Show at Tompkins..

Well, Here are some pics from today's show at Tompkins..Star Fucking Hipsters played so it was packed but I just kinda hung out and saw people I haven't seen for a while and socialized..
Here are some of my lady pals with their adorable kids..
And ever since I was like 15 I remember this older lady with the orange bangs coming to every single punk show or ANY show in Tompkins and dancing like crazy the whole time. I swear, I feel like I grew up with her though I know nothing about her including her name..I love her! It's just not a show without her..She looks EXACTLY the same as when I was 15!
Then my friend Copper Cowboy dressed up like an open he is with Manny..Then a sign from Mars bar I just thought was funny..And lastly, a video of my friends band Dog That Bites Everyone, which has members of Choking Victim in it..Pezent Shayne and John Dolan..and Brett as a singer..