Super Oldies Pictures

So some weeks ago, my friend Sophia and I were bored at work. We’ve finished our tasks for the day, and ended up stoning and staring into space for an hour or so before I looked up to her and said, “This sucks.”

But before I could say it, apparently Sophia has been engaged in something really interesting because her eyes were transfixed to the screen and I knew it couldn’t possibly be work because I’ve never seen her look that serious before. She had a ‘don’t disturb me’ aura around her, but my boredom aura was so much stronger and therefore, could counter-attack hers.

So I slide my chair to her desk and peeped, “What are you looking at?”

She was looking at her Friendster. Anyone remember that era? I think I was in high school when Friendster started booming. Ah, those times when I threatened my friends to give me nice, complimenting testimonials, uploaded 10 pictures in a day, and dropped unnecessary comments in my friends’ profiles, hoping they would comment on mine back!

Obviously I have matured a lot since then. Duh?

Anyway. Ehem. We ended up cracking up seeing each other’s old pictures on Friendster. Sophia hasn’t changed much since a few years ago, though. Her hair was shorter, and she used to wear braces, but she still looked chic!

I mean, don’t we all grimace a bit upon seeing our old pictures?! I definitely grimaced a lot! My dad has this picture of me when I was probably, 14, in his room, and that was the most horrible period of my life because I was just growing my bangs so I had to clip it every time so it wouldn’t bother my eyes, and I was wearing braces, and my smile looked like someone has just given me mumps!

My younger sister and I used to store many of our old pictures in the old phone. And obviously, we thought we looked good then. So we titled these pictures “Really good!”

Now, I wonder how could anyone not run in the opposite direction upon seeing me in the street? Has our ‘standards’ really increased a whole lot since then? Or is this just a part of growing up? And will I see my current-self in the eye of my future-self as terribly horrific and nerdy?

So anyway, my younger sister and I cracked up seeing these old pictures which we titled as “Really good!” although we looked like we were just dropped to the lake, shook dry by a tornado, and brought back to the earth.

But the oldest picture in my Friendster is probably dated four to five years back? And I still somewhat looked okay in some of them. Apparently Sophia thought otherwise. She was like, “Babe! You look different! Now is so much better, lah.” She continued scrolling the page, oblivious that she has insulted my most cherished pride.

Albeit humiliating, it’s still fun looking at old pictures, isn’t it? I think I’ve mellowed a lot since then. Yeah, considering that most of the pictures I posted there were during my partying days.

Yeah, I'm definitely mellower but fatter now!

PS: I'm loving my new blogger template! What do you all think? The blue sky and the plane as the background, plus the greenish sidebar color! ;)