber provides the A&P staft [sic]. What a convenient way to keep the chamber's paws in the pot.

If the A&P would break their old habit of annually tossing $60,000 at the Chamber of Commerce for their lavish luxuries the problem would be solved.

See how easy that was?

The best news came in a short sentence at the end of the article:

"The commission also approved moving its meetings to the council chambers, in the city administration building. The meetings can be recorded and televised at the council chambers."

This is GREAT news. I for one can't wait to watch these meetings in the future. Stay tuned to Jones Television Network for programming.

The A&P is regularly scheduled to meet the second Wednesday of each month.