Good Samaritans Stimulate the Economy

Television station KNWA reported police broke up a large, underage drinking party last Thursday at the faith-based Samaritan Community Center Thrift Store in Springdale's Mathias Plaza.
A clerk at neighboring business, Take Two Video called police when she noticed numerous people going in and out of the thrift store after hours with the lights turned out.

Times sure have changed. It used to be when police broke up a teenage party, they would just call the parents to come get them. I have been told that every teen present at this party was arrested and charged with minor in possession of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia for the hookah.

Springdale may have come up with an efficient new way to stimulate the local economy. Just think of the huge boost to revenue collected from fines, increased business for local attorneys and conserving fuel in the squad cars all at the same time.