I have a problem.

I think I'm super impulsive! Like, ridiculously impulsive! One minute I was looking for a blazer, the next minute I was trying out glasses and felt like buying one!

So my friend and I met up for dinner tonight and we just wandered around the shopping mall afterwards. I've been meaning to buy a nice blazer for some time but haven't found one that I liked. Well, actually I haven't been properly set aside a time to look for it, as I'm sure I can find lots of nice ones in Zara. But for the past week I haven't been to Orchard. The thought of going there during the weekends is just making me wanna curl up in bed and just rest my lazy bum all day.

But I do really need a nice jacket for work. So as we were walking around, I saw a shop selling glasses and I thought to myself, "hmm, nice!" No harm in going inside and looking around, right?

Wrong! Within seconds, I was happily trying on different frames and asking questions to the sales person. I had a pair that I really liked, and the price was over $400 and I didn't even budge! He might as well say it was just 20 bucks!

My friend was eye-ing me the whole time and kept saying, "It's $400, babe!" while I just 'uh-huh' him and continued trying it on. The sales person started going through the differences between different lenses and I was still in my own world, thinking of how much I liked it. "So?" he asked.

I looked at him, and then at my friend. He replied, "I think you're going to consider it first, right? Yes. She's considering it first."

I might as well have my own publicist or something! He didn't want me to buy it without being too obvious. Bless him. I left the store and he spent the next half an hour complaining about how overpriced the item was, and how I could even think about getting it when I could buy a similar one with a much cheaper price somewhere else!

Seriously, I think I need a talking conscience. If he weren't there, I would have been over 400 bucks poorer now and am probably regretting it. (or not?) Shopping just makes me happy, lah! It's a proven fact. Goes the same for every other women! (excuse, excuse)

Still. Bless my friend for stopping me. What started out as a hunt for blazer, turned out to be the start of an obsession for a new black-rimmed glasses. Welcome to my world.