Pics from Tompkins show with Morning Glory playing..

Here is a FUCKLOAD of pics I took at the show at Tompkins Square Park was a doozy..young drunk punks everywhere..I stayed out late that night ndt saw a few passed out along 1st avenue and shit at like 3am or something..all that moshing did them in I guess. First we have a pic of me and my pal Cashman. And also the infamous Chickenman! Then we have the artist and cartoonist Fly hanging with Mike Chickenman..who later donned a wig and dress for Morning Glory's set..Then there is Buttcrack guy taking a's tiring when your butt hangs out all day like that. Then some guy fell..

We have a full moon going on..the pie-man was there..a shot of Ezra singing and Popeye had a cameo on one song too..some shots of the mosh pit. I felt so old seeing all those young kids..though I never was one for moshing..I like my teeth too much.

My friend Bill Cashman rode his bike around the pit..He was also wearing a pin that said "Kill Whitey" which I liked.

then Eak the geek ex coney sideshow performer..the Chickenman showing off his postcard looking punks including a girl with a REALLY fucking big mohawk..My friend Porno Dave holding the dog Cha-Cha while some nutter gave her some love..and the pin Cashman had on.

It was fun..saw a lot of people I haven't seen for a while, though I went to the beach today and got a little burn. That's why i'm inside blogging I guess. Usually the nicer the weather gets the less i'm indoors.
Anycooch-that's the news for now. Stay tuned. Had an audition a few days ago but never got called back...sniff...ah well..I want to join the Upright Citizen's Brigade I think after I get back from France.