That's What She Said.

Hot damn it's like 90 million degrees outside! And i'm not prone to really is 90 MILLION FUCKING DEGREES OUT!!! I love it. I want it to be 100 billion degrees so I can fire my clay sculptures of Gary Colemen which i made after his passing.

Anybitch, here's some random shit I took some shitty pictures of..I had like 4 or 5 people in the past few weeks come up to me and tell me they like my blog. Can't believe so many people read this thing..If only my band got that much attention i'd have two nickels to rub together. First is some weird art at Mars Bar..Hamburger heads..Then a pic of some fake food at a Japanese bar on St. Marks..I went there with my friend Erin and somehow a breakdancing party broke out in the middle of the street to the song "Sex Machine"..Fun! So...I think Jap Tang speaks for itself. The owner of the place was really happy I took a pic of it..They have all kinds of fake food outside the place to lure customers in and it was pretty well done I have to say..

I see that Kim's Video has reopened as a Japanese Market..How freaking many do we need? A lot apparently. Sheesh.

Then me wearing a tutu. I have decided tutu's are the new black and I will wear one every day. You only live once, so why the hell shouldn't I wear a freaking tutu? Is that so wrong?

Then the Lost Duck signs that have been posted everywhere..It must be some art school project, they do this every year it seems..No number to call on the flyer though so I don't get it...Then the baby with the word bubble..I know the ads are for child abuse..but I just can't help but find that one kinda funny..So sue me. I lost my rubber ducky so I don't care what happens to me now...sob...