Disturbing Discovery

Springdale police arrested William Cannon, 43, after discovering a room full of pictures of children.

The Springdale Fire Marshal found the pictures while inspecting the E-Z Credit Auto. After entering a room at the back of the store, police said he discovered nude images of children on the walls and disturbing posters with sayings like "I eat little boys" and "boy sex."

Police say Cannon had turned his room into a violent and disturbing shrine to little boys. They seized more than a dozen printed or photocopied images of nude or partially nude children from the room. In addition, police said they discovered missing children's posters, toys and even children's underwear.

Cannon told police he considered everything on display in his room to be works of art.

Employees at the store said Cannon worked there as a security guard. They said Cannon kept his room locked at all times and they knew nothing about what was inside.