What do you think?

Alright. So this is what I'm gonna do.

I've put up a poll just at the right hand side of this page --> and it'd be great if you can vote. (Of course just for those who stumbled upon this useless blog. Those who don't, well, it'd be weird if you can know what I'm talking about.)

So this is something that I've always been curious about. I bounce off this question to lots of people before, and the answers were pretty much divided.

Would you rather have too much things to do, or nothing to do at all?

If you ask my good friend, Fairuz, he would definitely say: too much things to do; because he's a workaholic that way. The amount of work he does is almost inhumane! But at the same time, he seems happy, like he is content with his life. Well, that or I simply don't see him often enough to catch him on the times when he pulls off his hair out of stress. Unlikely, though.

If you ask my sister, she would answer: nothing to do; because her argument is, people can always find things to do. But you have no choice but to do things that you're supposed to do. Say, leave the money out of this equation and give her nothing to do. No jobs, nowhere to be, no duties and appointments. She will watch television while eating chocolate for 5 straight days, I'm telling you!

So I'm just slightly curious on what you people are thinking.

Me? Well, I'll write about it later on, I guess. (although the answer wouldn't be much of a surprise!)

So yeah! Let's try this out. ;)