The Puddin'

It has been nagging at me that the citizens of Springdale were promised monthly invoices for the use of the tax dollars the city hands over to the Chamber of Commerce. Here is the proof that we have been lied to.

In October 2009, the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes state that the chamber will provide monthly invoices for money - taxpayer money - put into a holding account and used by the chamber.

In November 2009 as the city passed the budget without even considering whether the money handed over to the chamber is a worthwhile expenditure the newspaper said "the chamber will segregate the city funds from its other funds, Webb said, using invoices to make payments from city funds.

Also in November 2009, the Executive Committee Meeting Minutes refer to Webb invoicing an economic development account.

And as previously noted, in December 2009 "The chamber plans to continue quarterly reports to the City Council said Perry Webb, chamber chief executive officer and president. The reports will include invoices to show the money spent from public funds. Webb said."

Where are the invoices???!!!