Karl Pilkington can eat a knob at night!

Well, let's see..i've been rather busy lately..I saw some good movies..Well, Men Who Stare at Goats was pretty good..and odd..and this french horror film called Inside-where a crazed woman tries her best to chase around a pregnant lady and give her a DIY c-section with a pair of scissors so she can take her baby away..I guess it wasn't exactly "good" but it's on par with Martyrs if you like french horror films..which I do. I also can't stop watching the Ricky Gervais Show..so damn funny. I love Karl!

Here's a few pics from Mars Bar last week..a sexy mannequin. Jerry and Marky deep in conversation, and a protest sign someone had made complaining about the raised subway fares..kinda Ron English style..

Then some pics of the disgusting trash outside that damn wine bar..boxes and bags and urine-oh my! Then a few cute ones at ray's of a little dog sporting a Save Ray's doggie shirt..I have yet to come across anyone wearing the thong. Maybe at Mars Bar someone will show up in one..A girl can dream..