The Love Comes out of your Butt guy!

You may have noticed the bearded man in the white dress with the heart sign promoting his play Loves Comes Out Of Your Butt all over the LES this past week..Apparently he has a short film I think that will be at Anthology Film Archives on July 7th. I won't be in town to see it but I told him I would promote it on my blog. Who wouldn't do that for a dude in a white dress with a heart sewn on his pantaloons? And the streetart mattress caught my eye..Are bedbugs considered street art? Har!

So here are some pics of him..and a poster with the info about his screeening..This is my last blog from the US of A..Getting on an 11pm flight to the South of France..and do various fun and crazy things there..
Hopefully i'll be able to write a bit from there..
Smell ya Later friends!
Eden Bee