Work, Write.

My goodness! Finally! A proper chance to write! Or shall I rephrase it, a proper chance to actually sit down here at my desk at home to browse and gather my thoughts to compose a sentence without yawning or getting slightly intoxicated.

Not that I make it a habit to drink every night. Hey, in my defense, it's part of work!

So yeah. I have officially started my new job since last Thursday, and it's been a challenge. In a good way, I hope? Everything is new and different, and I'm still adjusting. But I'm doing my best, one thing at a time. Wish me luck, kay?

So I guess to continue where we left off, I shall put on some pictures on the farewell lunch I had with my colleagues from the (old) company. Wow, I'm still in daze that I actually went ahead and changed jobs. It's funny when I tendered my resignation, I went back to my desk and I was talking to a friend of mine online.

"Hey, I finally did it!" I said. And he replied, "OMG! Here I was, just sitting here doing nothing, wasting my life away while you were just resigning from your company and making a huge move in your life!"

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about that. Comforted? Not exactly.

I'm just so glad to have met these people in my previous company. I wish we can still meet up often! I really miss them. Especially now that I'm a newbie!

Anyway, I felt genuinely sad on my last day, having to say goodbye to everyone. Geez, I am emotional.

Alright, alright, I just want to share something good here! It's about the piece I wrote for the educational magazine in Indonesia. It's finally out! It's my first official freelancing experience. Ha!

I don't know if you can see it clearly. But you're supposed to be able to see my name! Yes, the first person to spot my name shall win a personalized dining set! Hahaha. Lame-O!

So I know I didn't write a full-page article. You probably think it's not even a big deal?

Yeah, I only wrote a book review. Hey! I actually went and bought the book, alright! (Although I returned it after I finished reading it. Well, isn't that the whole point of refund policy?) And the deadline was so tight, I think I only had like, three days to write the review? And I was working full-time so it limited my time to read it properly from cover to cover. But I managed to capture the gist of it, and I'm happy!

Yeah, I'm a dork. I better go to bed soon. Like I said, today is the first time since I started the new job that I was able to go back on time! Good night and I love you long time. ;p